Titan TP30 8x8. www.offroadvehicle.ru/




Rolligon 8x8 of NOV in Cameroon. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon Brute 8x8 with backhoe. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon 8x8, 1978 used in Alaska, Canada and Texas and still in operation today. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon 10x10 of NOV, North of Houston. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon 10x10 of NOV in Ontario for pipeline supply and maintenance. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon 10x10 Titan.


Rolligon Catco in Alaska. See video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMnIqrkTQPU


Rolligon Catco in Alaska. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/CATCO/CATCO%20txt.html


Rolligon Model 8860 8x8. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx


Rolligon 8x8 8860 of NOV. http://www.nov.com/Well_Service_and_Completion/All_Terrain_Vehicles.aspx



Rolligon 14x14 Khan in early 80s. Tractor was 8x8 and semi-trailer 6x6. Length : 16 m. Identical power units and transmission were located in the tractor and trailer, linked by Rolligon Dual Acceleration/Shift System (DASS). Super wide Rolligons tires for wet season (0.35 kg/cm²) could be replaced by Goodyear/Firestone Terra Tires for dry season. J M M archives.

Rolligon 14x14 Khan

Rolligon 10x10

Rolligons 6x6 and more

Rolligons 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and more

Rolligon Vehicles 4x4, 6x6, 8x8

Rolligon vehicle from Bechtel Corp built by FMC of San Jose CA



Rolligon 10x10.       http://s56.beta.photobucket.com/user/CFDBASHER/library/ROLLAGON%20PHOTOS




Trom 8x8, 2009, from Tioumen, Sourgout, Russia. From : youtube : ТРОМ роликовый на гусеницах. Снегоболотоход


Trom 8x8 articulated      www.forum.lunohodov.net


Trom 8x8 articulated. This version is issued from rigid Trom 8x8. See Photo album' 8x8 rigid heavy'.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSkI1H5AgMY&feature=relmfu



Trom 8x8. http://trom8x8.ru/                            



Tundra 8x8, SBH-T       http://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=fr&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.skarn-spb.ru%2Fentry%2FTundra.aspx



Tundra 8x8, SBH-T seen on youtube


Amkodor Fowarder 2682-01. JSC Amkodor, Russia, gather 9 companies, which employ together about 5000 persons. They built construction, forestry, agriculture equipment,

snow plows, peat machines, special handling equipment.





KRAZ-6010, 16x16, 1984, capacity 18 t. Wheels of the trailer are mechanically powered. It became KRAZ-9485. http://denisovets.narod.ru/kraz/krazpages/kraz6010.html



Kraz-4P-3120 'Discovery', 8x8, 1982, articulated from Krementchoug plant, Ukraine, now JSC Holding 'AvtoKraz'. The articulation was designed by NAMI. Rotation angle between front and rear section was 40 °, longer of 1,7 m than Kraz-CR-3130, but turning radius 0,5 m lower. Rear section was interchangeable and payload 18 t. The price, much higher than Kraz-CR-3130, made cancel the program. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/KrAZ/KrAZ%20txt.html http://truck-auto.info/kraz/346-chr-3120.html http://truck-auto.info/kraz/page/2/


Kraz 259, 10x10, 1967. http://techstory.ru/avto/1kraz_opyt.htm






NAMI-0127, 8x8, 1968. J M M archives from Alain Dupouy.





Nami  0127                http://rusautolink.ru/Stroitel_gazovoj_truby_-___ANI-0127_389.html







NAMI 0127 articulated 8x8, 1968, experimental vehicle at Gorki Institute. Pict from Alain Dupouy collection. J M M archives from Alain Dupouy.


Toundra 8x8 of Skarn, Ltd, Saint-Petersburg and Sourgout, created in 2008. http://www.skarn-spb.ru/entry/Tundra.aspx


Union DTV 860 prototype, 8x8, 2006, 600 hp. From Germany. http://www.nedtrac.com/prototype2.htm


Sogedep SM25, 8x8. Pict J M Maclou at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2006 06.



Tigercat 6x6 skidder from YouTube : www.Tigercat_six-wheel_skidders



Valmet forest machine from  YouTube : www.Valmet_skogsmaskin


Gremo 8x8 at Elmia Wood 2009. They can see positive pitch control of pendulum suspension. of this harvester, http://www.




Silvatec 8x8. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2006 06.


HSM 8x8 Harvester from Germany. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.



Novotny LVS 520 forwarder, from Czech Republic. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Logset forwarder 8x8. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.



Ponsse 8x8. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2006 06.


Jarraff 8x8 Tree Trimmer.




Rolligon on the Gubik ice pad North Slope Borough, Alaska. Pict from 2008. http://www.alaska.



Rolligon in Alaska. From www.flickr.com



Rolligon from Crowley in Alaska


Rolligon 10x10 with trailer


Rolligon Truck seen on the site www.flickr.com



Moxy MT 260 10x10 from site www.samachodyswiata.pl



Truckapiller 32x32 articulated toy from the 80s. From Flex_and_Giant_32_



Truckapiller 32x32 articulated toy   http://www.seibertron.com/energonpub/old-80-s-truck-name-seen-in-the-movie-big-t78492s300.php



Articulated Bigfoot 10x10 for shows on French Riviera. From USA White, length 12.4 m, Hydrostatic transmission. Tires 1.6 m diameter.   http://www.motorshow



ZIL-137-137B, 10x10. ZIL became Open Joint Stock Moscow Company "Plant named after I. Lihachov" (AMO ZIL) in 1992. ZIL-137 was built from 1970 to 78 at 30 copies per month. Wheels of trailer were powered by hydraulic motors, rather complex. So, they were replaced by shafts as seen on picture. BAZ built these vehicles at Briansk under the name BAZ-6009. This vehicle has been used for army bakery, fire fighting vehicles (6300 l),

transport vehicle. Picture J M M in June 2011 at Lesany Museum, Czech Republic



Bechtel with Rolligons 10x10 in Arctic for transporting oil rig in the 70s, but always in service. www.pirate4x4.com



Twister 8x8. J M M archives.                             



Lockheed articulated testbed, 8x8, 1968. J M M archives from Lockheed.


Lockheed Twister 8x8, Drawing of P. Lhericel of review : 'Blindés, Armes et Moteurs', N° 51, 1971.



Twister of Lockheed, 1966, 8x8 completely articulated to enhance off-road capabilities, but space for payload is reduced. J M M archives from Lockheed.



Twister of Lockheed in 1967 was part of Advanced Vehicle Program. 8x8 articulated vehicle weighted 5 t. Independent suspension on all wheels allowed 100 km/h. Pict from review RID, Nov 1967.


Articulated 8x8 Lockheed Twister in 1966 included a yoke, which allows yaw, pitch and roll and extreme mobility. It had a suspension at front. At rear, the suspension was incorporated above the axle of walking beams. Built by Lockheed Missile and Space Co, Sunnyvale, CA, subsidiary of Lockheed Aviation which was diversifying.

Twister Testbed 8x8


Lockheed Twister climbing a wall off 0,90 m. J M M archives, from Lockheed.

twister-lockheed-8x8.pdf Twister-lockheed-8x8.pdf

twister-8x8.pdf Twister-8x8.pdf


Drawing of Lockheed Twister showing its capabilities in roll, pitch and yaw. Drawing of P. Lhericel of the review : 'Blindés, Armes et Moteurs', 1971.


Dragon Wagon of Lockheed Missiles & Space Co., Sunnyvale, California, from 1972 is seen here in 1975 after 3 years tests followed by a short production of 15 units. The 2 bodies were connected by an articulation in roll and yaw to move on difficult terrain, Road speed 90 km/h, Caterpillar engine of 225 hp located in front body. License was sold to Oshkosh in 1979. Pict from review 'Camions Magazine' Dec 1983.


Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, Sunnyvale, Dragon Wagon. One rare model, among others, is parked at Don Chew's place, in Colorado. Don Chew is the official historian of Marmon Herrington.

Pict J M M archives.



Oshkosh 8x8 Rosenbauer Viper for firefighting in 1988. http://offroadsz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1521&view=print



Oshkosh articulated 8x8 MK 48-14, 1980. Pict from the review Ground Defense International, 1980.

oshkosh-dragon-wagon-1981.pdf Oshkosh-dragon-wagon-1981.pdf



Oshkosh articulated 8x8 MK 48-14 was issued in 1980 from the Lockheed Dragon Wagon whose right had been sold to Oshkosh in 1979. Front wheels are Ackermann steering more

articulation in yaw, pitch and roll. 1433 Mk 48 LVS were ordered in 1985 for Marine Corps. Payload 12.5 t off-road, 22 t on road. Pict of review Ground Defense International, 1981.


Lockheed 8x8 articulated Dragon Wagon from the subsidiary Lockheed Ground Vehicle Systems and issued from the articulated 8x8 Twister XM 808 in1970-71. Engines 225 to 435 HP, speed 88 km/h. At the end of the 70's, Lockheed sold patent to Oshkosh which mass produced the Mk-48 and the rigid M 977 cargo truck HEMTT in 1982 of 10 T capacity.


Lockheed MK 48 articulated 8x8. http://www.military-today.com/trucks/oshkosh_mk48.htm



US20110114409 patent from Oshkosh found in Google Patent.


Welte W240 8x8 forwarder from Germany.    http://www.welte.de/gebrauchtmaschinen.html



Bruun F SK, 1997 by Hemek

from site of Bengts Import www.bengts.com/


Hemek 800 SK, 1997 from site of Bengts Import www.bengts.com/



Caterpillar 786 Coal Hauler, 1965, was in the 60s the world's largest mining experimental vehicle. 240-ton capacity with 2 operator's cabs at each ends. Pict from book of Eric C Orleman : 'Caterpillar Chronicle', MBI 2000.


CAT 786 tractor. Pict from book of Eric C Orleman : 'Caterpillar Chronicle', MBI 2000.


CAT 25-Ton Truck proto, 8x8, 1967. Articulated with dual wheels on all axles. 340 hp, rubber torsion spring suspension at front. Only one built no series production due to high coast.  Pict from book of Eric C Orleman : ' Caterpillar Chronicle', MBI 2000.



Caterpillar 8x8 articulated















Deutz T840B 8x8, 600 hp V8 Deutz 15.9 l, 40 km/h, 32 t, 18 gear power shift transmission, presented at Leipzig Agra in 2009. It is the competitor of 6x6 Trisix of Fendt unveiled in 2007 and even of the tracked Challenger. Pict J M Maclou, SIMA, Salon International du Machinisme Agricole, Villepinte, 2011 02.


Deutz-Fahr articulated 8x8 from 2009. engine Deutz TCD 2015 V8 600 hp, speed 40 km/h, Independent axles, 4 axles online mitigate soil compaction, turning radius 8,55 m, moving on road possible, payload 32 t. On left, the DTU-GmbH T 860 tractor born in 2005 on the base of Kirovets L & K and Stadtilm projects machines of 1992-2003 and supported by Land of Thuringe. Pict on left was posted to www.farmphoto by Walter Ruda and the 2 next are from J M M, SIMA, Villepinte, 2011 02.


Timberpro TF840 8x8 harvester. Timco was created in 1981 by Pat Crawford. This forest equipment company worked well on slopes. Crawford made a deal with Timberjack and in 2000, Partek (Valmet) bought Timco. Timberpro, Shawano, WI, Pat Crawford started in 2002, focused on wheeled forwarders and harvesters.




Timberpro TF 815 SW.


Timberpro Harvester 820D. Timberpro is now associated with Tanguay, Roberval, QC (Trans-Gesco and Quadco). www.photostp.free.fr




Timberpro Harvester 8x8. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2010 06.





Timberpro TF 830. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2010 06.





Boeing Aerospace ETU Tractor 8x8 of Small IBCM Hard Mobile Launcher tested from 1988 to 1991. Mass 108 t, 1200 hp Roll Royce Perkins diesel engine. It stays now at National Museum, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio. Pict from : www.commons.wikimedia.org



xM376 and XM377, 1957, built by Detroit Arsenal. Mass 64 t to transport 50 t, 2 560 hp Continental engines, 56 km/h. The complex design of this 16x16 double ended transporters aimed at to be maneuverable but in fact, it was not. Too heavy and too large, except in desert open spaces, it was sold to surplus in 1961.

Below : XM376-377, after 1961, when the project  was abandoned. Pict from 'Modern US Military Vehicles' by Fred W. Crismon, Cresline series, MBI 1998.



T8 Mack, 1945.

Pict from 'Modern US Military Vehicles' by Fred W. Crismon,  Cresline series, MBI 1998.



T8 Bulldog Mack, two 270 hp engines. 41 t payload, 86 total mass, Both front and rear modules were 4x4 units. Platform could be hydraulically lowered and rear module disconnected. Built in 1945.



Jeep and trailers with Terra-Tires of Good Year in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1961. F. Pierre archives.

Jeep and trailers with Terra-Tires



MDT-2,5 8x8 from JSC Vittyaz, Ishimbai, Bahkorstan. Payload 2,5 t, 180 hp, speed 45 km/h, no suspension and hydrostatic transmission, amphibious, it seems to be series produced and used for temperatures from -50° to +40°. http://www.bolotohod.ru/en/emain/



Multidrive, 8x8, 1988, semi-trailer, with 4x4 tractor TM4 (4x4), 425 hp and powered trailer. In 1992, the company changed hands.




Multidrive Flexframe first appeared in 2001 on a Stewart and Stevenson FLTV and a FMTV modified trailer. A positive pitch control allowed good cross country performance. 12x12 semi-trailers were also planned. An articulated 8x8 semi-trailer tanker (with MAN and Marshall vehicles) competed with Oshkosh MTVR in 2003 for British Army, won by MTVR.


Multidrive also built about 2003 a 400 hp M8-40 8x8 semi-trailer articulated construction vehicle with multidrive transmission, all independent long travel suspension and rear steering wheels. It could carry 40 T at 88 km/h in hard off-road conditions. Total mass 58 T. Equipped with MLE, Multi Load Ejector. Some were sold to South Africa but now, the Company sells agricultural 4x4 and 6x6 tractors and sprayers. J M M archives.


Multidrive also built about 2003 a 400 hp M8-40 8x8 semi-trailer articulated construction vehicle with multidrive transmission and all independent long travel suspension and rear steering wheels. It could carry 40 T at 88 km/h in hard off-road conditions. Total mass 58 T. Equipped with MLE, Multi Load Ejector. J M M archives.


Multidrive M8-40 8x8. Innovative steering and all-wheel drive system but not series produced. J M M archives.



Muromets articulated 8x8 Omsk Vehicle from Kamaz 65224, 18 t payload, 360 hp Cummings engine, automatic ZF Gearbox, sped 50 km/h www.//www.omskvezdehod.ru



Mekanista Hemek All-driv from Hede Co of Sweden in late 60s. 8 wheeled drive, rear wheels driven by rollers. Pict from the book ‘Tracks in the Forest’ of Ken Drushka and Hannu Konttinen, published by Timberjack Group Oy, 1997.



Side Dump Truck of Letourneau, 1955. Tractor and 2 trailers made it a 18x18 electric drive. Pict from book of Eric C. Orleman : 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment, 1953-1970', Iconografix, Inc, 2009.








LeTourneau VC-12 Tournatrain, 1953. Pict from Life Archives, 1954.






Tournatrain in Texas, April 1954. It was off-road but a muddy lateral slope could become a problem. Life Archives.



LeTourneau Train LCC1 in the salvage yard, at Fort Wrainwright in 1998. Pict by Jerry Park.



Logistical Cargo Carrier LCC1 used by US Army between 1956 and 1961 to construct the Dew Line. Payload : 45 t. It was stationed at Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks, AK and is today in open air near Fairbanks, in several pieces. Meanwhile, it was recently transferred to the White Horse Museum, Yukon, always in open air. See Chap 'Letourneau Trains'.

Pict from site : www.forum.aceboard.net


LCC-1 LeTourneau Train. Pict from 'Classic Plant and Machinery', Dec 2009.

Letourneau Model VC-22 Sno-Freighter



Letourneau LCC-1 Sno-Train is now preserved at Whitehorse Yukon Transportation Museum since May 2012. Nevertheless, it stands outdoor. See chap 'Letourneau Land Trains'.     



Modèle TC-497 Overland Train MkII exposed at Yuma Proving Ground, AZ. Pict from J M M collection, from YPG.



LeTourneau Overland Train Mk II. Famous Letourneau Land Trains are the biggest land vehicles ever built. See Chapter : LeTourneau Land Trains. Life Archives.

LeTourneau Overland Train Mk II

Cruise Land Ship



LeTourneau Overland Train Mk II Model TC-497 from 1962. Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, kept the lead car after trials of the behemoth and restored it in 1999. Trailers were cut up in 1971. Pict from the review 'Wheels and Tracks' around 1999. 


LeTourneau Overland Train is showed to the public which can see also the inside : we can see the driver space, the kitchen, the bedroom, refectory, engine compartment. See chapter : Letourneau Land Trains.

Pict from the review 'Wheels and Tracks' around 1999.



Rimpull FT 24 are built or rebuilt at Olathe, Kansas. Equipped with Rolligons, they are employed in Alaska for not destroying vegetation. See Chapter 'Rolligons'. Pict from http://www.rimpull.com/flowton.html

History of wheels for off-road transport