Semi-tracked vehicle of David Hansen

Patent Number; 5,318,141, June 7, 1994.

INVENTOR : David W. Hansen, 1705 Fernwood Dr.  Tillamook, OR  97141. Thank you D. H. for this drawing.

The patent drawing shows the T bar tension and suspension concept, as well as the hydraulic cylinder controlling track angle that provides flex, lever and pivot.

The front wheels provide stability for climbing and descending as well as gradual steering.

A diesel engine with hydrostatic transmission provides high torque at a quiet low speed with instant response to forward and reverse. 

Left and right brakes provide instant change of direction when the majority of weight is on the drive tires.


The IGUANA TRACK ASSEMBLY, a mechanical composite : 40 6.5 # each grouser assemblies, 14 in contact with ground, 10 cones per station or 140 cones in contact with ground, 175 square inches of rubber in contact with pavement, 1700 square inches of support on soft material, 44 contacts points to transfer torque from tire to traction bars (duals), antifriction roller tire guides plus rubber belt deicing pads. Recommended track tension for 5000 GVW vehicle is 2000 pounds. Standard tires on 16" truck 8 bolt truck rims. Tracks can be made wider by changing belt only and staggering grousers. Tracks tested at 70 mph, wig wag turns with no hot spots detected. Double T bar suspension allows 24" of differential ground contact.


TRACKTOR, is the best all-terrain manned or unmanned vehicle for the soldiers, farmers, sportsmen, contractor or equipment dealers.

                                                  Low Impact Tracked Vehicle of David Hansen

10 REASONS WHY TRACTOR is the best all-terrain manned or unmanned vehicle for the soldiers, farmers, sportsmen, contractor or equipment dealers.

  1. It is a fully integrated drive system including engine, transmission, transfer, differential, 4wd, cooling, electrical, exhaust, hydraulics, power take off and attachment points.

  2. It has the necessary strength, support and engagement for highway, mud, snow, and sand, as well as rough, brushy and steep terrain.

  3. It has mobility and quick response far beyond other vehicles; Lever, flex, turn, pivot, creep, rock and roll.

  4. The tractor is designed for work and attachments. There are 6 manufacturers of the tractor.You can remove the track and run on the tires. Many of the attachments; loader, blade and mower, work better with the tracks. Fill the bucket, push more with traction and mow the steep and wet.

  5. It has proven to be a reliable, rugged platform in all types of weather and conditions.

  6. The track assembly is very strong, far beyond the normal.  It leaves little evidence of its passing, cultivates soil, thatches and aerates turf.

  7. It has room for passengers, cargo and attachments with a low center of gravity.

  8. It can be loaded and overloaded and still operate.

  9. The track is based on conveyor technology and has been developed over 25 years with testing and evaluation of 5 prototypes

  10. It has been designed for maximum use of COTS (commercial Off The Shelf) and GOTS (Government Off The Shelf) parts and components. Production is mostly procurement and assembly. Available time can be used for RAS and other application.