Amphibian 6x6 emp 1

Amphibian 6x6 EMP-1, 1966-69

Zil 6x6 5901 pse 2 amphibian 1970 2

ZIL 6x6 5901 PSE-2, amphibian, 1970. http://vnedorozhniki-ussr.ru/voenno-tehnicheskij-muzej-v-podmoskovnom-sele-ivanovskoe-2/

Zil 6x6 5901 pse 2 amphibian 1970

ZIL 6x6 5901 PSE-2, amphibian, 1970. Prototype built at 1 unit by SKB of V.A. Gratchev. Stay at Military Technical Museum of Tchernogolovka.  https://www.autowp.ru/zil/peu/, http://гвтм.рф/exhibits/exhibits_192.html,  https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://weatlas.com/excursions/8867&prev=search, http://fishki.net/auto/1232726-voenno-tehnicheskij-muzej-v-chernogolovke.html

Zil 132p

ZIL 132P at Tchernogolovka museum, only one prototype built. Right, Picture of Martiushin Grigoriy. http://fishki.net/auto/1232726-voenno-tehnicheskij-muzej-v-chernogolovke.html

Zil 4972 6x6

ZIL 4972, 6x6, is fitted with the same chassis of the 'Bluebird' amphibian. Still produced nowadays. http://fishki.net/auto/1232726-voenno-tehnicheskij-muzej-v-chernogolovke.html

Zil 49061 1995

ZIL 49061, 1995, rescue vehicle. https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://www.kolesa.ru/article/kolesa-dlja-kosmosa-sovetskie-poiskovojevakuacionnye-mashiny-2016-04-21&prev=search

Zil e 167

ZIL E 167. http://mclaud.ru/gosudarstvennyj-voenno-tehnicheskij-2/

Zil 135lm 8x8

ZIL-135LM, 8x8. Central axels are not suspended. Two engines, one on right, the other on left. Steered on front and rear wheels, it was produced for 30 years. Pictures of Michael Sulim. http://soulim.livejournal.com/30960.html?thread=147184

Zil 49042 1972 73

ZIL-49042 6x6, amphibious vehicle, 1972-73 for rescue services. It served to the construction of the next amphibious, the 'Blue Bird' family. http://www.kolesa.ru/article/kolesa-dlja-kosmosa-sovetskie-poiskovojevakuacionnye-mashiny-2016-04-21

Kamaz amphibian

Kamaz amphibian at computing modelization stage.  http://uazpatriot.su/forum/32/268?page=9


Baikal motor show 6x6 prototype 2014

Baïkal Motor Show 6x6 prototype, 2014, at Irkutz. This proto has GAZ engine. https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://avto-dny.ru/test-drayvy/5642-baykalmotorshou-2014-drozh-zemli-ili-chto-mozhno-sdelat-iz-neskolkih-gruzovikov-gaz-i-dvigatelya-nissan-diesel-avtonovosti.html&prev=search

Burlak atv

Burlak ATV, http://www.automotobike.ru/articles/special/v-rossii-sozdan-arkticheskiy-vezdehod-9012.html

Daf 6x6 ya 328

DAF 6x6 YA 328 produced to 4510 units between 1952 and 1958. H transmission with only one central differential. Archives Francis Pierre, and : https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=nl&u=https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAF_YA-328&prev=search

Valmet tractor 1502 6x6

Valmet tractor 1502 6x4. Produced from 1975 to early 1980  to a few dozen copies. They were 6x6 only from 1979. It was the tractor of the future, designed by Hannu Niskanen, in Finland. With 150 hp Sisu engine, the rear wheels were mounted on a hollow beam containing the cascade of gears. This pendulum system allowed great stability and traction in forestry work, as expected by the designer and confirmed later on forestry machines. Furthermore, actuators could raise le rear wheels up or down. Comfort was much better than on a classic tractor due to the pendulum.  It was expensive and the tractor weighted 7.5 t, which was rather heavy and the consumption was high. So this tractor was not very used in farms but in forestry and in peat bogs with tracks at rear. It remains as a tractor ahead of its time. Pictures from the review 'Tracteurs, Passion et Collection', August 2016, from Sophia Histoire et Collection, Paris.


M 35 with terratires

M 35 with Terra-tires, http://suburbanmen.com/get-out-of-dodge-trucks-20150228/49859

Dongfeng 2102 amphibious vehicle

Dongfeng military 2102 6x6 truck converted into an amphibious vehicle. http://bbs.tiexue.net/post2_5950117_1.html, http://www.56.com/u27/v_MjYyNDA4MjQ.html#sm_st=93.92

Massey Ferguson 6x6

Massey Ferguson 6x6. https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/301741243759567081/

Terra variant 600 of holmer carrier

Terra Variant 600 carrier of Holmer. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

AM General M939 5 ton

AM General M939, 5 ton. Produced from 1982 to 32 000 units, Cummings 240 hp, 101 km/h, Pict J M M at Locomotion en Fête, Melun-Villaroche, 10 06 2017.