Standard JAB Jungle Airbone Buggy

Standard JAB, Jungle Airbone  Buggy, 4x4, of the Standard Motor Co. in Coventry, England, 1944. Issued from the Standard Ultra Lightweight 4x2, for possible military use. The vehicles were intended to be used for airborne operations in the jungles of the  Far East but did not see active service. A few survived but they may be considered as the precursor of the ATV/Quads. Pictures taken by Martin Brink at Wings and Wheels, Ursel, Belgium. http://uniquecarsandparts.com/car_spotters_guide_europe_1944.htm

International Harvester C 1000

International Harvester C-1000, 1964, is a 4x2. This vehicle belongs to a man which lives in the same street of that of the author. C-Series is a series of pickup trucks that were built by International Harvester from 1961 to 1968. For 1964, the range was renamed C-900 to C-1500 series. The 4x4 IH, in 1965, called Scout is below. Pict. J M M on 25-6-2017, Paris. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Harvester_C-Series

International Harvester Scout 800

International Harvester Scout 800, 4x4, 1966-1971. IH began in 1901 and was known during 70 years for marketing trucks but also agricultural machines. Its golden age came after WWII. The 4x4 Scout was built between 1961 and 1980 to 532 674 units at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Today, IH, as very numerous other brands, are incorporated CNH Industrial, industrial holding of the Fiat Group. http://www.oldride.com/classic_trucks/112237.html#4, http://fr.autofocus.ca/actualites/auto-retro/30-novembre-1960-introduction-du-premier-international-scout

Beaver of Honduras Motosport

Beaver of Honduras Motosport of Sergei Khalzev,  for Ladoga Trophy, 2011. Body panel is in carbon fibre and actuator is in titanium for light weight, 1500 kg. The rear suspension is the same as on the Green Frogs of A. Garagashyan in 2005, with chains inside the arms. Front suspension is with 2 triangles for good direction. http://www.rallyraid.net/2011/08/the-ultimate-offroader-1324

Energic 4RM 28 articulated tractor 4x4

Energic 4RM 28 (or 1035)articulated tractor 4x4, from Ets Patissier Constructeur, Villefranche, Saône-Rhone, from 60-70s years. On a picture, the drive shaft towards the rear can be seen.  Pict J M M, St Vincent, Hte Loire, 7-2017. http://tracteurs-de-collection.over-blog.com/page-2261740.html, http://mototracteurs.forumactif.com/t48149-embrayage-energic-1035-articule?highlight=energic

ATV at off-road show

ATV at Off-road Show, Moscow, 2017, http://ex-roadmedia.ru/4x4/vystavki-i-festivali/otchety-i-reportazhi/5988-fotoreportazh-s-vystavki-moscow-off-road-show-2017

ATvV at Off-Road Show 2 e l

ATV at Off-road Show, Moscow, 2017, http://ex-roadmedia.ru/4x4/vystavki-i-festivali/otchety-i-reportazhi/5988-fotoreportazh-s-vystavki-moscow-off-road-show-2017

DKW Munga

DKW-Auto Union Munga 4x4 built at Ingolstadt from 1956 to 1968 to 46700 units. 44 hp, mass 1315 kg, 90 km/h. J M M at St Vincent, Hte Loire, 2017 07 15.

Poncin 4x4, 1989

Poncin 4x4, 1989. from the interesting site : https://kiiskinen.livejournal.com/tag/%D0%B2%D0%B5%D0%B7%D0%B4%D0%B5%D1%85%D0%BE%D0%B4%D1%8B

TBW 1 Matsushima Wheelchair

TBW-1 Matsushima Wheelchair, 2010, from Tohoku University, Sendai. For climbing stair, a system of deformable parralelogram is used. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/e4c1/78378b5995548d3e48b220bc264ac525b2d5.pdf

TBW 1 Matsushima wheelchair

TBW-1 Matsushima Wheelchair


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