Ciceron of Hemek Skogsmaskiner AB

Ciceron of HEMEK skogsmaskiner AB, 1990.  https://vemservice.se/resurser-2/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvEZ3zDd5WU, http://hemek.info/ciceron-ii/

Faun Dump Truck

Faun Dump Truck, early 80s. Picture from the book 'Giant Dump Trucks' of Nick Baldwin, Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd, 1984.

Letourneau Series T Oil Field Transporter, 1958

LeTourneau Series T Oil Field Transporter, in Sahara Desert, 1958.  From book of Philip G. Gowenlock : 'The LeTourneau Archive', Paddington Publications Pty Ltd, 1998.

Yamal 6345 Arctic B 6

Yamal  6345 B 6 Arctic 6x6 trucks of LLC Yamalspetsmash 

designed in 2017 for Far North particularly Yamal complex. In fact, it is a Kamaz truck enhanced by a group of engineers. Kamaz was created in 1969 in the town Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan, The truck is articulated. Reinforced chassis comes from Krupp. 210 HP, 50 km/h, payload 13 t. http://www.techhap.com/cars/259329.html#.Xu5lvefgqhM, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_9036F31wA, https://fr.topwar.ru/142435-arkticheskiy-vezdehod-kamaz-arktika.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-ca-wJXoSk&list=PLSbzX4vt8dqyToDEXPJmvTlrwi21cYJpO&index=4, https://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation-v/230-8x8-and-more-wheeled-articulated-vehicles-heavy-5.html

MZKT Zauralec Trucks

MZKT 932 Zauralec (Upper left) was built in 1963 to replace MAZ-529. In 1967-68 (lower left) was built 3E932 fitted with mechanically driven rear wheels. 4E932 (upper, lower right and below) had an electric transmission and driven wheels on semi-trailer. https://www.trucksplanet.com/catalog/model.php?id=2210, https://www.trucksplanet.com/catalog/model.php?id=2211, https://avtocompany.com/retro/dvuhkolesnye-soldaty

Moaz 7503, 1990-2003 Dump Trucks

МоАЗ-7503, 1990–2003 Dump Trucks. https://en.wheelsage.org/moaz/7503/1990-2003/pictures, https://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/38-additive-3.html#page3