Maz 543 for forestry work

MAZ 543 for forestry work. https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/455567318537082484/

Sandvik tamrock toro supra 0012h

Sandvik Tamrock Toro Supra 0012H for mining industry. It is only 10x4. www.carlpicot.com

Terex mx 8x8 of us air force

Terex MX 8x4 of US Air Force. https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/455567318537082386/

Terracruzer 1957

Terracruzer 1957. http://www.dieselarmy.com/news/the-original-diesel-monster-truck-is-up-for-sale/

Terracruzer mm1 of fwd

Terracruzer MM1 of FWD, 1957, Wisconsin, to haul Mace missiles of US Army. http://www.dieselarmy.com/news/the-original-diesel-monster-truck-is-up-for-sale/


Rc truck 8x8

Nice RC Truck 8x8 from Slovakia, http://www.rcportal.sk/special-8x8-am7050

M1000 trailer with het tractor

M1000 trailer with HET tractor in 2014, ex-British Army. This trailer is equipped with an active suspension for rather flat tracks. http://mob.army-uk.com/equip.php?ID=48, http://mob.army-uk.com/equip.php?ID=488


8x8 copy from aec road train of 1934

8x8 (2011) designed and recreated from original drawings of AEC road train of 1934, AWD,  http://middx.net/aec/board/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=75

AEC 8x8 1934

AEC 8x8, delivered new to Australia in 1934, built by AEC under instruction by the British Army, its purpose was to act as a "road train" in outback Australia.
Apparently 3 were made, this is the only one delivered to Australia and known to exist. Specifications :
130hp diesel engine, 3 speed +2 speed aux, rear winch, 4 differentials, fully independent suspension, steering on front and rear bogies (which rotate on chain driven turntables)
12.00x20 tires. This truck covered over 1,200,000 miles in the 12 years. It was known as the "government road train", before being sold to private operators, then rescued as scrap in the late 70's, it is now restored in the Truck museum in Alice Springs, central Australia.
The country that this truck worked in was, and is extremely rugged desert dunes and rocky, with extreme temperatures, completely road less at that time.
The AEC pulled 2 Dyson 8 wheel self-tracking trailers and 2 more 4 wheel trailers.
Nominal load capacity was 15 tons, but it regularly dragged up to 45 tons. This text is from AWG : http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?2996-1934-AEC-8x8&s=09c4f0e7964cbceabdb06e2e2db5593b,   http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/9-8x8-and-more-wheeled-rigid-vehicles-heavy.html, http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_731136-Leyland-8-Wheel-Drive-Tractor-1930.html, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://www.maz-gruzovik.ru/press-centr/stati/mnogoosnye-prohodimcy-istorija-gruzovikov-vezdehodov&prev=search, http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/FWD/

Aec 8x8 1934 2

AEC 8x8, 1934, http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/Guy/

Aec 8x8 1934

AEC 8x8, 1934, http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/19th-april-1935/35/an-unusual-british-outfit-tried-out-in-undeveloped#iqeUmHKHFd1jTSMV.99

Gaz 44

GAZ 44 8x8, 1972.

Gaz 5903 btr 80 for civil use

GAZ 5903 BTR 80 for civil use, https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://atvbtr.ru/catalog/Prodazha_BTR_vseh_modelej_i_ih_cena_73/BTR-80_257.html&prev=search

Sciences fiction art 10x10

Sciences Fiction Art 10x10, http://reactor.cc/tag/%25D0%25B2%25D0%25B5%25D0%25B7%25D0%25B4%25D0


T 103 12x12 experimental chassis 1966

Experimental chassis T-103, first 12x12, 1966, designed by Scientific Test Research Institute, Bronnitsy (21 N-III, 1954), Russia. Payload 22 t, 300 hp diesel UTD-20, speed 70 km/h. http://profismart.ru/web/bookreader-116616-44.php
total mass 36 t, http://русская-сила.рф/guide/army/tr/i103.shtml

8x8 prototype 1933

8x8 prototype from Russia, 1933. Designed under direction of E. A. Chudakov and built at the 'Red Putilovets' plant with many parts of commercially available parts, this 8 wheels drive chassis was intended to study mobility and stability of this kind of vehicle. Next year, balloon tires were fitted. http://myzaodno.ru/news/2309-zabte_strasti_88_eksperimentalne_chetrexosne_gruzo/, http://alternathistory.com/zabytye-strasti-8-8-eksperimentalnye-chetyrekhosnye-gruzoviki-v-sssr, http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/NIII%2021/Vehicle%20Prototype%208x8%20Chudakov%201934.jpg


Kamag K24 Modular Transporter

KAMAG K24 Modular Transporter. One should say it is an off-road vehicle : many wheels (all driven ?), long travel suspensions, high ground clearance, but it is not. In fact this Modular Transporter is built for moving extra-large loads on rather flat and hard ground. https://www.kamag.com/fr/produits/kamag-k24/kamag-k24.html

Dailer benz 8x8 amphibious prototype

Dailer-Benz 8x8 DB-RV amphibious prototype, 1929-1932.


Otto the Alma Antenna Transporter

Otto, the ALMA antenna transporter, a close up of one of the ALMA transporters. These 130-tonne mechanical beasts of burden heave their formidable frames along on a set of 28 wheels, at a top speed of 20 km/h. They are used to reposition ALMA antennas across the Chajnator plateau, and, despite their monstrous size, they do it with millimeter precision.
Credit : Enrico Sacchetti/ESO, http://www.eso.org/public/unitedkingdom/images/alma_021-cc/

Otto the Alma Antenna Transporter

Otto, the ALMA antenna transporter   Side view of one of the ALMA transporters during the inauguration ceremony in October 2007. http://www.eso.org/public/unitedkingdom/images/list/3/?search=Transporter

Otto the Alma Antenna Transporter

Otto in action, http://www.eso.org/public/unitedkingdom/images/mg_3623-editar-cc/   Pictured here is one of the two ALMA Transporters, named Otto, which are responsible for carrying the ALMA antennas up to the Chajnantor Plateau, a site some 5000 meters above sea level in northern Chile. Otto can be seen in action in this video. The ALMA transporters are such an integral part of the ALMA facility that they can almost be considered as part of the telescope. Without the two vehicles, the construction, operation, and maintenance of the array would not be possible. Credit : ESO/A.Duro

Otto the Alma Antenna Transporter

Otto, the ALMA antenna transporter. The first of the two 130-ton ALMA antenna transporters was named ''Otto'' on 5 October 2007 to highlight the remarkable achievement these unique machines represent. These vehicles will operate at 5,000 meters altitude, where the air is rare, and they are able to place 115-ton antennas with a precision of a few millimeters. Image taken October 2007. http://www.eso.org/public/unitedkingdom/images/eso0745a/ , http://rocketumbl.tumblr.com/post/118953017605