Croco articulated 4x4

Croco articulated 4x4. http://www.autoruote4x4.com/it/060401_anfibi_al_salone_di_ginevra_2013.html#.V09_

zr7nau8, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/10-4x4-wheeled-artic-vehicles-light.html

Side winder 4x4 articulated

Sidewinder 4x4 articulated of Nick Cimmarusti, California, which will restore it. This vehicle is probably in one of three books of Bart Vanderveen : Observer's Vehicles Directory. www.blacksheepoffroad.com


Baikal motor show 2014 rover ants

Baïkal Motor Show 2014 Rover Ants., http://avto-dny.ru/uploads/posts/2015-06/thumbs/baykalmotorshou-2014-vezdehod-murash-vsya-zhizn-ego-boloto-avtonovosti_752.jpeg

Garden tractors home built

Garden articulated 4WD tractors, home built, issued from models : Case 224, Toro Wheel Horse, John Deere 318 and J D 200, http://twentywheels.com/view/8460-case_4x4_articulated_garden_tractor___custom_built.html

John deere model 140 articulating modified

John Deere model 140, articulating, modified. 3 cylinder Kubota diesel, two 140 hydro transaxles coupled. http://www.patstractorcrossing.com/gallery/modified.html, http://gardentractorparts.net/JohnDeere140.html

Mini atv cit tm06

Mini ATV CIT TM06, http://www.sale-techno.ru/index.php?productID=1092, Mini ATV CIT TM06

Proto 4x4 from neva cultivator 2013

Proto 4x4 from Neva cultivator, 2013. Wheels are surrounded by a kind of track. http://www.snowmobile.ru/forum/index.php?threads/62872/page-3

S l400 Hesston Front Runner

HESSTON-180-FRONT-RUNNER-80-034-MOWER-articulated-steer-crab-48-034-antique-1972, front Runner model 200 19.8 hp, and model 160 16 hp, 11 mph 1974, Indianapolis. https://www.pdffiller.com/en/project/86000914.htm?f_hash=7b4ace&blank_user=1

Tractors of bob rock

Bob Rock, Michigan, build and sells, since 2008, little articulated 4x4 tractors issued from garden tractors : Wheel Horse, J Deere, Minnie Mo. http://vanitysfool.blogspot.fr/2015/05/garden-tractor-based-articulated-4.html, http://rreflection.areavoices.com/2015/05/30/the-minnie-minnie-mo/

Bucher K55

BUCHER K55, 2 wheels tillers, with driven wheels trailer. https://lokalhistoriewiki.no/index.php/Fil:BUCHER_K55.JPG, https://lokalhistoriewiki.no/index.php/Tohjulstraktoren

Ferrari Cromo N40 tractor

Ferrari Cromo N40 tractor. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Holder C270

Holder C270. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Nibbi articulated tractor

NIBBI articulated tractor. http://forotractores.foroactivo.com/t1563p400-marcas-poco-conocidas, http://vieilles-soupapes.grafbb.com/t10710-tracteur-nibbi

Holder C240, 1999

Holder C240, 1999. http://spevemat.fr/produit/holder-c240-tres-beau-porteur-polyvalent-4x4-articule/