Otter tracked tractor

Otter tracked tractor from Otter Manufacturing, Amboy, MN.
Otter tracked tractor
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1. aaron 21/10/2011

i just bought one with a plow on the front. I am also looking for info on it.

2. scott toltzmann 24/08/2011

is there anyone who knows more about these otter machines? my father aqquried one that is a two seater with a plow blade on the front and a winch on the back i would appreciate any sort of info thanks

3. Elliot 14/06/2011

Can you still get parts for these? I am looking at buying one with a front bucket, and I am looking for more info. Any help is appreciated.
This one looks great. I like the expanded steel mesh.

This site may help you :, but this nice Otter seems to be no more manufactured.

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