The Spévémat shop in Fay-sur-Lignon, 50 km East of Le Puy-en-Velay, Haute Loire, France, is specialized in off-road vehicles, particularly snow-vehicles. Robin Picq was selling combine harvesters and found it would be more interesting to turn to unusual vehicles, tracked or wheeled : mountain tractors, tracked personnel carriers, groomers, snow-blowers, municipal vehicles.  In 2007, he created this repair and renovation shop of special vehicles, as we find few here. It has 3 employees.
Its specialty is mainly the tracked vehicles which it ensures the purchase / sale, the renovation and the maintenance. He also does personalized research, rental with chauffeur to movies, wind turbine installations, hard-to-reach sites. The famous Hägglunds BV206, coming from military surplus, is sold, in particular to the firemen of Mont St Michel and Haute-Corse. Its own Hägglunds BV206D is the only homologated on road with gray card in France.
After an appointment, the author went to the garage and was able to see the vehicles and take pictures. That the Director and those present be thanked for having spent their time with him.

Robin Picq recently represents the brand Jarcrac Forest Finland Oy, a forestry vehicle manufacturer.

PDF : Jarcrac SpevematJarcrac Spevemat (1.41 Mo)


The pictures, royalty-free, were taken by Jean-Marc Maclou in Fay-sur-Lignon on 17 July 2017


Formatic Frosty 652DV

Formatic Frosty 652DX, to be sold by Spevemat. Created in 1982 by Formatic, Replot, Finland and manufactured at about 30 units for Power Company of Finland. A driven trailer exists to make an articulated tracked vehicle, but needs new tracks. Formatic was bought by Kässbohrer in 2008. http://spevemat.fr/produit/chenillette-formatic-frosty-652dx-diesel/, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation-iii/102-articulated-tracked-vehicles-light-3.html

Formatic Frosty 652DX

Formatic Frosty 652DX of Spevemat. The cockpit can be seen and the well-tuned engine. Pict J M M.

Trailer of Frosty Formatic

Trailer of Frosty Formatic, Spevemat. This driven trailer, to be restored, would make an articulated tracked vehicle but tracks are to be changed.

Kässbohrer Pisten Bully PB145

Kässbohrer Pisten Bully PB145 to be sold by Spevemat, Fay-sur-Lignon. http://spevemat.fr/produit/chenillette-kassbohrer-pb145-2m85-diesel/

Rolba TT140 groomer, 1983

Rolba TT 140 Groomer, 1983. Rolba was created in 1949 in Switzerland and imported Thiokol, DMC and LMC tracked vehicles, as Ratrac, leader of the market in the 60 and 70s. Ratrac was bought by Rolba in the 70s. In 1991 and 1994, Rolba Kommunaltechnik AG was incorporated at Bucher Guyer at Niederweningen. The brand Rolba exists always for selling Guyer self-propelled snow-blowers by Zaugg : http://www.zauggamerica.com/snow-clearance/rolba/, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.specialtrucks.ch%2F001_olafs-nfz-seite%2F010_nfz_schweizer_oem%

2F010-08_rolba%2F010-08_rolba.html, http://spevemat.fr/produit/chenillette-rolba-tt-140-turbo-diesel-2m50/, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.snow-groomer.com%2Findex.php, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=de&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.baumarep.ch%2Fprodukte%2Fkommunalfahrzeuge&sandbox=1

Prinoth ALL of the 80s

Prinoth ALL, of the 80s, http://spevemat.fr/produit/chenillette-prinoth-all/

Snow vehicles of Spévémat

Snow vehicles of Spevemat. L to R : Kässbohrer, Rolba, Thomas, Schmidt. Pict J M M.


Schmidt hydraulic snow thrower, 2001

Schmidt Hydraulic Snow Thrower, 2001. http://spevemat.fr/produit/turbo-fraise-a-neige-hydraulique-schmidt-1m50/

Snow removal equipment Thomas

Snow Removal Equipment Thomas, on a Renault 4x4 C 210, 1998, Sicometal snow thrower. http://spevemat.fr/produit/camion-thomas-4x4-th2112-210cv-4x4x4-hst/, https://www.truck1.be/vente/occasion/camions/camions-bennes/renault_c_210_4x4_thomas-a1985082.html, http://www.thomas-constructeurs.fr/vehicles.html

Amphibious 6x6 prototype

Amphibious 6x6 prototype with V W engine and transmission. It was built before the Supacat 6x6 of British Army in the 80-90s. No more is known from its origins. Chain driven. http://spevemat.fr/produit/engin-6x6-amphibie-militaire-de-collection/

Rasant Berg-Trak diesel 4X4 mower

Rasant Berg-Trak diesel 4×4 mower of the 80s. Low center of gravity. https://www.landwirt.com/gebrauchte,1742722,Rasant-Wanze-.html, http://vieilles-soupapes.grafbb.com/t33228-l-araignee-des-montagnes-rasant-berg-track, http://spevemat.fr/produit/tracteur-faucheuse-rasant-diesel-4x4/

Rassant Buggy RB1200

Rassant Buggy RB 1200, 4x4, 1990's years, with mower at front moved by PTO. https://www.klaravik.se/auction/product/grasklippare-akgrasklippare-10/, http://spevemat.fr/produit/tondeuse-frontale-rasant-razen-buggy-rb1200-29cv/

Antonio Carraro Rondo tool carrier

Antonio Carraro Rondo tool carrier 4x4 used as mower, snow removal, road maintenance vehicle. Four equal wheels and articulated vehicle. http://www.packogreen.be/fr/produits/antonio-carraro-rondo-k327-k333

Antonio Carraro Rondo K333 tool carrier, 2009

Antonio Carraro Rondo K333 tool carrier, with enclosed cab, 2009. http://spevemat.fr/produit/tracteur-porte-outils-carraro-rondo-33/, http://www.packogreen.be/fr/produits/antonio-carraro-rondo-k327-k333

Egholm Nilfisk 220T vacuum sweeping machine 2009

Egholm Nilfisk 220T,  2009, 4x4, Vacuum sweeping machine. https://translate.google.fr/?hl=fr#fr/en/balayeuse%20aspirateur%2C%20saleuse%20balai%20neige, https://www.nilfisk.com/da-dk/campaigns/outdoor-landing/pages/nilfisk-outdoor.aspx

Telescopic forklift Manitou

Telescopic forklift Manitou, used to move some vehicles or else. https://www.manitou.com/fr/s/U89ybCYAACoAdl8Q