Gurgel transa amphibian

Gurgel Transa amphibian of Brazil, prototype,1972. 6x6 with independant suspension. http://www.gurgel800.com.br/publicacoes/quatrorodas/146/, http://www.lexicarbrasil.com.br/exercito/


Marshall motoart s polaris ranger 6x6

Marshall Motoart’s Polaris RANGER 6X6, 2011.Polaris Ranger 6X6, 2011. This Polaris RANGER 6X6 was thoroughly transformed by Marshall Motoart. With a RANGER 6X6 as the base unit and a MARSHALL MOTOART 5.5 cage kit you can give 3 more people a ride with two having FULL leg room ! Turbo and Air Suspension, Lights galore even on the Wagon, Extra fuel containers, Tent up high to keep you safe and dry !http://www.utvguide.net/utv_of_the_month_june2011/  ,UTV of the Month for June 2011

Kranman r 25 harvester

Kranman R 25 Harvester.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GJdWkLkGpo


CAN AM of BRP, 6x6 atv

CAN-AM of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), 6x6 ATV. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Polaris 6x6 big boss

Polaris 6x6 Big Boss. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017