Wheels for marsh buggy Wheels for Marsh Buggy. http://forum.highlifter.com/Somebody-say-gear-reduction-m4926999.aspx

Beachmaster amphibian

Beachmaster amphibian in 1944-45, built by Higgins Industries of Andrew Higgings. During the war, his company produced over 20,000 boats for the war effort, including 10,000 famous flat bottomed, bow ramp equipped LCVP, more often called the Higgins boat. This landing craft participated in every major invasion of the war, like in Normandy. In 1943, they employed 20,000 men and women. White employees worked alongside African-Americans at New Orleans, Louisiana. Andrew Higgins died in 1952 and his sons continued the business through the 50s. It closed in definitively 1975. http://www.ww2online.org/advanced-search?keys=%22Higgins.%20File%22&field_import_sku_value=&field_branch_of_service_tid=All&field_theater_of_service_tid=All&field_dates_value=&field_tgm_value=&field_geography_value=&field_hometown_value=&field_battle_event_value=&field_pow_kia_value=&field_unit_value=&&op=Search

Beachmaster of higgins industries in 1945

Beachmaster of Higgins Industries in 1945. http://www.ww2online.org/advanced-search?keys=%22Higgins.%20File%22&field_import_sku_value=&field_branch_of_service_tid=All&field_theater_of_service_tid=All&field_dates_value=&field_tgm_value=&field_geography_value=&field_hometown_value=&field_battle_event_value=&field_pow_kia_value=&field_unit_value=&&op=Search

Swamp skipper of higgins industries 1943

Swamp Skipper of Higgins Industries, 1943. It is lighter than the Beachmaster. http://www.ww2online.org/terms/3848 http://www.ww2online.org/advanced-search?keys=%22Higgins.%20File%22&field_import_sku_value=&field_branch_of_service_tid=All&field_theater_of_service_tid=All&field_dates_value=&field_tgm_value=&field_geography_value=&field_hometown_value=&field_battle_event_value=&field_pow_kia_value=&field_unit_value=&&op=Search

Swamp cat of higgins industries

Swamp-Cat of Higgins Industries. Assuming Beachmaster, it was added a third roller at the rear to increase traction and flotation. Nevertheless, due to huge wheels cargo space was rather small. http://www.ww2online.org/advanced-search?keys=&field_import_sku_value=&field_branch_of_service_tid=All&field_theater_of_service_tid=All&field_dates_value=&field_tgm_value=&field_geography_value=&field_hometown_value=&field_battle_event_value=&field_pow_kia_value=&field_unit_value=&&page=373

Mud hopper of higgins industries in the 40s

Mud Hopper of Higgins Industries in the 40s. A device improving mobility consists of a bar connecting two wheels. http://www.ww2online.org/image/amphibious-vehicle-possibly-version-swamp-skipper-louisiana-swamp-23-september-1943-0

Gulf marsh buggy 1937

Gulf Marsh Buggy,1937. http://wondersofworldengineering.com/part40.html#MarshBuggy

Gulf marsh buggy

Gulf Marsh Buggy, 1937, for swamps in Louisiana, particularly for petroleum Industries. Pictures from The University of Akron Archival Services. Designed by Abot A. Lane of the Gulf R&D Company, it was built at Pittsburg, PA.
In 1954 the US Army was testing the Marsh Buggy after 17 years of slushing through swamps. http://collections.uakron.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/p15960coll3/id/6308/rec/1

Marsh buggies in louisiana

Marsh buggies in Louisiana. http://gallery.lanclos.org/v/Harold_and_Judy/Harold+and+Judy/1971+Louisiana+Trip/Larose/marsh+buggies.jpg.html

Marsh buggy 18t

Marsh Buggy 18T. https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/471259548480275163/. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b9/d6/84/b9d684e684c9991dc1cddfa80cc7c617.jpg


Marsh buggy on meccano magazine 1938

Marsh Buggy on Meccano magazine, 1938. http://www.ebay.it/itm/RARE-MECCANO-MAGAZINE-FEBRUARY-1938-SIR-NIGEL-GRESLEY-MARSH-BUGGY-BRISTOL-BOMBER-/151601768238?hash=item234c2b672e:g:~owAAOSwqu9U7gUj

Marsh buggy 1958

Marsh Buggy, 1958, 'The Illustrated London News', 1958. Planned to search for oil in Southern Iraq. http://www.ebay.it/itm/Photo-article-the-marsh-buggy-and-the-search-for-oil-in-Southern-Iraq-1958-/381621799830 

Swamp skipper model 5 1948

Swamp Skipper model 5, 1948. http://imgur.com/a/XSnlr   http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/4x4-wheeled-rigid-vehicles-heavy.html#page4, http://www.amphibiousvehicle.net/amphi/H_H.html

Prime mover fwd su coe special

Prime Mover FWD SU-COE Special, based on the SU-COE truck, built from 1940-43 only for the US Marine Corps in the Pacific Theatre. After the war, most had their large tires and cargo bodies removed and were fitted with smaller tires and dump truck bodies. It is classed as a tractor/prime mover. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/FWD/FWD%20army.html

Tractor 4x4

Tractor 4x4. http://s990.photobucket.com/user/tonkatester/media/883857_114949312030309_293243862_o_


Larc v amphibian

LARC V Amphibian of the 60s. https://hovercraftdoggy.com/2012/08/05/2560/

Amphibious vehicle of kim bickett

Amphibious vehicle of Kim Bickett, Illinois, 2011, 45 km/h. https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?aid=24328


Perlini dumper tp 70

Perlini dumper TP 70, with semi-trailer, 2010. Payload 70 T, 410 kW, 55 km/h. http://www.edilizianews.it/articolo/2184/il-trasporto-in-cava-e-cantiere-meglio-con-il-dumper, http://photostp.free.fr/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7396&sid=0eca19d2ba616a06731cb3517e259699&start=680


Ford county with flotation tyres

Ford County 974 with flotation tires. It is believed it worked in many parts of North Scotland for extracting peat bog in the 80s. http://www.forestry-memories.org.uk/picture/number3472.asp


Falcon sprayer

Falcon Sprayer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Agco Challenger Rogator

Agco Challenger Rogator sprayer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Agrifac Condor sprayer

Agrifac Condor Sprayer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Artec H40 sprayer

Artec H40 Sprayer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Caterpillar D6 on wheels

Caterpillar D6 on wheels. https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/553168766715664818/

Chalenger Rogator sprayer

Chalenger Rogator sprayer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Class 4000 Xerion

Class 4000 Xerion. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Hemek 650 forest machines

Hemek 650 forest machine, or Volvo BM 958. First Hemek All-Driv 350 and 600 were made from a Volvo BM Chassis from 1962. Tracks could be added. 6x6 were made in the 80-90s and Hemek was bought by Tigercat in 2000. http://www.solhem9.se/Broschyrbank_skogsbruk_2013/Hemek_650.pdf, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=sv&u=http://skogsforum.se/viewtopic.php%3Ft%3D13083&prev=search http://gallery.riskaka.com/haggeman/album1440/album1442/album419/album440/Hemek.jpg.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxeGvQgjKQ

Massey Ferguson 8740

Massey-Ferguson 8740.  J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Multi T10X Hybridshift

Multi T 10 X HybridShift. http://www.reform.at/fr/agriculture/transporteur-muli/muli-t10x-hybridshift.html, https://issuu.com/svlt-aseta/docs/ta_08_2015

Radio controlled Magnum of Case IH

Radio controlled Magnum of Case IH. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Teg 750 Ford

TEG 750 Ford, about 1982. http://skogsforum.se/skogsbilder/image_page.php?album_id=151&image_id=3024

TEG 9724 from Ford

TEG 9724 from Ford. About 1982. http://www.dalskogsbygdegard.se/bygdegardens-historia/2013-2/skogens-veteraner-2013/ eg 904 ford skogs traktorer



Valtra of AGCO

Valtra of Agco. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Volvo Hemek 650 forest machine

Volvo Hemek 650 forest machine. http://rinka.lt/skelbimas/parduodu-miskovezi-volvo-hemek-id-4244400

Vredo Trac VT4556 transporter

Vredo Trac VT4556 transporter from Vredo Dodewaard BV. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Renault 1915 4x4

Renault 1915 4x4 with its canon Schneider 155 GPF. Pict J M M at Locomotion en Fête, Melun-Villaroche, 10 06 2017.

Russian Monster Truck

Russian monster truck. http://www.largus.fr/actualite-automobile/des-voitures-russes-transformees-en-monster-trucks-7887386.html

Paouris Amphibious Tractor

Paouris amphibious tractor, 2013. Paouris markets agricultural tractors in Greece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdTZBGCtjsk, http://paouris.gr/