Bombardier Snowpacker, 1961

Bombardier SnowPacker, 1961. Picture of  Gaétan J. Gagnon at St Raymond, Canada. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/industrial/j-a-bombardier-travel-on-snow.html, https://archives.bombardier.org/vehicules-1957-1963

Dando Mule Track

Dando Mule Track, https://www.dandodrillingaustralia.com/drilling-rigs-australia/support-equipment/dando-mule-track-carrier/

Fiat and Itma Tractors

Fiat and Itma Nike 180 tractors. J M M at Vincy-Manoeuvre, 2019 09 28.

At 15 Drunk Frog Marginal Terrain Vehicle

AT-15 Drunk Frog marginal terrain vehicle is designed by Decent Manufacturing at Elkader, Iowa. Plans are for sale to help build an off-road simple, economic and reliable vehicle to go in most adverse terrains. This DIY 3-axle amphibious tracked vehicle is capable of 1500lbs of drawbar pull in deep mud and dry sand. An articulated vehicle is being built. From Killian McInerney, http://decentmfg.com/product/at-15/, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBOEPPpUDViHaZJ2gorZow

At 15 Drunk Frog from Canada

AT-15 Drunk Frog built up in Canada by a customer. Good Work !! http://decentmfg.com/customer-gallery/

Rusak 3918 Amphibious Tracked Vehicle

RUSAK-3918, Amphibious Tracked Vehicle. https://gramho.com/explore-hashtag/russiantrucks