VAZ 2108 Cab on tracked vehicle

VAZ 2108 cab on a tracked vehicle, hand-made, V8 engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgxJeApAv_M, http://carwheelblog.ru/blog/43792317101/VAZ-2108---Luchshiy-tyuning.-TANK---svoimi-rukami

Colorado snowcats

Colorado snow cats, https://www.coloradosnowcat.com/gallery

Colorado snowcats 2

Colorado snow cats

Colorado snowcats 3

Colorado snow cats

Colorado snowcats 4

Colorado snow cats

Colorado snowcats 5

Colorado snow cats

Colorado snowcats

Colorado snow cats

Mtv 2150 Vamoose

MTV 2150 VAMOOSE, http://www.cbtcorporation.com/4.html

Fecon EX 60 Tractor

Fecon EX-60 tractor for carrying mulching head, 2011. Company started in 1992 in Ohio. http://fecon.com/forestry/equipment/tracked-utility-vehicles/ex-60/

Gator Foot Amphibious Vehicle

Gator-Foot Amphibious vehicle by Gator Foot Track Systems. For pipelines, dredging, spraying, Search and rescue, firefighting. The company belongs to Wilson Marsh Equipment, LA. https://gatorfoot.com/2017/05/, http://www.wilsonmarshequipment.com/

Cuthbertson Albion Water Buffalo 1

Cuthbertson Albion Water Buffalo, 1949, before and after restoration. https://plus.google.com/+BrianEdwardsDino/posts/cun6ryUpKQy

CDO Innov Amphibious Vehicles

CDO Innov amphibious vehicles. Left is the 130 or 180 HP, right is the Ecoleader. CDO Innov, South Nantes, was created in 2010 and is a brand of Isalt Group since 2015. http://www.cdoinnov.fr/en/produits/vph-a-13-2/

Otter M76 Amphibious Vehicle 1950

Otter M76 amphibious vehicle, designed by the Pontiac Motor Division in aluminum, entered service with USMC in 1950. Many were sent in Vietnam and they are rare now. This one was at War and Peace, Beltring 2012, https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=otter+amphibious+vehicle, http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/US/amphibious-cargo-carrier-m76-otter/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FSW0e2loEE


VPH CDO Innov of Isalt Group with enclosed cab for firemen of Les Vosges. Payload 1.5 at 3 T, 106 kW, 30 km/h, 2 to 12 persons, http://www.cdoinnov.fr/en/produits/vehicule-chenille-specifique/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xwH1GVWDjw

T39 Light Tractor 1945

T39 light tractor, 1945, by Lima Locomotives Works. http://www.military-vehicle-photos.com/picture/number4619.asp

Muskeg Tractor Full Cab

Muskeg tractor full cab by Bombardier. Joseph Armand Bombardier stands in front of the Muskeg at plant L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée. Valcourt. Muskeg tractor came on the market in 1953. https://archives.bombardier.org/tracteur-muskeg-full-cab

Muskeg Bombardier 1958

Muskeg Bombardier, 1958, picture of Muir, Bluford W., https://foresthistory.org/envira/snow-vehicles/

Gehl Loader Tracked

Gehl loader, tracked. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/tires/407550d1421717134-over-tire-tracks-april-snow-graderblade-004-jpg

Awassos MD35

Awassos MD35. http://www.awassos.com/md35.php?lang=fr

Jeep Willys with tank tracks

Jeep Willys with Tank Tracks. The Tracks were manufactured by "A. F. Wagner Industries Inc." of Concord, California. They were made during the mid-60s to 6 sets. They were called "Wagner-Trac" and were made specifically for a jeep with a wheelbase of 81 inches. From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSHWhjM5z10

Chevrolet Snocat Snowmobile

Chevrolet Vintage Snocat Snowmobile Prototype Tucker Snow Cat Track Tracked, 1937.  
Here we have a one of a kind Chevrolet Snow cat made by Helmut Fritz for the DNR in the 40's. It has steering clutches similar to that of a newer crawler using dual Master Cylinders. Steel chain type tracks supposedly off a Ford Model T with wheels and track tension screws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LcPCch9j4E, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-







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