Swamp Traxx ST 24, 2010. This auxiliary powered tracked vehicle is designed to travel in mud or snow. Hydrostatic pumps are driven by the rear wheels of the supported vehicle and it can be towed on roads like a trailer. At Unnisfail, Canada.



Track Buggy seen on Youtube in 2009.



Rubber tracked vehicle. Prowler Over The Tire Tracks On Discovery Channel's Ultimate. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvzGfM_0J_M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX6OABAP-J0


Rubber tracked vehicle.


Rubber tracked vehicle.



Kaiser tracked Vehicles built in Lichtenstein. Nowadays, Kaiser manufactures walking excavators and waste treatment machines.




Kaiser Tracked dumper.            



KMC Kootrac vehicles. Kootenay Tractor, Crescent Valley, BC, acquired in 1988 the rights to manufacture FMC (Food Machinery Corporation) High Speed Steel Track (HSST). These tracks were part of the US Army M113 Personnel Carrier. The KMC vehicle is able to work on steep slopes and wet boggy conditions thanks to its torsion bars suspended tracks but it is said to be very heavy. They are used in forestry, firefighting, mining, sprayers.



FMC Fire Fighter Soft Track.     http://softtrackattack.com/



Ohara tracked vehicles. Created in 1907, Ohara, Niigata, Japan, began to build tracked vehicles in 1952 for electric lines and else. Since 1972 until now, they built snow groomers and Arctic Expedition Vehicles after many partnerships, particularly Ratrac, LMC and recently Aztec SAS to product snow groomers in France.



Tractor, Model 2D, Caisson, Mk VII, 1918, built by Holt Tractor Company. 9 T capacity but the simple trailer of 5 ton was apparently non driven and  the set was not an articulated vehicle. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Straddle Carrier ATSC, 1985, for carrying containers. The upper framework could be lowered for transport. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Militor with Chase tracks, 1919. 150 built by Sinclair Motor Corporation and Militor Corp. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


M 116 Husky, 1957, of Pacific Car and Foundry, one of 4 prototypes of T116 amphibian vehicles.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


LGP D8 Caterpillar in the mid-50s for use in polar icecap. 205 hp, 8 km/h. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


LeTourneau, Military, D W Nelly, Peoria, October 1957. The tracks were guided by a paired rubber tires and it was probably the only tracked vehicle built by LeTourneau. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Holt Tractor M1917. This kind of suspension allowed keeping tension of the tracks. From Holt Manufacturing Company, Stockton, CA. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Higgins Amphibious Transporter prototype, 1955, which had tracks under the belly and hydraulically retractable wheels. It could move only at 4,45 km/h on tracks and 14,5 on wheels.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Christie amphibious vehicle, 1923, which could run on wheels or tracks. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.



HUSKY T116 Amphibious Carrier, 1957, of Pacific Car and Foundry, later product series as M116 by Blaw-Knox Company Construction Equipment Division of Mattoon, Illinois.  160 hp, 35 km/h, 6 km/h on water, 4672 kg. From www.jedsite.com


Log Forwarder Enviro Max LLC      http://www.enviromax




Track Industries from Calgary, rebuild Foremost vehicles.    http://www.trackindustries




All-Track AT-80.   http://www.all-track.ca/trackvehicles/html/AT-80.htm  


Nodwell, 1969 on North Slope, Alaska pulling seismic equipment, Pict from Library of University of Fairbanks.   www.vilda.alaska.edu   www.getimage.exe



Nodwell Terraflex TF 240 sold by Bombardier, 1984.

terra-flex-bombardier-from-www-safetyoneinc-com.pdf Terra-flex-bombardier-from-www-safetyoneinc-com.pdf





Camoplast GT 3000, 2006.


TF-20 Terraflex marketed in the 80s  by Bombardier, manufactured by Foremost-Nodwell, Calgary, Alberta. F Pierre archives.



Foremost Nodwell 110. See Chapter 'Nodwell, Canadair, Foremost'. J M M archives.

Flextrac Nodwell, 1969

Flextrac Nodwell

Flextrac Trailers

Flextrac, 1970

Foremost 2 and 4 tracks



GAZ 71 PG experiments with rubber tracks at ONIL VM (Gorki Institute) in the 70s. http://strangernn.




Karl Gustav SK, manufactured by Haapasaari Vigert and Erling, Karungi, Sweden in 1987, Mass 8,5 t. http://www.bengts.com/machinekarlgustav.html



Amphibious vehicle Type GST of Krupp-Mak, Germany. Payload 5 T, total mass 9 T, speed 22 km/h, 220 kW engine.

 Pict from the book of Karl Anweiler 'Prototypen und Sonderfahrzeuge der Bundeswher seit 1956', Motorbuch Verlag, 2004.






Roebling Tractor, 1934-35. Donald Roebling built the first amphibian of duralumin. After many prototypes, Roebling Alligators began production in 1941 mainly by Food Machinery Corp, Dudenin plant and re-named LVT, Landing Vehicle Craft, Amtracs and Water Buffalo. Picture from 'US Military Tracked Vehicles' of Fred Crismon.



Roebling Alligator, 1936, undergoing tests in Florida. This tracked vehicle was at the origin of LVT of WWII. A prototype is exhibited at Quantico Museum, Virginia.



Komatsu excavator with rubber tracks. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2009 04.


Hyundai excavator. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2009 04.


Caterpillar 314D Excavator, 10 t capacity, mass 14,4 t, 91 hp. Tracks are covered with thick rubber. Pict J M M, Intermat, Villepinte, 2009 04.



Caterpillar D6 with new tracks.        http://cascadeutilities.com/equipment.cfm





Vityaz (Knight) B1 ZIL prototype built in 1967-70 by Gazstroymashina Design and KB ZIL at Experimental Plant of Moscow. Ground Pressure only 0,13 kg/cm², Speed 27 km/h, not amphibious. http://inetauto.ru/retro/22802-v-1-vityaz-takoe-ne-vstretish-7-foto.html



Belarus 1502 tracked tractor from JSC Plant Engineering Mozyr, Gomel, Belarus. http://www.mozyrmash.by/about/common/



 Tracked tractor on www.rcforum.ru


 Tractors from Techstory.ru : AT-75B tractors (2 upper) from Volgograd Tractor Plant, 1973 with harvester peat machine ITF-41 in the middle from plant of Ryaztorfmach (Ryazan). Below :  DT75MTF41. From site http://www.techstory.ru/fotoses/finn_turvemuseo.htm


 Tracked tractors of Russia from www.farmphoto.com


Universalmash, Mobile Power AEP-101. http://www.stroyteh.ru/wiki/УНИВЕРСАЛМАШ/ http://51931.ru.all.biz/en/goods_welding-machines_904213


Universal tracked manipulator from JSC Kurgan Plant.   www.kurganmash-zavod.ru


 Iset-1 tracked transport for civilian use, 2006, from Yekaterinburg Plant, Russia. Length 5885 mm, payload 800 kg on water, 1400 kg on land, speed 50 km/h, 10 on water, ground pressure 0,45 kg/cm², 240 hp,    http://www.144btrz.ru/us/podrazdel_5/



Universal tracked chassis, from JSC Kurgan Plant.    www.kurganmash-zavod.ru


TTM-6901GR of JSC Transport. http://www.nzttm.ru/?id=361


TTM-6901 of JSC Transport Universal tracked manipulator from Kurgan Plant.   www.kurganmash-zavod.ru


TTM-6901 GR of JSC Transport, Nizhny Novgorod. This vehicle can be equipped with excavators, crane, and pumps. Empty mass 16 t, capacity 8,5 t, 300 hp, speed 18 km/h, on water 5 km/h.


TTM-4901 RV of JSC Transport. http://www.nzttm.ru/eng-company.htm









Tracks of TTM 3902. Wideners are in rubber.  http://www.nzttm.ru/eng-company.htm    


TM-120 of JSC Kurgan, Kurgan. This plant was founded in 1950 to build heavy cranes and military vehicles. http://www.skbm.ru/rus/works/civil/tm/


TM-120 of JSC Kurgan


Slark-1 amphibious homemade vehicle, about 2009, speed 45 km/h, on water 8 km/h, from Russia. Seen on the site : http://strannik.flyboard.ru/topic483-15.html http://krpb.ru/viewtopic.php?t=888


MT-LBU tracked vehicle with auger, mass 13 t, power 240 hp.


AT-C 712, built from 1952 to 1962 at Chelyabinsk then Kurgan Plants. Empty Mass 12t, payload 3 t, ground clearance 400 mm, ground pressure 0,557 kg/mm², speed 35,5 km/h, autonomy on road 305 km, on terrain with trailer 201 km. Slope 35°.





Volvo BM SM 661 from 1966 helped to mechanization of forest industries in Sweden and Scandinavia. Pict from 2008 on Picasaweb by Esko Peranto. https://plus.google.com/photos/118035189206079278417/albums/526858152848486



Volvo SM 660.        https://plus.google.com/photos/118035189206079278417/albums/5268581528484868






PTS amphibious vehicle used for rescue during floods. The first appeared in Russian Army at fall of 1965.   http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/13003




PTS-10 Amphibian from Museum of Lesany, Slovakia. Pict from Gabčo Martin, 2010, http://forum.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/13003




Tracked vehicle seen on www.farmphoto.com



Gefrat tracked vehicle made in Berlin around 1930. Unusually, the tracks could curve laterally to steer the vehicle, so the manufacturer claimed the wear of tracks on the ground was minimum. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin : 'The Illustrated History of Off-Road Vehicles' Haynes Publishing, 1987.




Ford 6410 tractor with Difco tracks of Ballintubber Enterprises, Ireland, for swamps and peat. Pict. from book 'Ford Tractor conversions' by Stuart Gibbard, Press Book, 1995.



Ford 7840     http://forum.grostracteurs






Liebherr Litronic PR 732 BM. See Chap 'Changes around the Track II'. From     http://haddick-gewaesserbau.de/htmls/einsatzbericht.html



Difco LGP Utility Excavator of Ballintubber Enterprises Ltd, Roscommon, Ireland used in forestry, peat and transportation since the 80s. 180 hp, mass 10 T empty. J M M archives.

Difco LGP Utility ExcavatorPDF : Difco LGP Utility Excavator (465.39 Ko)

Difco Bog Master

Difco Full Tracks




Hitachi CG110D         http://www.rossplanthire.co.uk/tracked-dumpers.asp



LGP excavators of Moorlands Specialist Excavations Ltd Staffordshire, Ireland and Difco Bogmiser by Ballintubber. http://www.thmcf.org/images/gallery/TR08excluded/slides/CNV00049.html                http://www.difco

equipment.com/index.html : it seems Difco, Tyrone, Northern Ireland,  no more manufactures Bogmiser.


Difco Powertrack Pushes JCB Fastrac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxE68M4VukQ



Bogmaster by Bigtrack Ltd, 1992, for peat extraction from : Thorne and Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum, Ireland. Roworth images in the site :   http://www.thmcf.org/moorsig.htm



Tracked vehicle for peat.       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gaqc2x8Jdk


Suokko for peat extraction from : Thorne and Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum, Ireland. Roworth images in the site :       http://www.thmcf.org/moorsig.htm





Mastenbroek PLD-35 tracked dumper in peat of Moors Country, Ireland. Pict from Roworth images, 2000.     http://www.thmcf.org/images/gallery/TR08included/index.html


 Ford 7910 with tracks, 1997-98 in peat of Moors country, Ireland. Pictures Roworth images.     http://www.thmcf.org/images/gallery/TR08included/index.html


 Excavators CAT 312 LGP and Hymac 141B in peat of Moors Country, Ireland. Pict from Roworth images, 1999 and 1990.   http://www.thmcf.org/images/gallery/TR08included/index.html



Big Track Constructor of Big Track Construction Equipment LTD, Dungannon, Ireland. It was a multi-purpose workhorse on tracks. The machine also had self-loading capacity as all machines were fitted with 360° Excavator Loader. It probably dates from the 80s and it seems this Company doesn't exists anymore. See Chapter : 'Changes Around the Tracks II. J M M archives.

Big Track Constructor, Bog Master


Water Buffalo Cuthbertson of James A. Cuthbertson Ltd, Biggar, Scotland, from 1951. A unique track system enabled it to negotiate very soft soils like peat bogs. Seen here with amphibious equipment. Pict F. Pierre archives.

Cuthbertson crawler

Water Buffalo Cuthbertson

Water Buffalo Cuthbertson


Water Buffalo Cuthbertson fitted with amphibious equipment. The upper trailer is 28-ton and the other 10-ton. F. Pierre archives.


Cuthberson Crawler, cut. The elaborated road wheels suspension allows distributing load on all the surface of the tracks. F. Pierre archives.



Cultbertson Water Buffalo tractor of the 50s in Scotland for working in peatlands and restored by John Flett about 2010. http://www.forestry-memories.org.uk/picture/number1053.asp


Cuthbertson Tracked Trailers built in 1960. F. Pierre archives.


Albion-Cuthbertson Water Buffalo built near Glasgow in 1959. This amphibious tractor could float thanks to surrounding fairing and was intended to move in the peat bogs of Scotland with a ten tons trailer. F Pierre archives.



Amphibious Piker Bagnis of Bagnis Company, Cannes, in 1987, served to collect algae on beaches by sucking up through the 2 propeller screws. 2 tracks provided travel on the ground. Is this piker really off-road ? Yes in sand ! J M M archives.


A steering system by curbed tracks was designed by L. F. Little as a private venture from 1936 by Vickers Armstrong Ltd, now Vickers Defense Systems, Elswick Works, on the Tetrarch vehicle, which ran first in December 1937. The track itself was made more flexible than usual to be curved. About 200 were built during the war and the steering system was revealed in 1946. Pict from 'Wheels & Tracks N° 16', 1986.

Alecto fitted with curved tracks


The curved track of Tetrach/Alecto performed well but skid steering was always available for sharp turns.

Pict from Wheels & Tracks N° 16, 1986.


Tetrarch and Alecto steering curb tracks system. It is the only steering track type vehicle, with later in the 80s the snowmobile Finncat, to be series produced.

Pict from Wheels & Tracks N° 16, 1986.



Tetrarch Mk VII of Vickers, 1938, from GB, 45 km/h off-road and 60 km/h on road. Tetrach was driven like a car, tracks could be curved in turns. Pict from review : 'Armes et Militaria', Feb 2000.



Caterpillar Schneider CD built by Somua, St Ouen, subsidiary of Schneider Creuzot-Loire, constructed about 300 copies between 1917 and 1922. 60 hp engine, empty mass 10 t, payload 3 t. Pict from Collection François Vauvillers in the review 'G B et Matériels' N° 86, Jan-Feb-Mar 2009.


Caterpillar Schneider CD with trailer at Somua plant, St Ouen, Idf, about 1918. Trailer remained at prototype stage.

Pict François Vauvillers Collection in the review 'G B et Matériels' N° 86, Jan-Feb-Mar 2009.



Go-Tract GT 200 in the 60s, See chapter : 'J. A. Bombardier : snow travel'. F Pierre archives.

Go-Tract Equipment News


Go-Tract Equipment News 3

Go-Tract forest fighting vehicles

Go-Tract GT 550 Logger


Aris ARK, 2006, amphibious vehicle issued from M548 military vehicle. Mass 7600 kg, capacity 5200 kg, speed 60 km/h. Fully rubber tracks. Aris S.p.a., Lombardore. Italia. http://www.aris-spa.it/R&D_ARK_ingl.html



Morooka at work.

morooka-dumper.pdf Morooka-dumper.pdf



Morooka PDS 75 S. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2009 04.



Morooka MST 2200T



Morooka MST-3300. Morooka, since 1958, is located at Ruygasaki, Japan and its tracked dumpers are used worldwide. It seems the same dumpers are also manufactured or sold by other brands like Hitachi or Komatsu.

Morooka Carriers



Ratrac SBW of Swiss was a Thiokol Hydromaster in the 70s.




Ratrac SW



Paurat Shearer and Wagner loader. This awesome mining vehicle is not 'off-road' but unusual.  Pict of J M Maclou at Rodolphe Pit, Pulversheim, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08


Jeffrey 120HR shearer 1973 and Joy loader. This awesome mining vehicle is not 'off-road' but unusual.  Pict of J M Maclou at Rodolphe Pit, Pulversheim, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08



Megetron of series Transformer from China, not functional   http://mobbit.info/item/2011/2/28/kitaec-sozdal-tochnyu-kopiu-megatron-tank-iz-transformerov-12-foto



Welding station on AEP-101 chassis from    http://www.universal



XT3-10HK Transporter, can transport 8 men in extreme conditions (-40° to + 50° C), 300 hp, 60 km/h, 23 km in water or deep snow. Empty mass 11 t.    http://www.forum-auto.com/les-clubs/discussions-salon/sujet1058-2170.htm


Russian Tracked vehicles from Wikipedia. From U to B and L to R : MGT 529, 521M1 from Rubtsovsk Machine Building Plant, founded in 1959, MGTT-T1, MTT.    http://www.rmz.ru/prod/?Lang=en&pm=4 and  http://rmz.siberia.com/


GT-T Transporter in the 50s, empty mass 10 t, 180 hp, Speed 60 km/h, 6 km/h in water, range 600 km.


 GT-T Transporter                       http://www.spectehnika.biz/bigphoto/?msg=3084&




Chetra V30 (TM120), produced by JSC Kurgan.  Capacity on water 3000kg, length 7,470 m, 250 hp,  http://www.kmz.ru/






Chetra TM-140.                        http://www.chetra-im.com/company/photo/54/



 Cheboksars tractor posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda




 BAT-M Bulldozer without its blade, issued from artillery tractor AT-T. 415 hp, consumption 46 l/h, 27,5 t, winch 20 t. Pict from www.farmphoto.com and :     




BTM-4M Trencher, designed for digging and backfilling trenches, ditches, clearing and planning difficult areas and permafrost.      http://www.universal



mdk-3-trencher.pdf Mdk-3-trencher.pdf


ATS tracked vehicle


Komintern Artillery Tractor, from KhPZ Manufacturer. 50 produced from 1930 and 2000 from 1935 to 1941. 131 hp, Pict from Wikipedia.


TM-75, 1954-55, TM-76, 1962 from kmz.ru


 T1000MB Swamp Tractor from Chelyabinsk plant.    http://www.techstory.ru/fotoses/expo77_84.htm


 MT-LB and MT-LB-U, for civilian use in Ukraine. http://rcforum.ru/showthread.php?t=1397&page=2


 Motex SBBT4-P tractor. Motex.ru




Forestry tractor from Onega Plant. Pict of forest tractors of JSC "Velikiy RMZ", since 1948, Grande-Oustioug, Vologda region, public Company for mechanic repairing forest vehicles. From L to R and U to B : LT-33, TDT-55A-05, Chassis CT-4 with LP-185-14 crane, TLT-100 skidder.     http://vurmz.vologda.ru/


 TDT-55 for crawler forestry, picture from site www.jed.simonodes.org.



TDT55A OTZ forestry tractor from Onega plant.   http://atst.ru/tdt55a.htm





TDT-40 Forest Tractor, built at Onega plant since 1956. TDT-55 replaced it in 1966, then in 1969 LHT-55. From www.techstory.ru




 Forest vehicle of Onega Plant from mid 60s or early 70s.    http://rcforum.su/showthread.php?t=1397&page=7



X Track Perard Transbordeur Interbenne 25 m3.  Perard, Verdun, Tracks are not driven. Pict J M M , SIMA, Villepinte, 2011 02.


Talus MB-H       http://www.claytonengine






Talus MB-H vehicle for recovery lifeboats up to 15 t from beaches. 12 km/h, 30 were built by Clayton Engineering Ltd, Knighton, UK.



 Kaskoo-X04 of All Technologie Inc, Chicoutini, Québec, Canada. Pneumatic suspension, amphibious, Government of Canada subsidized in 2010 the Company to create a modern tracked vehicle with Innovation Program.


 Drains Laying Vehicle exhibited at auction of Moerdjick on March 2003, The Netherlands. Pict J M M.



 Crawler Crusher. From the excellent site   http://www.practicalma









Crawler Crusher, Swamp Clearing Machine, Gregg, 1969. See chap ' Change around the track I'.


Caterpillar CD4 based and Continental CD6B straddle tractors were built for working in wine yards. Continental CD6B of Richard Frères, Villeurbanne, France was built from 1959 to 1966 this later being replaced by CD6D. Pict J M M at Rétromachine, Cordelle, 2009 08.


 The AOL 'Old Twin' as delivered by Lombard, 1922 and rebuilt as 'New Twin' in 1927. The track was flexible.     http://www.practical




Crusher Crawler            http://www.heavyequipment



Amphibious tractor TPG-1. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy : 'Tracteurs et Engins Chenillés Soviétiques', Tome 1, 1986.

Endeavor Trax Truck from about 2003, 600 hp Caterpillar engine, rubber tracks. It was used for agriculture, hauling a scraper or as pipeline support. The operator did not leave the enclosed cab and 30 passengers cabin could be fitted for recreational activities. http://www.endeavorbrand.com/endeavor.htm

Finnish excavator. Pict. from www.farmphoto.com site.

Hard Mobile Launcher Test Vehicle, 1987, built by Martin Marietta. This is the first unit with rubber belted, tread drive system designed by Caterpillar Tractor Company. The 14x14 wheeled version was built by Boeing, Goodyear and Paccar Defense Systems.

Lanz, full tracked tractor, during WWI. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen : ‘The Observers Army Vehicles Directory from to 1940’, Warne, 1974.

Thiokol 601. See chap : 'Thiokol'.

Track Kit Go-Storm from www.forumsforums.com

Track Marshall TM 200 of Gainsborough Limited, Lincolnshire, GB. Rubber tracked tractor for agriculture in the 80s. J M M archives.

track-marshall-h.pdf Track-marshall-h.pdf


Tracked tractors seen on YouTube : Insolate Tractors

Tracked Truck in the mid-90s using tracks of Chaffee. Pict from the book : ‘Camions en couleur’ of Jean-Gabriel Jeudy, ETAI, 1996.

Type 78 Snow Car, from 1978, 6 t, 175 hp, 45 km/h, 12 passengers. Built by Ohara, Japan. File source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Type78_Snow_car.JPG.

Tractor for solf terrains. Picture from book of Alain Dupouy : 'Tracteurs et Engins Chenillés Soviétiques, Tome 1, 1986.

Tracks at Intermat, 2006. Pict. J M M, Villepinte, 2006 04.



Neptune Amphibious, 1945-46, 4 ton, MCC/Nuffield Neptune of Morris, Metro Camell and co-producers. From the review 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 34, about 1989.


Argosi 2, 1947. From the review :  'Wheels and tracks' N° 33, 1990.


NLVT(X) or NACT(X), 1952-54, built by Vickers Armstrong, GB. This was probably the biggest amphibious to be built and it was thought it could be a prime target. There were no series construction.    http://www.jedsite.info/fulltrack-november/november/nlvtx_series/nlvtx-series.html



Amphibious tracked vehicle from Russia.


BAT for Engineers    www.forum.index.hu http://www.jedsite.info/engineer-bravo/bravo/bat_series/bat-series.html



GSPZ Amphibian from Hungary       www.forum.index.hu



PTS-M amphibian, 350 hp, 10 t capacity in water. Pict : 'Military Machines International', Nov 2002.


PTSZ Csepel amphibian      www.forum.index.hu


PTS Amphibious vehicle 10 t payload on water, 24 on land, length 11,52 m, empty mass 17700 kg,  was introduced in 1965, using the ATS-59 chassis. Speed 40 km/h. PTS-M date from 1969 and PTS-2, bigger, from 1985.


PTS Amphibian   www.z287.narod.ru




MT-T of  Morosov from  www.upload.wikipedia.org



MTT as a dumper http://photostp.free.fr/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10645


MT-T Tractor  1979-1992, 710 hp, empty mass 25 t, capacity 12 t, speed 65 km/h, range 500 km.                     http://www.forum-auto.com/les-clubs/discussions-salon/sujet1058-2170.htm

PTS-M Amphibian

PTS Amphibian

Morosov UPG-92 fire-fighting vehicle. MT-T were manufactured between 1979 and 1992. Mass 25 t, capacity 12 t, trailer 25 t, length 8,711 m, they could transport 23 people, 710 hp, speed 65 km/h. Pict. is from Karliv Morozov machine-building design Bureau, Karliv, Ukrainia.

Morosov Prime Mover MT-T, Manufactured between 1979 and 1992. Mass 25 t, capacity 12 t, trailer 25 t, length 8,711 m, they could transport 23 people, 710 hp, speed 65 km/h. Pict is from Karliv Morozov machine-building design Bureau, Karliv, Ukrainia.

Karkov Tracked Cargo, 1959, 520 to 1000 hp, speed 50 km/h, length 8,5 m, mass 35 t, trailer 70 t. This big rig allowed to a crew of 6 to live in Arctic Regions. Called also Kharkovchanka.

Pict from : 'Jet Magazine', Jan 1962.

Kharkovchanka-2, 1975, for a better comfort.

Koehring Dumptor, 1928, displayed in 2004 at Florida Flywheeler Park. In running condition, it belongs to Lew Donaldson and has 2 engines 10-20 I Mc Cormick Deering, one per track. Steering is by differential speed between engines. Manufactured at Milwaukee, its mass was 9 t and it could haul 4,5 m3. It was found in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and was used for building road in sandy areas. It is the only one of its kind. http://www.farmcollector.com/multimedia/image-gallery.aspx?id=25802&seq=5 http://dsmdonaldson.tripod.com/id57.htm

Koehring Dumptor, 1928. http://dsmdonaldson.tripod.com/id57.htm

Predator LT 400 Tractor/Dumper. http://www.farmphoto.com/thread.aspx?mid=283087#283087

Omnitrac Tracks. http://www.omnitrac.com/

Marshmaster Amphibian of Coast Machinery LLC, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1971, John B. Coast, mechanical engineer, built his first amphibious prototype and the first commercial Marshmaster was delivered to an oilfield company in 1981. The suspension of road wheels under flotation pontoons are both wrapped by tracks. This is the main feature of these vehicles apart from being amphibious. http://www.marshmaster.com

Kubota excavator on amphibious carrier. http://www.impact-enterprises.com/0519.htm

Jaraff trimmer tracked model. http://www.jarraff.com/

Jaraff trimmer tracked model. http://www.jarraff.com/



Forestry tractor. It is probably used to straighten trees.     http://forums.dhsdiecast.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1138554


Schneefräse Peter snowplow of the brand Konrad Peter, built in Switzerland in 1943 at St Blasien, with 2 Ford V8 engines. Mass 12.5 t. It worked at Geiranger, Norway between 1951 and 1968. Francis Pierre information.    http://www.panoramio.com/photo/68271912


TV 1000, tracked, 1966. Wheels of the TV 1000 were replaced by Bonmartini tracks. Bovington Tank Museum. http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/2011/06/a-brief-history-of-fres/


TV1000 Rhino with Bonmartini tracks - Count Giovanni Bonmartini Chertsey - 1966.




Imgoldby Transporter, 1930, Great Britain. Tracks had no articulations.   http://strangernn.



Husky 4 of Foremost http://www.foremost.ca/index_innovation.php


Foremost tracked vehicle 583.     http://www.transport



Demag R609, 1949, Düsseldorf, Germany, 85 hp. Driver stands forward for better control.                            http://www.demag-bagger.de/r609/d-r-009.jpg


Caterpillar 517 forestry tractor, 2007. Pict Francis Pierre in : 'Revue des Engins' from AIPETOHAC, 2008 12.





Belt Track Test Bed, BTTB, CAT prototype, 1980. Pict from book of Eric C Orleman : 'Caterpillar Chronicle', MBI 2000.


Cahwi Crucher. Pict J M M at  Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.



Arctic Tank, 1936.          http://www.polarpost.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1839


Big Float amphibious excavator of REMU, Finland. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2012 04.


Waterking WK250 amphibious excavator, The Netherlands. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2012 04.


Waterking WK85 amphibious excavator. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2012 04.



Amphibian vehicle from : http://www.impact-enterprises.com/0519.htm



Waterking of Knoop Machinary B V, Tynaarlo, The Netherlands. This is a dredging company since 1990 which began to develop under his own management in recent years the amphibious digger the 'Waterking', in different sizes. The biggest, UK 250 weight 18 t, its length is 9,5 m. J M M archives.

Waterking Amphibious Vehicle

And Kori :


Kori Amphibian



Quality Cargo Amphibious from Quality Industries, Louisiana, now Wilco. Pict from site www.amphibiousvehicle.net.



Wilco Marsh Buggy built at Harvey, Louisiana, in the 2000. Quality Marsh, Lafayette, LA, brand of amphibious equipment and parts, are exclusively sold by Wilco Marh Buggies and Wilco manufacturing.

Quality Marsh Industries Amphibians


MPI Amphibious vehicle was built at Montceau-les Mines in the 70-80s. J M M archives.

Amphibious Carrier MPI



 Wilson Marsh Buggy. 127 hp, operating mass 6.4 t, 4 km/h.   http://www.wilsonmarsh



 Swamp Buggy excavator EC-270.    

http://skbgsm.ru/snegobolotohod_skb-600_vezdehod_bo address given by http://industry-peat.at.ua/news/5



Big Float Amphibious vehicle is built since 1994 by Remu Ltd Ähtäri, Finland. It exists in 3 different sizes. Additional pontoons can be added by patented system. Anchoring piles allows to work until 6 m depth and track is adjustable.





Big Float Amphibian







Cargo Buggy of Marsh Buggies, Inc., Harvey, Louisiana. 8 km/h on land and 4 km/h in water, 33 t for 10 t payload. This brand was created in 1969. http://marshbuggies.com/swamp-buggy/



Amphibious tracked vehicle of the 90s for oyster or mussel culture. This one from Chantiers Navals Hus Bernard, near Mont St Michel, was later transformed into a wheeled amphibian. Today, wheeled are completely retractable in the body, and speed is increased of 4 knots. Price is 555000 €. Pict from the book : ‘Camions en couleur’ of Jean-Gabriel Jeudy, ETAI, 1996.




Westland Equipment Personal Carrier, Thibodaux, Louisiana. www.wetlandequipmentco.com






Westland Carrier WP2, capacity 900 kg. From   www.westlandequipmentco.com



Industrea Dozer on Youtube    http://www.industrea.com.au/irm/content/home.html


Heavy tracked tractor from   www.kransite.de



Sandvik Crawlers are used to transport heavy mining equipment such as conveyors, crushing plants on uneven terrains. Capacity is from 150 to 1500 metric tons. RC or operators in the cabin.   http://www.directindustry.fr/prod/sandvik-mining-and-sandvik-construction/transporteurs-a-chenilles-40142-557536.html


Sandvik D1600, 2004.     http://www.marketbook.fr/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=8335071&LP=MAT&


 Tracked tractor SZ24, 1962, from VEB Mähdrescherwerk Weimar, former East Germany. 180 hp, Plough was moved between 2 crawlers thanks to a rope drum. Pict. from the book of Richard H. Robinson: ‘Crawler Tractor Scrapbook’ Part Three, Country Life Ltd, New Zealand.      http://zoep.webhop.net/




 Tractor and tracked trailer.     http://www.transport



 Röhr tractor for peat, 1953, from Erich Rörh Maschinenfabrik Gmbh, Passau. Pict  from the book of Richard H Robinson: ‘Crawler Tractor Scrapbook’ Part Three, Country Life Ltd, New Zealand, 2000.


 Pavlodartractor SBTT-4 snow and marsh transporter, from Pavlodar Tractor Factory, PTZ, Kazakhstan. Pict. from the book of  Richard H Robinson and Alfred Meyer : ‘Crawler Tractor Scrapbook’ Part Four, Country Life Ltd, New Zealand, 2001.


 NTK N5PPP Tractor of Nittoku Metal Industry Co, Tokyo, which manufactured tractors in the 60s and early 70s. This tractor was named Special-Super-Swamp crawler for wet terrains. It weighted 10 t. Speed 8,8 km/h. Pict from the book of Richard H Robinson and Alfred Meyer : ‘Crawler Tractor Scrapbook’ Part Four, Country Life Ltd, New Zealand, 2001.


 Altai ATZ forestry tractors from OAO Altai Tractors, Roubtsovsk. Upper : LP-18A  issued from TT-4, lower : TT-4 in Siberia in 1992, built from 1966 to 1979, by Ben Bergman. Pict from the book of Richard H Robinson and Alfred Meyer : ‘Crawler Tractor Scrapbook’ Part Four, Country Life Ltd, New Zealand, 2001.


 Amphibious vehicle from Russia. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 11 Tome I'. 1995.


 Amphibious vehicle     http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/vash555/view/384250/?page=1