Tyumen BT361

Tyumen BT361. http://www.kremz.ru/history.html and http://crazys.info/1290016757-nastoyashhievnedorozhnikich4foremosthuskyi.html
Tyumen BT361
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1. J M M 25/04/2011

Tyumen BT361A-01. General design was drawn from Husky 8G of Foremost Industries. The first proto, desined by Gastroymashina R&D, was unveiled in 1980. Ground pressure was 0.32 kg/cm²; for a load of 23 t and 300 hp engine at 12.5 km/h. It was series produced from 1982 to 1989 at 1150 copies in Kropotkin Mechanic Construction Plant.

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