ZIS-E134 N°1, 8x8, 1954

ZIS-E134 N°1, 8x8, 1954. http://denisovets.narod.ru/zil/zilpages/zile134.html
ZIS-E134 N°1, 8x8, 1954
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1. J M M 13/01/2012

ZIS-E134 N°1, 8x8, 1954. Four proto built in 1954-55. This vehicle served as test to know better what is necessary for an of-road vehicle on road, swamps, snow as low ground pressure, assisted steering, flat belly, 8x8 or more adherence, power mini 15 hp/t, creeper speed : less than 1 km/h, continuous traction power requiring hydro-mechanical transmission or torque converter fully automatic transmission, lockable differentials. Mass 10 t, 65 km/h on road, 130 hp, fording depth 1 m. ZIS-E134 N° 2 will be built in 1956.

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