Mvtou 1 1958


MVTOu-1, 1958, first proto with 3 wheels, issued from GAZ 59. Picture from book of Alain Dupouy, 'Les Véhicules tout terrain, N° 11, Généralités, Tome I'. Ed A. Dupouy 1995.


2x2 motorcycle from off road exibition at crocus moscow

2x2 motorcycle from off-road exhibition at Crocus, Moscow.

2wd vasyugan motorcycle 3

2WD Vasyugan motorcycle, 2015, from Novosibirsk. Here, tires are replaced by Tubes reinforced plastic strips.

2wd vasyugan motorcycle 1

2WD Vasyugan motorcycle, from Novosibirsk, 2015. Payload 150 kg. Speed 43 km/h, trailer up to 2 T,,,

2x2 motorcycle high ground clearance

2x2 motorcycle, high ground clearance,,

2x2 motorcycles

2x2 Motorcycles. Upper, Vasyugan, lower, Russich.

11931593 siberia 2x2

Siberia 2x2,

Corel motorcycle 2x2 2007

Corel motorcycle 2x2, 2007, with low pressure tires made of a tube with crossbars. It seems it is rather difficult to drive and some put skis on each side.


Goblin 2h2m 2x2 motorcycle

Goblin 2H2M 2x2 motorcycle,

Karakat 3x2

Karakat 3x2 is a kind of very simple and cheap vehicle, often hand-made (no brand), with 3 wheels fitted with tubes held by rings. The engine is that of a motorcycle Izsak" or "Oural" and the fork comes also from a motorcycle. This vehicle is very handy but the main advantage is its off-road capabilities in snow, mud, swamps even rivers. It floats but is not very stable and carries100 kg of luggage. This type of vehicle comes from North, along sea and needs much space, so one meets them in campains. Enormous tires are ecologic for vegetation and grounds and they are not registered

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Messenger 2x2 motorcycle

Messenger 2x2 motorcycle, hand-made in 2011.


Paxus atv 3 wheels drive trike

Paxus ATV 3 wheels drive trike, engine 9 hp, payload 200 kg, mass 110 kg, rigid suspension.

Siberia or rusich 2x2 motorcycle

Siberia (or Rusish, similar) 2x2 motorcycle, UAZ wheels with a bandage from a conveyor belt, their weight is 70 to 100 kg depending on equipment, Honda motor.,

Siberia 2x2 motocycle 2

Siberia 2x2 motorcycle 2,

Siberia 2x2 motorcycle

Siberia 2x2 motorcycle.

Taurus 2x2 motorcycle

Taurus 2x2 motorcycle. Fast folded, it can be loaded into the trunk of a car. 7 hp, 35 km/h, 93 kg, max snow depth : 45 cm.

Vasuygan 3x3 tricycle

Vasuygan 3x3 tricycle.,

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles 2

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles 3

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles 3

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles 3

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles

Rokon 2x2 motorcycles. From left to right and top to bottom : Trial Breaker with the designer and producer Charles Fehn, taken by his wife in California in 1958. A 2x2 motorcycle was new at that time. In 1970 until today, Rokon are fitted with suspensions. They are manufactured in Rochester, NH.,,

Rokon 2x2

Rokon 2x2 of the past years.

Rokon trail breaker test

Rokon Trail-Breaker test, 1970. Hollow wheels allow Rokon to float. High ground clearance.

Grv caval 3 3 evo 100cv straddle tractor

GRV CAVAL 3.3 EVO 100CV straddle tractor built at Péronne, for vineyards for 2 rows of vines. It is an hydrostatic 3x3,

Brielmaier mower for slopes

Brielmaier mower for slopes. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017