ZIL 4904 Screw Vehicle

ZIL 4904 Screw Vehicle of 1972. http://denisovets.narod.ru/zil/zilpages/zil4904.html and http://shadow-cars.ucoz.ru/photo/160-0-1228
ZIL 4904 Screw Vehicle
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1. eddy gudadi 15/02/2011

Is there a possibility to duplicate, because this vehicle I believe is suitable to support dredging operaion.

2. J M M 28/11/2010

ZIL 4904 Screw Vehicle Amphibious of 1972, 5 T, payload 2,5 T, whose one old is preserved in an open air museum : Autoreview Museum. Only few copies were built : it couldn't move on asphalte or concrete. Designed by V. Gratchev, it was used by Russian Federal Service for Aerospace Research and Rescue.

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