ARDCO 4x4 Truck. Ardco was created in 1955 in Texas by Mr. David Crowell for oil and gas exploration. After several acquisitions, Pettibone Corporation, manufacturer of handling equipment and fork lifts, Bagara, MI, purchased Ardco. Headquarters, service and parts stayed in Lafayette, Louisiana and production of off-road vehicles was transferred to Bagara. There are 2000 Ardco machines operating in the world. Pict Francis Pierre, Canada in the 90s.



Ardco 4x4 Buggy. http://www.ardco.net/media/



Ardco 4x4 Buggy



Ardco GT 150                         



Buggy Ardco L 4x4 with a Georex drill system.     



Ardco K-4x4




Amphibious swamp monster from Iran. http://www.secretprojects

.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=13793.0 http://gallery.military.ir/




Bergmann Dumper 3012 of Bergmann Maschinenbau of Meppen, 2007. Capacity 12 t, 160 hp, speed 45 km/h.    http://forum.bauforum24.biz/forum/index.php?showtopic=20931



Bergmann dumper, early 90s, 12 t payload. Pict from the book 'Muldenkipper' of Heinz-Herbert Cohrs, Verlag Podszun-Motorbücher Gmbh, 2003.



Articulated JCB 712 Dumper. Pict Francis Pierre, Moerdjik, The Netherlands, 1999.



Frisch Typ F 2020 articulated wheel-dozer, 1973.  Tires were Straussler Lypsoïd. Pict from the book of Karl Anweiler 'Prototypen und Sonderfahrzeuge der Bundeswher seit 1956', Motorbuch Verlag, 2004.



Frich F 2020 Wheel-dozer, 1973, from Germany. ATM, of Francis Pierre, built a nice scale model in the 90s. http://forum.bauforum24.biz/forum/index.php?showtopic=4521



Sercel Vibrator of the 90s, part of CGG, Compagnie Générale de Géophysique, pict J M M near Bordeaux, 2004 04 21.



TGC, Tidelands Geophysical Inc., Vibrators. http://www.tgcseismic.com/972.881.1099/Hemi-60.html



Western Atlas Vibrator. Pict from Francis Pierre, Calgary, Alberta, 2001



Tycoon AMLUV, 2000, 112 hp, 80 km/h on land, 13 in water. This special concept is articulated and wheels are mounted at the end of arms. www.amphibiousvehicles.net



Caterpillar Skidder Car 525 with Twin Forestry Tires.


Morgan Skidder. http://www.vannattabros.com/skidder7.html


Timberjack 480 B Skidder not far from Bordeaux, 2004 04 20. Pict J M M.






Timberjack skidder. Pict J M M at Thann, France 2012 08 18



Rottne Harvester 4x4 articulated. Wheeled arms are adjustable on this Rottnee, Sweden. http://www.rottne.com/en/forest-machine/rottne-h-8/ http://www.rottne.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files_mf/1334580562H8_EN.pdf http://www.lesni-technika.cz/EN/Assets/PDF/Harvestory/Technicka_dataH8.pdf



Wagner Tractormobile TR1 Tractor, 1953, was ahead of its time and forerunner in this field. From Machine Mobile Evolution, Sept 1993, edited by Francis Pierre.



Timberjack skidder, not off-road but unusual. Pict J M M at Pulversheim, France 2012 08 18



UNAC 500 skidder from Unac-France, Vergèze. Picture J M M from Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, France, June 2003.


WF Trac Skidder pictured by J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, June 2003.


Terragator Challenger. Pict J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 2009 02. This site is specialized in  Terragator : www.terra-gator.e-monsite.com/



Terragator 2104 of Agco. Pictured by J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, on 2005 03.


Terragator of Agco



Terra-Gator from Agco Group, model TG prototype.



Ag Chem 4x4 Terra Gator from Agco



VCON V250, 1970. Vcon, for Vehicle Construction, was a division of Peerless manufacturing Company, Dallas, Texas. 1000 hp, length 12 m, 113 T,  Pict of 1974 from the book of Eric Orleman 'Super Duty Earthmovers' MBI Motor Book International, 2002.



Keable KK50 and Mulde KK50 Dumpers.




WD-9 articulated 4x4 Mc Cormick IH, single, homebuilt in 1985 by Durrieu family. Issued from WD-9 tractor Mc Cormick IH of 1947, repainted in 1983 by his son J. C. Durrieu, Auvillar, France, it has great success in old tractors exhibitions. 105 hp Perkins engine, 5230 kg. Pict from Review 'Tracteurs, Passion et Collection', Sept-Oct 2009.


WD-9 articulated 4x4 Mc Cormick IH  from site : www.grostracteurspassion.com



Alpha 4100 sprayer. They can see the large ground clearance, not for off-road, but to straddle plants. Pict J M M at SIMA, 2007 03.




Evrard Sprayer Alpha 4100 with good ground clearance for cultures but not for hard off-road. Pict J M M from SIMA, Villepinte, 2005 03.



Deutz D 5505 Tandem Tractor, 1967. Pict from review 'Tracteurs Passion et Collection' Jan-Feb 2012.


Chamberlain tractor from Australia, here at Tractor World, Malvern, GB. Pict from review 'Tracteur Retro', July-Aug 2011.



Motor grader from New Holland Tractor in youtube from : Insolite 2-1 ; Insolite 3 ; Insolite 4


BM Volvo 860 built by students from two Volvo tractors T430.  Seen on youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oeVMAPjhI0



Bi-Som-Trac 615 processed from 2 Someca 40 in 1967 by Lhermite Frères Constructor, Dreux. Articulated tractors (615, 900, 1000) were built from the end of the 50s to the beginning of the 70s and inspired from Doe and Ford in Great Britain. Lhermitte Establishments are today John Deere dealer. Mass 6,8 t. Pict Tracteur Rétro, Sept-Oct 2008.



Bi-Som-Trac 900 in 1970, from Lhermite Establishment, from 2 Someca. Two 85 hp engines moved this articulated tractor. Pict from 'Tracteur Retro', Sept-Oct 2008.



Bisomtrac articulated Tractor.





Bi-Som-Trac double 615 of Ets Lhermite., end of the 60s, with Someca mechanics. It prefigured the future Bi-Som-Trac 900. Pict from 'Tracteur Rétro', Sept-Oct 2008.



Wandel articulated 4x4, issued from Steiger in 1975 with Berliet engine of 185 hp. About 200 units were manufactured and many exported. Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.



Slobojanets XTA220 and XTA250  http://forum.grostracteurs




Slobojanets XTA-220. Pict posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda.


Kirovets 9450 and 744. Pict posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda.


Karkov XTZ-170. Kirovets 9450 and 744. Pict posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda.



Tya 200 Yarilo, from Ukrainia. Pict posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda.


K-700T 4x4 tractor with Terratires. From site www.rcforum.ru


K700 4x4



Belarus K-7010

belarus-701.pdf Belarus-701.pdf


Kirovets K 7001, 2006         



Kirovets K 745 with dual tires around 2000. Photo from Muggi. http://www.farmphoto.com/thread.aspx?mid=71318



Kirovets 4x4 articulated Tractor


Kirovets K700


MAZ 546 P moto-scraper, 1973. Pict J M Maclou, Sinsheim Museum, Germany, 2005.



Tractor T 180A from www.forums.index.hu



MAZ-529, 4x2, 1956, rear dump built at Moguilev plant. http://русская-сила.рф/guide/army/tr/maz529.shtm



Mammoth, 4x4, from Arctictrans. Top and middle from 1996 and bottom in 2005. Capacity 2,5 t and 1,5 t in soft grounds, empty mass 5,5 t, 107 hp, 2 to 12 seats, speed 75 km/h, ground clearance 0,5 m, side slope 36°. Arctictrans is Scientific and Industrial Association for Ecologic Vehicles from Agricultural Ministry at Moscow. It gathers brands like Lopasnya (4x4, 6x4, 6x6) and Mammoth articulated 4x4. http://arctictrans.ru/vezde/mam-m




Mammoth articulated 4x4.   www.vezdehody.ru



Mammoth Arctictrans.                  



Highlander Harvester. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2006 06.



Highlander from Konrad Company, Austria, for forestry mountain work. This new concept from 2005 allows to works on steep slope thanks 4 actuators fitted legs. See Chapter : 'Self Leveling Vehicles'



Agrip JD 5000 Skidder. Agrip builds skidders and power line pullers since 1950 at Lignières, Cher, France. From mechanics works of 1930 to forestry tractors in the 70s, Maurice Duprat left his mark. In 1982, the company was sold to Cemet Society, subsidiary of Renault Agriculture. Cemet-Agrip was sold in 1986 to Rauma-Repola of Finland but in 1989, Jacques Personnat became head of Agrip and today, the company make maintenance and parts of 4000 machines of more 20 years, renovates, refurbishes, and manufactures new tractors on demand. J M M collection.



Cemet TH 4500 of the 80s, Powershift Transmission. Cemet, whose majority of tractors was equipped with Renault engines, was bought in early 80s by Renault Agriculture and later associated to Agrip. J M M collection.


Cemet SM 448

Cemet Skidder MF 220

Cemet Porteur SM 848

Cemet Lokomo


Latil T4T Skidder, Latil was created in 1878 when Georges Latil patented in 1897 a driven and steered front axle. After numerous alliances and names, Marcel Brimont acquired Société Latil Batignolles in 1974 but Brimont (with Latil) was bought by Bergerat-Monnoyeur (Caterpillar Importer) in 1987. J M M collection.

Latil T4T

Brimont Skidder TM325

Brimont Forwarder TH 325P



Volvo LantbruksLisa T873         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utFebd83kIA



Stora Maskinfilmen from youtube    httpwww.youtube.comwatchv



Timberjack skidder at skidding contest at Les Gets, France. http://www.lescognees.fr/photos-2009/



Buggy MOL 4x4. J M M Archives.





 MOL 6x6 and 4x4 Buggies         www.hardtrucks.lap.pl


 Moxy 4x4 posted to www.farmphoto.com


 Wheeled dozer of the 60s. Pict J M M at La Ferté Alais, 2008 06.


 CAT 988 Carry Loader, 1967, with 2 buckets for load-and-carry on long distances. With 13 cubic yards, it was marketed in 1970 but strain fatigue problems appeared and it was withdrawn from sale.  Pict from book of Eric C Orleman : ' Caterpillar Chronicle', MBI 2000.

Acco articulated tractor, from Italy. Acco built the biggest bulldozer and motor grader in the 70s. From the site www.farmphoto.com

Bird Wagon MK III Seismic Carrier of Bird-Johnson Co. Walpole, Massachussetts, in 1971. J M M Archives.

sisu-na-120-carrier-h.pdf Birdwagon MK III.pdf







Camox F175 Skidder. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Joux, 2006 06.




Camox skidder. Pict J M M at  Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.



Camox 4x4 Skidder from Pialleport SA, St Siméon de Bressieux, Isère, France. Pict J M Maclou, Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.


Variotrac 400. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.


Timberjack 660D.     www.tejasequipmentinc.com


Cat Ecolog 570 4x4. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.


Franklin skidder 4x4, Franklin, Virginia, USA. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.


HSM Crane Skidder from Germany. Pict J M M, Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.




HMS Skidder. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Jou, 2010 06.


Forwarder 4x4, upper, a Koering, 22 t, lower, a Bonnard Mark V Prehauler, 1955, first articulated 4x4 in East of North America.  http://www.fao.org/docrep/52298f/52298f0b.htm




Kockums maskiner skidder from youtube :  Skogsmaskiner_11


Kockums skidder from Youtube : Skogsmaskiner_11



Gemco articulated 4x4. J M M Archives.

gemco-4x4-articulated.pdf Gemco-4x4-articulated.pdf

gemco-gt.pdf Gemco-gt.pdf


Hutdins Track-Wheel on a skidder. Hutdins were at Mala, Sweden and at Brantford, Ontario. The Track Wheels are now manufactured by Eco-Wheels (and Eco-Tracks for tracks) Olofsfors, Nordmaling, Sweden : //www.eco-tracks.com/ECO-Tracks_?ptid=4748



Treemme MM350B Skidder. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Tigercat skidder. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Prentice gyro-crusher. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Noe NF 170 Skidder. Pict J M M at  Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.     http://www.noegmbh.de/


Noe NF 160 skidder. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.        http://www.noegmbh.de/


Lokomo Lokkeri 4x4 skidder, about 1968.  .http://www.pyynikinlinna.fi/museo/nayttelyt/erikois/lokomo.php#alku


Kockums fowarder KL 836, 1970. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Kershaw trimmer. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Jarraff Trimmer. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


HSM 904 S skidder. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.





Barko 937 gyro crusher. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.






Hutdins wheels vehicles. http://www.eco-tracks.com/ECO-Tracks_?ptid=4748


Jarraff 4x4 Tree Trimmer. Pict J M Maclou at St Bonnet de Joux, France, 2010 06.


Jaraff Tree Trimmer 4x4. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2010 06.






John Deere and Agco tractors. Pict from www.farmphoto.com.



Steiger Panther Twin ST650, 1977. Two Caterpillar engines put out 650 hp. It was an answer to 8x8 Big Roy of Versatile Corporation. In fact most farmers were satisfied with 300-400 hp 4WDs of the market and the Panther never went full production.


Claas Xerion 3800. Pict J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 2009 02.


Claas Axion 850. Claas tractors were Renault Tractors before 2003. The plant is always at Le Mans. Pict J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 2009 02.


Caterpillar Challenger tractor


Big Bud Tractor, 1977, built in Havre, Montana, is claimed to be the largest tractor in the world. After work in California, it returned to Montana in 1997, where it seems to always work. 760 hp, 8,23 m long,   http://www.williamsbigbud.com/




Roadless Mark III hydrostatic skidder, 1973, for Forestry Commission.  Pict from the book of Stuart Gibbard, 'Roadless', Farming Press, 1996.

Swamp Buggy of Crain Brothers Inc., 1929, made the first wheeled buggy around a Fordson tractor to travel on marshes of Southwest Louisiana where oil was discovered in early 30s. http://www.crainbrothers.com/%28S%28nnbwwknn2rqvlw55zljd4d45%29%29/default.aspx/MenuItemID/114/MenuGroup/Home.htm


Swamp buggy S11, amphibious, 4x4, from BGP, China. 175 kw, 40 km/h, payload 3 t on road, 1,8 t off road, Gross Weight 15 t., propulsion in water by its wheels. http://www.bgp.com.cn/09/Service/Equipment_S11.htm



Kochum KL 411.        http://www.volvoce.com/constructionequipment/corporate/en-gb/AboutUs/history/products/articulated%20haulers/Articulated%20haulers%




Northfield Engineering dumper, 1961. Payload 11 t. Pict from the book 'Muldenkipper' of Heinz-Herbert Cohrs, Verlag Podszun-Motorbücher Gmbh, 2003.


Muir Hill dumper, 1966, 96 hp, capacity 9 t. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin ‘Giant Dumptrucks’, Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd, London, 1984.


MAZ-529 proto, 1956, 4x2, series produced as MAZ-529V from 1958. With capacity of 10 t, it look likes LeTourneau Tournarocker of the same time. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'MAZ, usine automobile de Minsk et SKB MAZ’  N° 76  Tome VI'. 2008.


Rear-dump Model 20-4, proto, 1945. Pict from book of Eric C. Orleman : 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment, 1921-1953', Iconografix, Inc, 2008.


Tournahopper of Letourneau, Model E-55, 1948. Capacity 55-ton, 450 hp. It was claimed as to be the biggest tractor of its time. Pict from book of Eric C. Orleman : 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment, 1921-1953', Iconografix, Inc, 2008.


Tournahopper model E-55f LeTourneau, 1950.  55-ton Capacity. Pict from : 'The LeTourneau Archive', by Philip G. Gowenlock, edited by  Ltd, 1998, Paddington Publications Pty,



LeTourneau T4, 1942. It was found that this type of transport was not very easy to load. Below, the same T4 after the war at APG. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 65.



LeTourneau XM 437 E1 Logistical Cargo Truck. The term GOER (Goes Every Where), appeared in 1957 and in 1958, was awarded to this LeTourneau articulated 4x4 vehicle based on the model of 1938 Tournapull Model A of the same LeTourneau. Payload of 16 T, electric power steering, electric drive to rear wheels, low pressure tires and amphibious in inland waters. No suspension. Pict taken at Fort Eustis, from the book 'Wild Mook' edited in Japan about 1975.



Letourneau Tree Crusher G 175 built in Longwiew, Texas, by LeTourneau Inc. in 1960. It arrived at Mackenzie, B.C, in 1964 and was used for clearing the floodplain under what is now Lake Williston. It is shown here since 1984.


Letourneau G 80 Tree Crusher


Tree Crusher Letourneau G175 at Mackenzie, Canada.   http://www.samocho





LeTourneau Tree Crusher G 175 at Makenzie, BC. It was built at Longview, Texas, in 1960 by R G Letourneau and arrived at Makenzie in 1964. It was used for clearing what is now Lake Williston. http://strangernn.livejournal.com/552222.html



Tournacrane Model AC4 by LeTourneau Westinghouse, in the 60s, for airfield

recovery. Cummins engine, 335 hp, Mass : 45 t, crane : 45 t, speed 48 km/h, Picture above was taken in April 2003 at the Marshall Museum, Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. Two others were taken at Overloon in 2007 and 2009 by J M Maclou.

LeTourneau FL-1304-A Electric Fork Truck

LeTourneau Crash Crane



LeTourneau Tournatrailer in the 50s is in phase of emptying on the site of Donzère-Mondragon dam, built by CNR, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, France, between 1947 and 1952. It was a 2 wheeled drive, as much Letourneau. J M M Archives.

LeTourneau Tournatrailer


Tournacrane of LeTourneau Westinghouse Model AC 4, 50-ton, of the 60s. It had front power unit Tournapull Model C, 15-ton capacity crane and good maneuverability. It was all-terrain and electrically driven. This one was shot by J M M in April 2003 at the Marshall Museum of Zwindrecht, near Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The museum moved to Overloon in 2004, South of The Netherlands.


Same Tournacrane LeTourneau in April 2007 at Liberty Museum in Overloon, The Netherlands. Pict J M M.



Tournahauler of LeTourneau in the 50s, 20-ton flat bed. Electric Hoist of 5, 10 or 15 t was new at that time. J M M Archives.

LeTourneau Machines

LeTourneau-Westinhouse Model B Tounarocker

 LeTourneau Series LC-35 Coal Scraper


Bottom dump hauler, 16-ton capacity. Tournahopper of LeTourneau of the 50s. J M M archives.

LeTourneau Model T-600-A



LeTourneau Machines : crane forklift, always  produced, and the famous Pacemaker TR60 Trolley Dump of Anaconda Company, in Berkeley copper open pit mine at Butte, Montana in 1960. TR 60, was an electric trolley truck, 75 t payload, 670 hp Cummins engine. The trolley was used only up slope. It is now preserved (outside) at World Museum of Mining, Butte, Montana. Pict Francis Pierre, 1996, Butte, Montana.


LeTourneau  Diesel-electric L600 wheel dozer. Pict. Francis Pierre, 1998.

d-800-letro-dozer-marathon-letourneau.pdf D-800-letro-dozer-marathon-letourneau.pdf

letouneau-products.pdf Letouneau-products.pdf



Letourneau electric trolley TR 60 of the Anaconda Company in Berkeley copper open Pit mine, Butte, Montana. Pict Francis Pierre, 1996, at World Museum of Mining, Butte, Montana.


Letourneau TR 60 of Anaconda Company. Pict Francis Pierre, 1996, at World Museum of Mining, Butte, Montana.




Brimont BB9 Dumper, 1968, France. Unic engine and payload 15 t. It stayed at Centre Tecomah of Jouy-en-Josas and was given to a collector association. Picture from J M Maclou, Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté-Alais, 2012 06.


Brimont BB9 Dumper. Picture from J M Maclou, Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2012 06.



Articulated Dumper Brimont BB9 from late 70s was manufactured at Rethel, France. Payload 20 t, 11 m3. Other sites of Brimont and its subsidiary Latil was Reims, Bourg en Bresse and Rilly la Montagne where industrial and agricultural equipment were built. In 1987, Bergerat Monnoyeur (Importer of Caterpillar) took over Brimont which lasted until 1989. Then, Medelco, Bourg en Bresse, used the machines for general mechanics till, it seems, 2009. Picture from advertising in the review 'Chantiers Magazine', May 1970.


Dumper Brimont BB9. Picture from advertising in the review 'Chantiers Magazine', May 1970.


Sweco Tractor built by Robert Zigenmayer of Sweco Products, Suffer City, CA. He designed and manufactured this machine for Mexican farmers who wanted to reclaim swamp for rice production. In 1980 (picture), the machine was examined for possible use in California rice production. http://www.carrb.com/79rpt/StrawManage.htm



UET, Universal Engineer Tractor was produced by Hendrickson Manufacturing Company, Lyons, Illinois for the Army. It was intended to do the scraping, bulldozing and all earthmoving. The center section could be interchangeable as cargo carrier, scraper or fuel tanker. The two end sections could be attached without center section and used as bucket loader, grader, bulldozer or prime mover. 225 hp, 48 km/h, Mass 10,5 t , no suspension. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.



UET Universal Engineer Tractor, 1962, first tested by Barnes & Reineicke Inc, Chicago, It was a multi-task engineer vehicle for US Army. J M M collection.



Famece, Familly of Military Engineer Construction Equipment, of Clark Equipment, early 70s, is composed of modules (compactors, tank, scraper, grade, bucket loader, dozer, dumper, shown here) which were easier to change than UET. Steering by articulation and dolly wheels served to change configuration. 220 hp. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.



Michigan 675 loader of the 70s. Clark Equipment Co. was formed in 1916 in Illinois. Clark wheeled loader, was marketed first in 1954 under the Michigan brand name.  In 1985, VME Group (Volvo) bought Clark Michigan. Ingersoll Rand bought another part of Clark. Clark Material Handling Co., which exists today, was previously the Industrial Truck Division of Clark Equipment Co. http://pinepointrevisited.





Talus MB-4H articulated recovery vehicle for launching inflatable lifeboats. Built from 1990 by Clayton Engineering Ltd, Knigton, UK. http://www.clayton



Talus  MB-4H 4x4 articulated of Clayton, hydrostatic transmission 9,5 T. http://www.clayton



Talus MB-4H 4x4 articulated of Clayton Engineering LTD. http://www.clayton



Merlo MM350B. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Jou, 2010 06.


Ritter R185 Skidder.  Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Jou, 2010 06.


 Skidders contest at Les Gets.    www.photostp.free.fr


 Skidders. From above to lower : Tigercat, Timberjack 1993, J Deere 1990.       www.equipfind.com


 Tractors from www.farmphoto.com


Timberjack skidder. The first skidder of Timberjack dates from 1961. J M M Archives.

timberjack-skidder-4x4.pdf Timberjack-skidder-4x4.pdf


Valmet 901/935 harvester of Umea Mekaniska in the 80s. J M M archives.

valmet-logging-machines-80s.pdf Valmet-logging-machines-80s.pdf

valmet-870-cn-forwarder-80s.pdf Valmet-870-cn-forwarder-80s.pdf

Vandel dumper, Vandel, Mont de Marsan, France, subsidiary of Van de Velde group created in the 80s. Vandel markets today trash compactors.

vandel-tractors.pdf Vandel-tractors.pdf



Wagner tractor TR-9 was built in 1957 at Portland, Oregon, by Wagner under the name Tractormobil. They built the 50 first John Deere agricultural articulated tractors in 1958-59. Wagner Tractors was purchased by FWD in 1961 and changed hands several times. See Chapter : the Go-Devil of Wagner. J M M Archives.

FWD Wagner LG-220

FWD Wagner Tractor WA-4

FWD Wagner Tractor WI-17

FWD Wagner W-4

FWD Wagner WA Tractors

FWD Wagner WC-17 Compactor Dozer

FWD Wagner WI-14

FWD Wagner WI-30



Gafner Iron Mule forwarder of 1975 first built from 1957. Gafner, Michigan, was purchased by Valmet in early 80s.   www.forestryforum.com



Lauster LW1, LW2, LW3, LW5 (36 t, 235 hp), LW7/1 (2x2), LW7/2 (issued from LW/1 in 1944, converted in scraper, 24 T, payload of 14 t); Manufactured between 1942 and 1944, researches began in 1938. These big drums (2,4 to 3 m diameter) vehicles were used for leveling of landing fields and remove crashed planes. Pict from the book of Walter Spielberger ‘Die Rad –und volketten-zugmashinen des Deutschen Heeres’, 1871-1945, Part 10, Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 1989.


Lauster roller patent of FML. Inside were an electric motor, wheel gear and actuators to raise or lower the rollers. It was heavy and cumbersome.



Lauster FML (LT40) 4x4. The family Lauster (Erhard Lauster) recreated the Lauster Gmbh, Stuttgart, in the 60s and built the diesel electric (650 hp) propulsion articulated FML 4x4 with roller between the wheels. Each wheel had an electric engine of 620ch and lowering the rollers increased traction on soft soils. Lauster Company manufactured in 1975 a 8x8 of 1850 hp and 80 T test vehicle for Army. Nowadays, Lauster builds all kinds of measuring instruments and is involved in energy systems. This vehicle sits now in Sinsheim Museum, Germany. Pict from www.militaryphoto.com



Lauster FML drawing showing the rolling ability of this chassis to follow terrain thanks to its articulation in roll and yaw. Picture from the collection of Francis Pierre.



Foremost Delta 100 4x4 of early 80s. See Chapter 'Canadair, Nodwell and Foremost'. J M M Archives.

Foremost Wheeled 4x4, 6x6, 8x8

Flextrac Walter Trotter 4x4



Foremost Delta II 4x4, the second equipped for petroleum research, 175 hp engine.  They can move on very rough terrains except rocks. Pict Francis Pierre, Calgary, 2002.


Foremost Delta 100, 136 hp, and off-road Bus 6x6 to carry tourists over ice fields, Colombia, Canada. 250 hp and rigid chassis. Pict Francis Pierre, Calgary, 2002.



Rolligon in Alaska, 1970, is the only vehicle allowed to travel on tundra in summer. Pict from Anchorage Museum of History and Art., Library and Archives, getimage.exe.


Rolligon 4x4. Pict from an advertising film. J M M collection.



Rolligon 4x4 Standard Roughneck from the 80s. http://www.nov.com/Rolligon/

Rolligon 4x4



Rolligon 4x4 of NOV, National Oilwell Warco. Upper Model runs in Alaska and lower 4460 is equipped with electric hoist crane. http://www.nov.com/Rolligon/



Rolligon RA15 of National Oilwell Varco. http://www.nov.com/Rolligon/


Tryco Model 9077



Euclid Bottom Dump 4x2. Picture taken by H. Maclou at Donzère-Mondragon work dam, France, on April 4, 1952.



M-R-S Co, Flora, Florida, tractor in 1975, began to build large scrapers in 1945. In the 60s and 70s they marketed also 4x4 tractors. A unique feature of the M-R-S design was the hydraulic weight transfer system between the scraper and the tractor.



John Deere tank      www.samochodyswiata.pl 




Gottwald crane 4x2, with Caterpillar limber. Pict from 'Revue des Engins' of Aipethoac of Francis Pierre, Sept, 2006.






Bell 4206 with scraper.




Bell tractor built and used to haul scrapers.     http://www.titan-emd.com/Bell-4206D.html    http://www.bell

equipment.com/        http://www.ktecearth




Dystred with track-chains over pneumatic on CAT 988, 1971. See chap 'Changes around the track I'. Pict from review 'Equipement Mécanique, Carrières et Matériaux' December 1972.



Tractor, Wheeled, Industrial Caterpillar 830M, 24 Ton, 4x4, 357 hp, 58 km/h, from the 60s. Pict J M M at Liberty Museum, Overloon, 2009 03.


Caterpillar 830M Tractor, 4x4, 24-Ton, from the sixties. 357 hp, 58 km/h, Pict J M M at Liberty Museum, Overloon, The Netherland, 2007 04.


Goer of Caterpillar. Pict J M M at Liberty Museum, Overloon, The Netherlands on 2007 04.



Goer proto XM437E1, 16 Ton, 4x4, by LeTourneau.

Pict from the review 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 65.



Clark Michigan XM520 Logistical Cargo Truck : in the same time of a contract to LeTourneau for 15-ton proto XM 437 in 1958, another contract was awarded to Clark Equipment Co. for a 5-ton test vehicle the XM520 with mechanical drive.



The 8-ton Goer of Caterpillar prototype XM 520 E1 of 1960, 192 hp, was tested and much later proved successful in Germany and Vietnam and was mass produced (1400 copies) from 1972 to 1976 in Marinette. Pict from Revue ID, Feb 1972. J M M archives.

Goer XM 520

Goer 4x4 articulé



Clark-Michigan Equipment Company XM520 articulated prototype with mechanical drive in 1959, 5 t capacities. Lower, XM437 was from LeTourneau-Westinghouse of 15 t and below XM520 from Caterpillar, which will be built in series. Speed of 50 km/h (no suspension) was too low and large overall dimensions were not suited for roads.

It will be replaced in the 80s by HEMTT. http://shusharmor.!




XM520 Clark Michigan Logistical Cargo Truck, 1960. Picture from US Military Wheeled Vehicles of Fred Crismon, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.



Volvo 4x4 dumper, picture of Ludwig Katchynsky.