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Cameron Carlson On 12/08/2012

Way cool site,love it.Chainlink waighs 5500pounds.Cameron

robert s albee On 27/05/2012

I am the son of the inventor of the albee rolligon. The pictures are all part of his development years. The pictures show one of a kind models since most were research and development models. The 8x8 shown at the top of this page was built about 1971 by my brother and father. Both have died. I am the only surviving son. My sister is alive. Good luck on finding more info on the albee rolligon. Sincerely Robert S. Albee

Bram Palgunadi On 21/01/2012

Very beautiful and best side about transport vehicle and all about the detail. Its is very impressive. Thanks for displayed a lot of different type unusual vehicle......!

armand lamothe On 15/12/2011

awesome!!! Please help me find somethying that was made after the advert 2 some time like the year 2000 or after that I saw on TV that was experimatal . That I can not find. Thanks Armand

Richard Cosse On 08/12/2011

I owned a WNRE "Polecat" for years. I bought it for the tracks for my "Weasel". Very interesting web site you have here. I didn't know so many oddball vehicles existed.

Daniel Little (link) On 06/12/2011

I was the owner of USA6X6 and thank you for all your pictures, very interesting site to the few of us dedicated to Unusual vehicles.

Ritu Agrawal (link) On 01/12/2011

I am looking for companies who are into making of these off road vehicles visiting CES 2012 show to be held in Las Vegas, NV USA.

John On 26/11/2011

Thank you for presenting this great site, I have no clue how you got this much information on such strange, secret, unknown things, but good job this site is one of the most interesting on the web

Milo Barrowclough On 11/11/2011

Thank you for providing this website, I have always had an interest in off-road vehicles and unusual vehicles in general.

Markus On 27/07/2011

Die wahrscheinlichst lückenloseste Vorstellung aller erdenklichen Off Road Fahrzeuge! Phantastisch!!!!

Alexey Burdin (link) On 14/07/2011

This is probably the best site about the means of transport on the web!

REY On 01/06/2011

Bravo! Je suis très impressionnée et je vais envoyer l'adresse de ton site à la famille,
La cousine Marie-Hélène

Jack Nodwell On 26/05/2011

I must say that I am very impressed with the work put into this site.

My father, Bruce Nodwell, was the inventor of the Nodwell line of soft tracked vehicles and I founded and managed Foremost Industries for roughly 35 years. I retired and left Foremost in 2003.

I recently did a bit of editing to the Wikipedia site for Bruce Nodwell and linked in your "Nodwell" section, so as to illustrate the wide range of equipment.

In looking back, it is intersting how many varieties of off-road vehicles were designed over the years and how many companies failed to prosper. At Foremost, we did well for three decades due to major export efforts, with a major success in Russia.

In the early 1980s, our management group realized that the special vehicle line was not a sustainable business, let alone a growth business. The subsequent demise of the large all-terrain vehicle sales is due to three factors.
1. These machines are expensive and are of high maintenance, and companies don't like to invest in short usage, specialized machinery.
2. Whenever a new market was located, such as the Western Siberian oilfields, the oil companies build roads, so each new market goes away.
3. Even though the vehicles have low ground pressure, they do a lot of environmental damage.
Due to this realization, we started converting Foremost to a drilling rig manufacturer in 1988. The need for various drilling rigs always grows.
These days, remote rig assess is done using matting that can be laid down on the soft ground and then conventional equipment can drive right up to the rig, even during breakup. Environmental damage is small. I am a director of Strad Energy Services in Calgary. Strad now sells or rents a greater volume of matting than Foremost did in vehicles at its peak.
The world changes.
Thanks for capturing this interesting history of Unusual Off-Road Locomotion.
Cheers, Jack Nodwell

David On 25/05/2011

Very interesting site, an amazing variety of vehicles.

Bruno Nikodemski On 29/04/2011

One of the electronic designers on the GM/DRL & Boeing actual Lunar Rover, Roving vehicle.
Can any of you find some more links & info on wire-mesh tires, and elastic wheels. For historical reference.

John Sporne On 16/01/2011

For those interested in overland locomotion a unique web site.
As an ex UK Army Vehicle mechanic we used the US Army HalfTrack which could go were most of our wheeled vehicles could not opperate. It also had reasonable road speed.
I still have the book by M G Bekker 'Off The Road Locomotion'
I am also interested in Amphibious vehicle locomotion,if anyone has info on this subject I'd be pleased to know.

Tyler Van Megen (link) On 24/11/2010

I read you're article about the history of Foremost and Nodwell and wanted to thank you for the history and photos of the original designs. I found it very informative. Here at All-Track we have been building our own tracked vehicles since 1968 and was impressed to see our name listed in the article. We would appreciate if you would link that page to our website at
You can reach us at 1-800-583-8850 if you wish to talk to us about tracked vehicles.

Ken On 17/09/2010

Cool site

The two following messages are on my former site in French : :

robert s albee Le 04/09/2010

My brother and father, Bill Jr. and Bill Sr. built the rd85 in 1970. Crowely Marine bought them from Bechtel Corp. and formed CATCO, Crawley All Terrain Co. They are still in use after 30 years plus. The first Albee Rolligons were tested in the 1950's. I was a child at the time. I remember being involved with many of the tests. It was an amazing time for a boy of ten! I will always think of these as amazing vehicles.

Guillaume lambert 30/05/2010

Bonjour monsieur.

J'oeuvre dans la domaine de la mobilité, appliquée à la robotique mobile. Je collectionne moi-même diverses applications de mobilité, par intérêt et aussi en référence à des projets effectués par ma compagnie.

Je trouve votre site très bien monté. J\'aimerais vous demander la permission de citer certains exemples de votre site lors de présentations ou dans des documents de référence.

Dans tous les cas, continuez votre beau travail. C\'est un très beau site. J\'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à le consulter.

Guillaume Lambert
Collineo inc.