Matenin TT7, 4x4.

Matenin TT7, 4x4, 1996, 4x4, 7 t, 100 km/h, hydro pneumatic suspension, central inflation tires, 226-256 MAN engine. Pict J M M at Le Bourget ,1996 06. Their site does not mention no more this vehicle.
Matenin TT7, 4x4.
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1. J M M 28/12/2011

Matenin was founded in the 50s to manufacture building equipment as part of Creuzot-Loire. In the 60s to 80s, they produced slicers. In 2003 Matenin has been included in CEFA, Chaudronnerie et Forges d'Alsace, Soultz-les-Forêts, Alsace. Pict J M M at Le Bourget , 1996 06.

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