Astra truck with additional tracks 1985

Astra truck with additional tracks at Paris Dakar, 1985. http://www.dakardantan.com/forum/camion-astra-n631-dakar-85-vt1391.html?sid=893f249cdc7ea6af4bd477805468e0d0

Semi tracks jeep 1943

Semi-tracks Jeep. Tracked Willys MB Jeep working with 10th Mountain Division - Camp Hale, CO. Circa 1943    https://fr.pinterest.com/pin/161777811593071492/  https://fr.pinterest.com/bmiles39/alternative-vehicles/

Trakrok all terrain trike

Trackrok all terrain trike from designer Alexei Mikhailov. http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/05/23/lets-get-dirty/


GRV Caval 3 track EVO 75 cv 3x3 straddle tractor

GRV, Grosjean René Viticole, CAVAL 3.TRACK EVO 75 CV 3x3 straddle tractor. Straddle tractor for vineyards. Hydrostatic transmission on tracks or wheels gives it off-road capabilities. Tilt correction. On slopes, tracks are used, even on these track straddle tractors. http://www.grv-production.com/enjambeurs/caval-3.track-evo-75-cv-vigne-etroite-19.html

Half track of ZIS 33 and ZIS 42

Half-Track of ZIS-33 et ZIS-42, end of the 30s, at the Crocus Expo, Moscow, March 2001. http://www.yamoskva.com/node/6950

LBT long tracked bogie

LBT Long Tracked Bogie Silva Fennica. The Long Tracked Bogie principle (LTB) has low contact area on firm ground with low load, it increases when higher traction force is needed and on softer soil
 Free rolling resistance on firm ground was 60% of the value for a conventional bogie. LTB appears to pass wider ditches/cavities, more smoothly with lower pitch angle, than a conventional bogie. http://www.silvafennica.fi/article/1017

John deere gator 6x6 atv with eider tracks

John Deere Gator 6x6 ATV with Eider Tracks. Much Eider tracks are manufactured in Briollay, near Angers. http://www.eider49.com/fr/135-8-chenilles-pour-le-gator

Voschtrack Track System, 2011

VOSCHTRACK track system, 2011. These tracks are apparently strong and rubber pads help not damaging pavement and even grounds in the forests. They are no more on sale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cfP2G8kPFk&t=15s  Mise en ligne le 17 nov. 2011, http://www.vosch.equipment/excavator/forest-pioneer-catalogue/  Mise en ligne le 17 nov. 2011

Semi-Tracked vehicle with FLEX Tracks

Semi-tracked articulated vehicle with FLEX Tracks. FLEX Tracks (patented) were invented by David Hansen who built this articulated vehicle. He says : ' The integrity of my track system is based on very high tension.  
The hydraulic force on the idler axle is 4000 pounds which is distributed to 1000 pounds in each track and 1000 pounds to each of the drive tires.  With that amount of tension there is no need for road wheels and the flexing of the suspension tightens rather than loosens the track (most track systems).   The allowable tension for the tracks in the picture is 8000 pounds so, it is not close to max capacity.  Any deflection reacts to the tires.  
Hydraulic cylinders on the idler axle cause the pivot point for the vehicle weight to shift from the drive tires to the idlers which are close to the center of gravity.  Spin turns are easy when the left or right brakes are actuated with the vehicle weight on the idler tires.
So, I don't have road wheels so, I don't need a frame to mount them.  The track system of the pictured truck weighs around 1000 pounds but creates a support area of over 2400 square inches.
You want to go "off road, all terrain"  then you better be able to float, lever, spin, wiggle, jiggle and rock or you may not make it home for dinner.
Thank you for your question.  I had an obscure web site for 5 years and got over 10K hits but no calls or questions.  Yet, I have never seen a track system like mine.  Maybe that's why I was awarded the patent !

Qt truck with FLEX Trac 2009

QT truck with FLex Trac, 2008. David Hansen says : 'This was my last prototype in 2008. Rod Anderson supplied the truck, George Mitchell was his partner in Biosblade Inc. I supplied the track and did the design and assembly. They proposed a three way split then took the tracks and parts to New Mexico to start a business. The final agreement which I refused to sign gave me a fraction of the original proposal. They were unethical and stupid.  We were going to enter the truck races in Parker Ariz.  Not a winning combination!.  
Next I got involved with the ATAV guys from Idaho who used my prototype (Utube) at the Idaho State Fair to raise $300,000. They spent it on flat screen engineering, rented a shop and hired a mechanic.  I put a clause in the contract requiring a production prototype in two years.  They could write business plan and resumes but did not know how to build anything.  
I made my own toys during WW2, designed and built my own model airplanes, certified airplane mechanic,  BS Industrial Eng.,.6 months training in  management, bearings, hydraulics and power transmission.  20 years as Sales Engineer calling on hundreds of customers and prospects. Industrial, aircraft, marine, automotive, space and nuclear.
Today's business and technology is controlled by software programmers, coders and engineers. The solutions I have achieved are not on the internet and are not free. I believe people are learning more and more about less and less.


Case Magnum 380 CVX

Case Magnum 380 CVX, semi-tracked tractor. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Ferrari Sky Jump V95 dualsteer tractor

Ferrari's Sky Jump V95 Dual steer tractor. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

New Holland T8

New Holland T8. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Tracked Grizzly from Yamaha

Tracked Grizzly from Yamaha,  J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 27-02-2017

Vimek tracks on harvester

Vimek tracks on harvester. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd5QVH8CxFo

Half Track to civilian life

Half-track to civilian life. Pict J M M at Apatal, Hallencourt, 21 05 2017.

Honda F800 with tracks

Honda F800 with tracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihjzvtB4Kuo

Suokone Belarus Half Tracks, 1982

Suokone Belarus + half-tracks, 1982. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI

Suokone Fiat 115-90 half tracks PT40, 1982

Suokone Fiat 115-90 + half-tracks PT40, 1982. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI

Suokone proto Suokko RT6 0H, 1978

Suokone Proto Suokko+RT-6.0 H, 1978. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI

Suokone Suokko 310 ready to travel, 1979

Suokone Suokko 310 ready to travel, 1979. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI

Suokone Suokko 310 prepairing miller, 1980

Suokone Suokko 310+Prepairing miller, 1980. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI

Suokone Valmet 702, 1970

Suokone Valmet 702, 1970. http://youtube.downloader.online/mYek70zZNkI