8x8 car

8x8 Car. 2 engines, 3.33 m high, 4000 hours of work. http://www.msn.com/fr-fr/autos/actualite/les-records-les-plus-fous-du-monde-de-l%e2%80%99auto/ss-BBeeVyP?ocid=iehp#image=1   

7 excavator for swamps bce

Excavator for swamps BCE special SKB Gastroymachina from Kalinin plant. With Hoops tires. Lower left : PGE-1 amphibious excavator with hollow wheels. http://vk.com/wall-27422123?offset=0&own=1&z=photo-27422123_346209198%2Falbum-27422123_00%2Frev, http://vk.com/wall-27422123?offset=0&own=1

Special transport from tama

Special transport from Tama, Turkey. http://www.tama.com.tr/en/special-moving-92-149-d.html

 Axles technologie

Independent suspension from Tama. http://www.tama.com.tr/en/special-moving-92-149-d.html

 Self propolled modular transporter

Self -Propelled Modular Transporter. http://www.tama.com.tr/en/heavy-duty-transporter-machinery-92-142-d.html

 Girder transporter

Girder Transporter from Tama, http://www.tama.com.tr/en/heavy-duty-transporter-machinery-92-142-d.html

 Maz eate 1 1952

MAZ EATE-1, 1952, Minsk. http://vk.com/wall-59815220?q=206&z=photo-56957194_326300505%2Fwall-59815220_2978, http://vk.com/wall-59815220?q=206

 Dumper wtw220e from wuhan

Dumper WTW220E from Wuhan Sanjiang Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., Hubei, China. Empty mass 167 t, total mass 387 t, 45 km/h, maximum grade ability 17.7%. http://french.alibaba.com/product-gs-img/wtw220e-heavy-duty-camion-minier-742059389.html, http://www.wme.cn/OffRoadMiningDumpTruck/WTW220E.pdf D 4 wtw220e wuhan oui 1PDF wtw220e wuhan  (754.22 Ko)


Corbitt 20 4 8x8 1948

Corbitt Т20Е4 8x8 1948. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/LeTourneau/

Corbitt t 33 truck

Corbitt T-33 truck, 12 ton, 8x8, proto, 1946.  Life Archives. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/PrintTopic40726.aspx

Corbitt t 33 truck 1946

Corbitt T-33 truck, 1946. Life Archives. http://forums.justoldtrucks.com/PrintTopic40726.aspx

 Chrysler xm410 e1 1960

Chrysler XM410 E1, 1960. http://vk.com/wall-59815220?offset=1520&z=photo-58776677_324255043%2Fwall-59815220_2363

 Terracruzer of fwd 2

Terracruzer of FWD Model 8-320 B with Terratires. http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2009/03/10/march-military-campaign-antarctica-1962-and-1963/

 Terracruzer of fwd 2

Terracruzer of FWD, 1958. http://www.tacmissileers.org/mm1-terracruiser/, http://www.autoevolution.com/news/rare-military-mm1-teracruzer-can-be-yours-for-22k-92009.html#agal_0

 Terracruzer of fwd 1

Terracruzer of FWD. A restored Terracruzer is in Air Force Space and Missile Museum, Cape Canaveral, Air Force Station. http://vk.com/lubiteli_tehniki

Man 8x8

MAN 8x8. http://community.agriculture.com/t5/Marketing/At-the-end-of-the-earth/td-p/363885

Man f 6104 1965 1971

MAN F 6104, 1965-1971, 6x8 or 8x8, Total mass 32 t, payload 17.5 t, 250 hp. Pict from review 'France-Routes', Jan 2015.

Mining truck 10x10

Mining Truck 10x10 for Spin Tires game. http://www.worldofmods.eu/fr/spin-tires/cars/2242-mining-truck-10x10.html

Scheuerle smpt 2

SCHEUERLE SMPT. http://www.mammoet.com/en/News/30th-anniversary-Scheuerle/

Scheuerle smpt in chili

Scheuerle SMPT in Chili Andes to transport antennas, 110 t, 5 000 m altitude. Picture from Scheuerle : http://www.scheuerle.de/en/products/new-vehicles/special-transporters.html

Scheuerle smpt

SCHEUERLE SMPT. Picture from Scheuerle :               http://www.scheuerle.de/en/products/new-vehicles/

Scheuerle kamag smpt

Scheuerle, Kamag SMPT. Pictures from : http://www.scheuerle.de/uploads/media/Hyundai_2.jpg; http://www.kamag.de/en/products/new-vehicles/shipyard-industry-offshore/ship-section-transporter.html

Vib 3246 vibrator of sercel 2

VIB 3246 Vibrator of Sercel, designed by Thomas-Constructeurs in cooperation with Sercel, the VIB 3246 is a 62,000 lb truck-mounted vibrator that complies with European Community environmental regulations. Sercel, headquarters in Nantes, France, is a subsidiary of Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, CGG. http://www.sercel.com/products/Pages/VIB-3246.aspx; http://www.thomas-constructeurs.fr/vehicles.html

Willeme cg 8x4 2

Willeme CG 8x4

Willeme cg 8x4 truck crane 3

Willeme CG 8x4 truck crane

Willeme cg 8x4 truck crane

Willeme CG 8x4 truck crane built at about 10 units in 1956 for French Air Force (used between 1961 and 1968) to clear airfield after a crash. 220 hp, 15-18 t capacity of the crane, mass up to 80 t, 80 km/h, It was called 'crumb' (ramasse-miette). This one belongs to Calsat collection. http://motorscloud.com/photo/willeme-cg-8x4/07/default.html; http://collection-calsat.over-blog.com/article-historique-de-la-grue-willeme-applevage-type-gc-8x4-84464730.html


Rfw 8x8

RFW (Robert F Whitehead) is an Australian specialist manufacturer of all wheel drive trucks. Trailer became 6x6 with a second engine and transmission making a 14x14 truck. http://www.allisons.org/ll/4/RFW/


Latil m4tx 8x8

Latil M4TX 8x8, http://lord.anonymous.free.fr/forum_aceboard_latil/viewtopic.php?t=1070&start=15&sid=17588e1dd9f8d28bf97c4ec8431ed3bc


Fabco 8x8

Fabco 8x8 or 16x16.
Tony adds : "The multi-wheel vehicle was built for the US Navy to test the effects of vehicle ground pressure (for operating on iced over bodies of water) "Anyone of the Anorak army seen this thing before ?" http://www.commercialmotor.com/big-lorry-blog/a-two-headed-truck-from-tony-a