Street and mud jeep cj3 hydropneumatique

Jeep CJ3 Hydro-pneumatic, proto 1989, from Street and Mud, Switzerland, with active suspension. http://www.streetandmud.com/JeppHydropneumatique.php

Street and mud jeep cj3 hydropneumatique 2 

 Street and Mud Jeep CJ3 Hydro-pneumatic. Here is the suspension. http://www.streetandmud.com/JeppHydropneumatique.php

 Slope tractor

Slope tractor. http://vk.com/special_technology?z=photo-27422123_352998011%2Fwall-27422123_5812

 Wtf offroad spider thingy

 WTF Off-road Spider Thingy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GugdJc-O7I

Harper atm 162 slope mover

Harper ATM 162 slope mover mowing grass. Designed for slopes up to 34° by swing axle. Automatic self leveling system keeps the cab upright on slopes. 99 hp. Harper Industries INC, Kansas. http://harperturfequipment.com/slope-mowers/atm162/ ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIxcIalgwok

Pekazett tactor self leveling

Pekazett tractor, self leveling. http://www.tractorfan.nl/picture/892767/