CS VP4 8x8 Norinco

CS-VP4 8x8 Norinco from China, http://www.army-guide.com/eng/product5723.html

8x8 Vehicle

8x8 vehicle. Burkhard Broser, from Hessia, sent to the author this picture taken at Milan fair reported in a German magazine of 1936. He said that on the side of the bodywork, he read : "S.A. La" but the rest was not possible to read. The author answered that it could be a "S.A. La Motomeccanica" of Milan which manufactured tractors. Who knows more ? Was this vehicle the ancestor of 6x6 and 8x8 amphibious vehicles  of  the 60s like Argocat ?

Poncin 8x8 of the 80s

Poncin 8x8 of the 70-80s. This picture of a Poncin seen in Belgium and sent to the author by Burkhard Broser, was equipped with a personnel transport cab for skiers. It could be also equipped with tracks. Poncin was at Charleville, and Sedan at the end in 1991.

Tracked wheeled vehicle 8x8 of general dynamics

Tracked-wheeled vehicle 8x8 of General Dynamics, This MUTT unmanned ground vehicle can carry 450 kg of equipment and follow soldiers like a loyal dog, The US Army bought 624 of them. Information of Vjekoslav Banic. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a29658123/army-robot-mule/, https://www.gdls.com/products/tracked-combat/MUTT.html