The Agricultural and Automobile Museum of Salviac, 25 km of Cahors, France, has a wide range of agricultural tractors (220), especially wheeled but also tracked, from 1910 to the 70s. Many of the models on display come from Marshall Plan (1947-1951).

Are also exposed military vehicles, cars (50), old trucks and utilities, motorcycles and mopeds in quantity, anything that rolls, as well as highly varied farming tools and even reconstructions of

interior rooms of old houses, plunging us with interest in the everyday world of our great-grandparents.

The museum is run by volunteers united by a non-profit association. The vehicles belong to Benoit Jouclar, mechanic training and true enthusiast, who, from the age of 14, accumulated and collected parts of the mechanical and traditional heritage of the region. His collection, one of the largest in the Southwest, is the living memory of the agricultural past of this region.

Pictures, royalty free, were taken by J.M. Maclou, unless otherwise stated, on July 24, 2015 at Salviac.


1 entrance of the museum

Entrance of the Museum

2 ih deering farmall fordson tractors

IH, Deering, Farmall, Fordson tractors

3 farmall deering international harvester

L to R : 1 - Farmall Cub built at 186 000 units at Rock Island (USA) from 1947 to 1964. It will not be imported after 1955, CIMA building it at St Dizier (France). 2 -  Mc Cormick Deering 10-20 built by International Harvester from 1923 to1939 in Chicago, Illinois at 215515 units, 2200 kg, 24 hp. 3 - Mc Cormick type Farmall C, 1954, built at 80 000 units between 1947 and 1951 by IH. 19-22 hp, Farmall FC will be produced at St Dizier, France. ;

3a mac cormick deering tractor

Mac Cormick Deering tractor. Picture from the museum.

4 fordson model f

Fordson Model F built from 1917 to 1922 at more than 650 000 units.


5 farmall ih and pony straddle tractors

Farmall IH and Pony straddle tractors

6 mc cormick arnoux and holder tractors

Mc Cormick, Arnoux and Holder tractors

7 ferguson tea 20 tractors petit gris

Ferguson TEA 20 tractors

8 ferguson tractors

Ferguson tractors

9 massey harris vendeuvre and le robuste tractors

L to R : 1 -  Massey-Harris Type Pony 820, Peugeot 203 engine of 20 hp, given to the museum by M John Parlane 1957. 2 - Vendeuvre 500 series of 1957 tractor. 3 - Le Robuste G35 HSCS built from 1948 to 1956 in Hungary and imported in France.

10 massey harris pony

Massey-Harris Pony ;

10a overview


11 same da 30 and massey harris

Same DA 30 and Massey-Harris tractors

12 vendeuvre tractors

Vendeuvre Super-As tractors.

13 renault r3042 1949 1955

Renault R3042, 1949-1955 tractors ; ;


14 renault tractors of the 50 and 60s

Renault tractors 3042 of the 50 and 60s.

15 overview of renault tractors on left

Overview of Renault tractors on left

16 renault afvh 1938 41

Renault AFVH, 1938-41.

17 ih arnoux and holder tractors

IH, Arnoux and  Holder tractors

18 someca 511 tractor

Someca 511 tractor with 55 hp OM Fiat engine, 1964-65

19 allis chalmers type g tool carrier

Allis-Chalmers type G tool carrier produced from 1948 to 1955. Advertisement could be found in 'Selection of Readers Digest' !

20 overview

Overview. R to L : Fordon type F, Allis Chalmers D270 (1954-1957), Allis Chalmers B series (1938-1957), Farmall Cub (1947-1954), Mc Cormick Deering (1946), IH W-6 (1940-1953).

20a fordson model f

Fordson Model F tractor

21 babiole multi baby 203 tractor

Babiole Multi Baby 203 built at 1500 units between in 1954-55.

22 energic 511 tractor

Energic 511 tractor built from 1950 to 1968.


23 labourier ld 15 1954 tractor

Labourier LD15, 1954.

24 overview labourier ld 15 fordson model f ferguson

R to L : Labourier LD 15, Fordson Model F : 755 278 built between 1917 and 1928. Ferguson 9N TEA20.

25 sfv tractors

SFV, Société Française de Vierzon tractors type 201, 22hp, 1290 kg, 100 000 units built from 1953 to 1958.

26 sfv tractor

SFV tractor, Picture from the museum.

27 porche junior v tractor

Porche Junior V tractor, 1958-63.

28 porche junior v tractor

Porche Junior V tractor

29 moto standard 1040 d micro tracteur

Moto Standard  1040 D Micro tractor

30 rouquier tr 15 4x4

Rouquier TR 15 4x4, 1957, built in Hérault, with skid steering, for vineyard. This one was used in Gaillac vineyard. 15 hp 203 Peugeot engine. Some later models in the 60s could receive wheels or tracks.

31 holder articulated tractor a 45 1976

Holder articulated tractor A 45, 1976

32 a case 204 tractor 1960

Case 204 tractor, 1960, 27 hp.


33 bauchet tractor 1

Bauchet tractor of the 50s, from Rethel, Ardennes.

34 ransomes garden tractor mg 5

Ransomes garden tractor MG 5. This type only, 1948-53, has been built at 5152 units, Total of 15 000 built between 1936 and 1965, mainly MG5. Pads of tracks were joined by rubber blocs and bolts.

35 dsc 0911a agricultural machines

Farming tools

36 rototillers


37 agrip ard hf forestry tractor

Agrip ARD HF forestry tractor, 120 hp produced at Lignières, Cher.

38 studebaker truck of m series

Studebaker trucks of M series were designed in the late 30s. This model dates after WWII.

39 gmc 6x6 2 5 t truck of wwii

GMC 6x6  2.5 t truck of WWII

40 m35 truck 6x6 2 5 t

M35 truck, 6x6, 2.5 t used by US Army from 1950 to present, built by Reo, Kaiser and AM General.

41 berliet gbc 8kt

Berliet GBC 8KT from 1960 used by French Army, rebuilt from 1990 to become GBC 180.

42 dodge 4x4

Dodge 4x4 with winch.


43 citroen 4x4 type 55 version 46

Citroën 4x4 type 55 Version 46. The type 55 4x2 was built between 1953 and 1965.

44 jeep hotchkiss jh 102

Jeep Hotchkiss JH 102.

45 jeep hotchkiss jh 102

Jeep Hotchkiss JH 102

46 willys jeep truck 4x4

Willys Jeep Truck 4x4. More than 200 000 units were made from 1947 to 1965.

47 gama goat 6x6 aticulated vehicleGama-Goat M561 6x6 wheeled vehicle, articulated in roll and pitch, was built by Condec, Charlotte, North Carolina, at 15274 units from 1969 to 1973 for use in South-East Asia. This rather expensive and controversial vehicle was replaced by the HUMVEE. This one comes from Firemen of Oise, France, after servicing in US Army in former West Germany. ; ;

48 citroen and renault utility

Citroën and Renault utility

49 hall of cars

Hall of cars

50 cars from the 30s to the 70s

Cars from the 30s to the 70s.

53 hotchkiss pl 25 truck 1952

Hotchkiss PL 25 truck, 1952

54 hotchkiss pl 50 1958

Hotchkiss PL 50, 1958 to early 60.

55 traction citroen 11bl 1954

'Traction' Citroën 11BL 1954.


56 kiva ripear

Kiva mower, Bernard engine W15-12 bis, built at 5372 units between 1933 and 1974 at Lons-le-Saunier, Jura. For use in mountains.

57 overview of agricultural equipment

Overview of agricultural equipment.

58 sfv 302 cgm 141 caterpillar d2 porche deutz

From L to R : SFV 302, 1950-58 ; CGM 141 from Soisson, 1955-1956 ; Caterpillar D2, 1938-1957 ; Porche P 111, 1956-57. Deutz

59 caterpillar d2

Caterpillar D2

60 caterpillar d2

Caterpillar D2

61 massey harris pony

Massey-Harris Pony

62 massey harris pony

Massey-Harris Pony

63 rouleau compresseur richier type vr15

Steamroller Richier type VR15, Tricycle, Baudoin 3 cylinders engine of 1950.


Steamroller Richier type VR15


Steamroller  Richier type VR15


66 and motorcycles

Cars and Motorcycle

67 overview


68 overview


69 scooter peugeat 1954

Scooter Peugeot, 1954

70 velosolex and motorcycles

Velosolex and Motorcycles

71 rooms of formely houses and old toys

Rooms of formerly houses and old toys. You can see a class-room and a man besides a spinning wheel.

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