Buggy MOL 4x4, 1986, from BTP Mag Lignes et Réseaux, Feb-Mars 1987.      http://bomaequipements.




Mol 4x4, Ballainvilers,
May 1992. Pict J M M.



MOL 4x4 pictured in 2007 in Doubs, France by GLM on site www.forum.aceboard.net.



Caterpillar tracto-scraper DW15 of the 50s. Pict J M M at La Ferté Alais on 2005 06.



Ceasar 3007 excavator, from Italy, on Terra-tires. Pict  Francis Pierre, Moerdjick, The Netherlands, 1999.


Matenin MFRD auger, 4x4, 1985. The first NX7 slicer chassis 4x4 appeared in the 1967. Today, TT7 vehicles, 7t, 100 km/h, have a hydro pneumatic suspension and tire inflation system.

Matenin was created in early 50s as branch of Creuzot-Loire

and has been bought in 2003 by CEFA (with TDA, Thales), Soultz-les-Fôrets, France. http://www.cefa.fr/

Below : Matenin F1 typ NX7 light Excavator of CEFA, Soultz-sous-Forets, France. J M M at Le Bourget, 1994.




Lug Lugger of LeTouneau and Hug Company in the 30s for 45 Tons of material. Tractor is Caterpillar 4x4. Picture from book : 'Giant Earthmovers' by Keith Haddock, Crestline Publishing, 1998




Hough D500 wheeled dozer, 1976. The first wheeled loader was marketed by Frank G. Hough in 1939 in Holden, MA but F. G. Hough Company was sold to International Harvester Company in 1952 this late being acquired by Dresser Industries in 1982 and formed Komatsu Dresser Company in 1988. http://www.tractorparts.com/hough.htm


Hough D500 wheeled dozer. Pict J M M at Rétromachines, Cordelles, France, 2009 08.




Workhorse crane, 1973.


Kress 200 C Coal Hauler     http://www.avtorinok.ru/photo/photo_full.php?car_id=64322



Kress 200C. The first coal hauler dates from 1971. Kress Corporation was founded in 1965 in Illinois. http://www.flickr.com/photos/homiebear/7739177/ http://www.kresscarrier.com/


IH Pay Hauler. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/IH/IH%20txt.html



Chrysler T23, 1946. Air pressure was adjustable from driver's cab, 165 cm fording depth. The amphibious version was called T23E1. 2 proto built.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.


Chrysler T53E1, 1952 performed well but considered as too expensive. 170 cm fording depth, speed 80 km/h, with torsion bars suspension. http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2009/03/05/march-military-campaign-coupla-conceptual-chrysler-cabovers/



PM M 8000, from 1986, built in Brimont plant, Rethel, France, after Brimont was bought by PPM. This latter will be bought by Terex. Picture J M M from Forexpo, Bordeaux on April 21, 2004.

ppm-m-8000.pdf PPM-M-8000.pdf


URO MT 149 AT 4x4 Truck at Le Bourget, 2004 06. Pict. J M M.



Merlo MM 300 B skidder at SIMA, Villepinte, France, in 2005 03. Pict. J M M.



Wheel cages on this tractor allows it to move in wetlands. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' about the 90s.



Wheeled vehicle, 1916, perhaps a Phoenix and Bucheye, was fitted with retractable traction device on rear wheels.  Picture from US Military Wheeled Vehicles of Fred Crismon, Crestline Publishing, Motorbook, Warne, 1983.



Rear Dump Truck MoAz-522 prototype, 1967, fitted with hydro pneumatic suspension, hydromechanics transmission. Series model MoAZ-6507, developed from MoAZ-522A will be manufactured at Minsk in 1978. http://www.moaz.ru/htm_eng/product.htm



Dumper Berliet T 45 at Fondation Marius Berliet, Le Montellier, France, 2005 05. Pict. J M M.


Berliet CBA, 1915, payload 5 t, 25 hp. Four big steel wheels allowed this truck to move on uneven terrain where was built Berliet plant at Vénissieux, near Lyon, France. Pictured by J M M at Foundation Marius Berliet, Le Montellier, near Lyon, France, on 2005 05.



Berliet CBA, 1915 at Le Montellier, 2005 05. Pict J M M.



Latil TAR 4x4, 1915, Pict J M M at Foundation Marius Berliet, Le Montellier, 2005 05.



Latil TAR tractor from 1912 was the first 4x4 used during WWII. The mechanism of front steer drive wheel, first patented by Georges Latil in 1898, can be seen below. Pict J M M at Maurice Dufresne Museum, Azay le Rideau, France in 2004.



AMG amphibious Vatt buggy P5 of the 80s, for drill oil exploration, could climb slopes of 35°. Doc J M M from AMG.

AMG Warf Buggy

AMG Cabin

AMG Vatt


Agrip line shooter tractor, used by Linelec to work on a dam in Venezuela. GM engine, reinforced chassis, about1988. Pict Francis Pierre, 1999.



Continental CR8 built by Richard Frères Continental between 1959 and 1967. 160 hp, 12 t, 55 km/h limited at 25 km/h, it had same principle as Letourneau Tournapull with skid-steering. Very short wheelbase made it unstable, particularly for forestry work. Pict of 'Charge Utile' in the 2000s.



Amphibious 4x4 of the 90s, for oyster or mussel culture. This one was manufactured by Chantiers Navals Hus Bernard, near Mont St Michel. Wheels were completely retractable in the hull and price was 555000 €. Pict from book of J G Jeudy 'Les camions couleur', ETAI, 1996.



Amphibious vehicle from the 90s for oyster or mussel culture built since 1977 by Chantiers Navals Hus Bernard and Constructions Navales Alu Emeraude Amphibie at Viviers sur Mer near Mont St Michel and also now by Ateliers de Bretagne Nord at St Malo. Hydrostatic transmission and 160 hp engines. There were about 70 of these vehicles in early 2000. Pict from the review '4x4 Mondial', May 2000.


Brossel TAL 4x4 1938, Belgium. From site : www.slovari.yandex.ru



Big Wheeled Ford seen in the site http://www.jalopyjournal.com



Ardco buggy of 1964 fitted with Good Year Terra-Tires. Pict from ebay.




Mertz Buggy in mid 80s, for oil service, Deutz engine, 5 tons payload. Mertz is now subsidiary of Sercel, part of the group C G G (Compagnie Générale de Géophysique). Pict from Camion Magazine N° 42, 10 Dec 1986.


Ardco David Buggy manufactured at Houston from the mid 50's. 40 km/h, rubber or aluminum tires, for swamp of Louisiana and Gulf coast region. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin 'The Illustrated History of Off-Road Vehicles', Haynes Publishing, 1987.


Crain Brothers Marsh Buggy of the 60's with huge Good Year Terra-Tires. From ebay.



 Amphibious vehicle from Kiev. Wheels, 3,3 m diameter, are used for buoyancy and propulsion. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 11 Tome I'. 1995.


AMG Varf, amphibious and off-road buggy. AMG was in the 80s located in South West of France at Saint Gaudens where oil exploration had been active for several decades. Sercel of Nantes, part of CGG (Compagnie Générale de Géophysique) acquired AMG in 1996 and Mertz vibrators in 1997. Doc J M M, from AMG. See chapter : 'The wheel reinvented'.


 Off-road vehicle from youtube 'Ax Men: Shelbys "Swamp Man" New Toy" also on :                     http://wn.com/shelby_house


Gulf Marsh Buggy : 4x4 big wheeled Gulf Marsh Buggy used to transport petroleum equipment in the swamps of the region of the Gulf of Mexico. Seen in Popular Mechanics (French Edition) of January 1962


Higgins Swamp Buggy Model 5, or Swamp Skipper of the late forties from JC Higgins Boat Company. It had chain drive and skid steering. Huge but well suited for Louisiana swamps. From 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 26, 1989.

Higgins Swamp Buggy from Wheels and Tracks N° 26.



Swamp master, around 1954, was a big amphibian (11 m long) rather boat than land vehicle. The wheels were similar to the Swamp Skipper. Picture from the book of Fred Crismon: ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.



Buggy 1937. The idea came from Abot A. Lane of the Gulf Research and Development Company and the machine was built at Pittsburg, PA, for Gulf Oil Company to explore costal swamps of Louisiana and Texas in quest of new oil fields. Pict from Popular Science, Marsh 1937.


Buggy, 1937. Pict from Popular Science, Marsh 1937.



 Caged wheeled Amphibian capable of wading in water 0,5 m deep, Built in Louisiana, it was used for seismographic exploration in water. Tanks could be filled or emptied. Pict from Popular Mechanics July 1956.


Gulf Marsh Buggy from 1936 had 3 m diameter tires from Goodyear. The Louisiana swamps could not resist to the Marsh Buggy for oil exploration until the 40s. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 26


Marsh Buggy, about the 40s. From : www.aae-press.ru



Marsh Buggy, 1945, used by Oil Co. in South USA. From ebay.com



Latil 4x4 and dumper, in the 50s.   



Muir Hill 161 and 20 t dumper    http://www.farmphoto.com/thread.aspx?mid=338337


Heavy Tractor, 4x4, 1943, of Skoda RSO, Pilsen, Czechoslovakia, designed by F. Porche, Stuttgart. From 'Wheels and Tracks' N°3, mid 1980.


P.BARIGCLLIC beet Harvester. J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 2011 02.




Russian 4x4   http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ptaha1983/view/451479/?page=3     http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ptaha1983/view/451471?page=3




Land-cruiser from, www.land-cruiser.ru    index.php


Big Wheel, early 60s, was a project from Avro Aircraft of Malton, Ontario, for petroleum industries. Empty mass was 330 t, payload 200t, 50 km/h, 12000hp. At that time, it was said : 'Bigger is Better'. From 'Jet Magazine', early 60s.

big-wheel-jet-magzine-60s.pdf Big-wheel-jet-magzine-60s.pdf



Big Wheel. Pict Baumashinen, Posdsun, 2002.



Big Lizzie, 1915, a giant Australian truck fitted with wheels invented by Frank Bottrill in his patent of 1906, cleared Red Cliffs area and worked until 1928. Called Big Lizzie, with 2 trailers, it went near Balmoral, Victoria and stayed here for more 40 years before being restored in 1998. It is now showed at Barclay Square in the center of Red Cliffs in Shire of Mildura. Capacity was 80 t, 60 hp, mass 45 t, speed 4 km/h. http://jenschronicles.blogspot.fr/2009/05/big-lizzie-part-7.html and other sites.



Dutra Tractors, from Hungary. From www.farphoto.com


Elephant Svedela Gigant Universal Tractor from www.farmphoto.com


 Knudson 4360 prototype. http://www.nedtrac.com/prototypes.htm, an excellent site.


 MRS A-80 from www.farmphoto.com

mts-tractor-a-85.pdf MRS-tractor-a-85.pdf

mrs-a-90-a-100-tractors.pdf MRS-a-90-a-100-tractors.pdf


 MRS from www.farphoto.com



 MRS tractor of the 60s and 70s built in Mississippi. It was intended to become an IH tractors but never materialized. http://www.farmphoto.com/thread.aspx?mid=140037


Braun Super Grubber tractor, Germany. http://www.todaystractors.com/cgi-bin/photo_pic.cgi?pic=http;//www.todaystractors.com/tphotos/a779.jpg&firstrec=1&lastrec=15&Parameter=braun               



MTZ-4520 Tractor, 2006.   From  www.rc.forum.ru


Caterpillar tracto-scraper DW 15 from the 50s. Pict J M M  at Rétromachines, Cordelles, 2009 08.



Caterpillar tracto-scraper DW15 of the 50s. Pict J M M at La Ferté Alais on 2005 06.



Oshkosh TR Truck, 1933 was the first rubber tired earthmover with Goodyear tires. It marked a diversification for the Company. Fitted with 4 Wheels drive and steering. Pict from the book 'Oshkosh Trucks' of David Wright, 1992, Motorbooks International.


Rigitrac mountain tractor.  Pict posted to www.farmphoto.com by Walter Ruda.


Rigitrac mountain tractor, 2009, from Rigitrac Traktorenbau AG, Küssnacht, Switzerland.



Class Axion 840, 4x4, 2007. Claas bought Renault tractors, Le Mans plant, in 2003.  Pict J M M at SIMA, Villepinte, 2007 03.


Wagner from www.farmphoto.com



M3 Amphibious vehicle built for Armies to cross rivers or else, it is not truly off-road despite its low-pressure tires because too large and low ground clearance. Pict J M M, Villepinte, 2008 06.



Tacada of EKW, Germany. Général Gillois asked to test Tacada Typ1, 1962, and Typ 2, 1966, for evaluation of wheeled vehicles. It was tested at ETAS, Etablissement Technique d'Angers, Montreuil, France. G. Gillois had idea of 'Gillois Bridge' on wheels for Army to cross rivers. From the book of Jean-Gabriel Jeudy : 'Les Véhicules Blindés Français 1945-77', EPA, 1978.



 Tryco Super Four, in the 80s, 18 t capacity, FWD, steerable axles and leaf spring suspension. From Tryco Manufacturing Co, Inc., Decatur, Illinois. It seems this company shut in early 2000s. Francis Pierre archives.

sluge-shooter-tryco.pdf Sluge-shooter-tryco.pdf


Big A Spreader, 4x4, from Rickel Manufacturing Corporation, Kansas, in the 80s.

big-a-spreader.pdf Big-a-spreader.pdf



Liebherr TI-272, 300-ton, around 2000, using unusual design for better distribution of masses. The actual upper range dumper of Liebherr is biggest than well-known Terex Titan. Pict. from Liebherr Mining Equipment Co, Germany, from book of Keith Haddock : 'Colossal Earthmovers', MBI, 2000.


Dumper Hitachi Euclid. Pict J M Maclou at Intermat, Villepinte, 2006 04.



Multidrive 4x4 Tractor.




Roadless 115 for forestry work in the 70s. Pict from the book of Stuart Gibbard, 'Roadless', Farming Press, 1996.


Roadless 115 tractors, standard and high ground clearance for sugar cane work in Puerto Rico. Pict from the book of Stuart Gibbard, 'Roadless', Farming Press, 1996.



Roadless County Super Four with oversized tires for exporting to the USA. Pict from book 'Roadless County' of Allan Condie, Allan Condie Publications, 1993.


Challenger - TA 60 33 RISA of Groupe Hoche Triomphe Industrie, Caussade, France. Wuth 130 hp, length 7 m, hydrostatic transmission, empty mass 12 t, capacity 8 t, it is designed for laying power lines. Pict J M M at Vic-sur-Cère, Cantal, France, 2010 08.



Risa of Hoche Triomphe Industrie. HTI is distributor of Vermeer equipment since February 2012. http://www.groupe-hti.com/en/export-risa.html



RISA Challenger, from www.farmphoto.com


 GMC 4x4 from the site: www.offroaders.com, in mid 2000s.



Terratired vehicle for moving in swamps of Florida. http://www.lakecountyfl.gov/media/pictures/  http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/255292.page



Sisu SA-150 VKH, 4x4 from Sisu Oy, Finland. Capacity 6,5 t.

Doc J M M from SISU.


Sisu SA-110 4x4, from Oy Sisu, Finland. High ground clearance, differentials locks, payload 3,5 t, outstanding off-road characteristics. Doc J M M from SISU.



Miskin build trailers, pulled type scrapers and moto scrapers at Ucon ID, USA.  http://www.miskin.com/#Construction%20Scraper



Euclid R40 Dump truck. Pict J M M at Rétromachines, Cordelles, 2009 08


Highlander. Pict J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet de Jou, 2010 06.



Bigfoot 5 of 1986. It is the biggest. Bob Chandler, created the first Big Foot Monster Truck in 1975 in St Louis in Missouri with a body of Ford 250. His center is now at Hazelwood, Missouri. Big Foot races began in the 80s until nowadays.      ww.bigfoot_5_amp_LeTourneau

_Alaska_snowtrain.com http://www.bigfoot4x4.com/more5.html



Bigfoot 5.        http://www.bigfoot4x4.com/images/bf5spec-2.jpg


Bigfoot 5        http://forajump.mmm-tasty.ru/2009/6/29



Bigfoot 5,1986,  with 3 m diameter wheels from Letourneau Train abandoned in Alaska. Built by Bob Chandler, St Louis, Missouri, it is staying now at Hazelwood, Missouri.     http://www.brandedin

the80s.com/peel-here-31-truckasaurous-/comments         http://thelongestlistof







Big Foot, from 'El Driver' Stuntman'. Pict J M M, about 150 km of Mulhouse, France. 2012 08.



Scammell 4x4 Mountaineer in the 50s. The front pendulum suspension is well seen here. Doc J M M from Scammell.

Scammell 4x4 Mountaineer

scammell-4x4-mountaineer-from-commercial-motor-1950-h.pdf Scammell-4x4-mountaineer-from-commercial-motor-1950-h.pdf



Scammell Mountaineer 4x4, 1949, 20 T gross weight, 150 hp, three point suspension for better off-road capabilities. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin ‘Giant Dump trucks’, Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd, London, 1984.



Timberland Skidder, 1956. Pict from the book ‘Tracks in the Forest’ of Ken Drushka and Hannu Konttinen, published by Timberjack Group Oy, 1997.


St Chamond 4x4 tractor, 1958, FWD and FWS. Vendeuvre engine of 40 hp. Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.



Popular Car from site with many off-road vehicles :    http:



http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/alexpzkpfw6/tags/    http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/tundrolet/tags/легкие вездеходы/rss   http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/tundrolet/tags/самодельные вездеходы/rss      http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/tundrolet/tags/вездеходы на базе буханки/rss


Oversized wheels for this vehicle. http://niva-club.net/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3097&start=120


 Mack-Pack, 1973, from Mack International. 35 Tons payload. From book : 'Giant earthmovers', Keith Haddock, Crestline Publishing, 1998


 Mack-Pack, 1973, from Mack for opencast mining. Pict from 'Revue des Engins' from AIPETOHAC of Francis Pierre, 2007 12.


 Mack-Pack, 4x4, 1973, 475 hp engine and Powershift Clark transmission. Capacity 19 m3 or 36 T, 475 hp, 60 km/h. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin ‘Giant Dumptrucks’, Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd, London, 1984


 Liebherr LM 80M with solid tired wheels. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2012 04.


 International Pay Hauler, 1979, with 635 hp engine and 50 ton capacity was produced by Payhauler Corp. Note unusual twin tires all around. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin ‘Giant Dump Trucks’, Frederick Warne (Publishers) Ltd, London, 1984


 Horsch-Leeb_PT270 sprayer, 270 hp, 8000 l capacity  can be refueled in 8 mn. http://www.agri-arena.com/2012/04/horsch-leeb-pt-270/



Garrett Twin 400 from Garret Manufacturing. It was still in working in 2007.  http://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=37745&DisplayType=flat&setCookie=1


Blue Ox Skidder from FWD, Clintonville. The first model was built in 1952.    http://www.forestryforum.com/board/index.php?topic=48332.0


BAE System Transporter 4x4. Pict J M M at Villepinte, June 2012.



Moncalvi Tractor for scraper pulling. Moncalvi, Pavie, Italy. From 'Machine Mobile Evolution' N° 16 08/1993, by Francis Pierre.


County 854 T, 1966, County 1124, 1967.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.



County Forward Control FC from 1965 to the 70s, used in agriculture, construction with cranes, drilling rigs, mobile welders, tree planters and dumpers.



One of 3 Sea Horses sold to Holland for exploration and seismic work of the Duch Polders in 1963. They didn't need ferries to go from island to another.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County tractor and trailer. County FC 654 version hauls a King 10 ton capacity trailer. From County Commercial Cars, Fleet, UK.  Picture from book of Nick Baldwin 'The Illustrated History of Off-Road Vehicles' Haynes Publishing, 1987.


County Super 4, 1961, based on the Fordson Super Major.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County 1454 Forward Control Cab converted into lime spreader in New Zeeland.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County 1004 FC with dumper from end of the 60s, here at Tractor World, Malvern, GB. Pict from the review 'Tracteur Retro', July-Aug 2011.



County FC 1174 with dump trailer in Devon. The original was FWD agricultural tractor issued from Ford. They were built till the beginning of the 90's. Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County forwarder in Finnish forest. In 1969, nearly 500 County were operating in Norway. Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County Sea Horse was an amphibious version of the Super-4. David Tapp, gran-son of the founders of the society crossed Channel on 30 July 1963. It has been an enormous advertising for County. A replica of the County Sea Horse exists. Lower picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County Sea Horse, 1963. It crossed 45 km Channel between France and England in 1963 with its oversized tires and buoyancy tanks. This original tractor was bought and rebuilt by a Worcestershire engineer and exposed at  Tractor World Show, Malvern in 2009.      http://tractors.wikia.com/wiki/County_Sea_



County swamp tractors fitted with Terra-Tires in 60s and 70's. Very impressive ! The original conversion from Ford 4x2 tractors into agricultural 4x4 by County, Fleet, England comprised two shafts that moved each front wheels from rear axle. Although Akerman steering, skid steering was sometimes necessary. The company lasted from 1929 to beginning of the 90's. Competitors were Doe, Chaseside, Northrop, Muir-Hill, Matbro & Bray. Pictures from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.



Talus MB764 four-wheel-drive and semi-submersible issued from the County 754 in 1975 for launch and recover inshore rescue crafts. A waterproof cab encloses the engine and driver. The hull gave progressive buoyancy and allowed to work till a depth of 1.5 m. It was always manufactured at the end of the 80's. In 1997, 26 Talus had been supplied to sites in UK and Eire. Pict from www.farphoto.com



 Talus MB-764 recovery vehicle in water 1,5 m depth, issued from County tractor. Total of 30 built since 1975. From : www.claytonengineering.co.uk





Talus MB-764.    http://www.claytonen





 County FC 654, 1968. Pict. from book 'Ford Tractor Conversions' by Stuart Gibbard, Press Book, 1995.





County Tractor



 County Super-6 at the plant of Fleet, GB. Pict. from book 'Ford Tractor Conversions' by Stuart Gibbard, Press Book, 1995.



J. Mastenbroek high ground clearance (1 m) of 1983, four wheels steer and FWD sprayer. 52 hp Deutz engine, ground pressure 0,28 kg/cm²with 10/20-31 Firestone Igp tires. Pict from 'Power Farming', 1983.



Model A Tournadozer of LeTourneau. 750 hp, 50 tons. Some models were sold but they remained experimental machines. Pict from the book : 'The LeTourneau Legend' by Philip G. Gowenlock, Paddington Publications Pty, Ltd, 1996.


Model A Tournadozer of Letourneau, 1948, 750 hp. Pict from book of Eric C. Orleman : 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment, 1921-1953', Iconografix, Inc, 2008.


Letourneau Swamp Buggy, 1948, proto of 450 hp, fitted with electric drive wheels. Pict from book of Eric C. Orleman : 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment, 1921-1953', Iconografix, Inc, 2008.



LeTourneau Landing Craft Retriever, 1956, to salvage disabled landing craft, was tested at Fort Eustis, Va. Built by well-known R.G. LeTourneau Inc, Longview, Texas, it was equipped with the world's largest tires 3 m diameter. Each wheel had its electric motor and gear operating in water-proof housing cooled by air pumped under pressure. One built.



Sea Dump Amphibious Dredge from Austrialia. Pict comes from an advertising. F. Pierre archives.


Barc Amphibious. www.amphibiousvehicle.net




BARC from 1952 later named LARC-LX, Lighter, Amphibian, Resupply Cargo in 1960. Four prototypes were built by LeTourneau for US Army and after 968 copies, mainly used in Vietnam in the 60s. They served until 2001. Mass 88 tons, payload 60 tons, overall length 19,2 m. LARC LX, LARC XV and LARC V could travel over land and sea. These pictures were taken at Overloon, The Netherlands in 2007 by J M M.


Letourneau TC-264 Sno-Buggy, 1954, equipped with 3 m tires, the largest in the world. Mass 23 T, 400 hp, electric motors in hubs and skid-steering by flipping electric switches. It was conceived to run in large snow covered grounds. Pict from the book 'LeTourneau Legend', Philip G. Gowenlock, Paddington Publications Pty, Ltd, 1996.


Tournadozer A 'Mesquiter' from LeTourneau in 1948 used to crash down heavy trees. Picture from the book 'R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment' by Eric Orleman, Iconografix, 2008.

LeTourneau Tournatractor



Bernard Tractor Elephant 4, from Camions Bernard, Arcueuil, Seine, near Paris, known for its trucks. Only one proto built in 1958, 145 hp, mass 8,45 t. It had a rear rocker axle and no suspension. Built for agriculture and public works, it was skid-steering.  Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.


Bernard Tractor Elephant 4. Pict from Francis Pierre Collection.



Rudi Vit Forwarder built in 78 units in Quebec, with Lokomo drive, from late 60s to early 70s. Rudi Vit, from Czecholovakia, made his first project in 1957 with Bombardier. Pict from book ‘Tracks in the Forest’ of Ken Drushka and Hannu Konttinen, published by Timberjack Group Oy, 1997.



Timberjack RW-30 harvester. 40 were made in the late 60s and early 70s. Pict from the book ‘Tracks in the Forest’ of Ken Drushka and Hannu Konttinen, published by Timberjack Group Oy, 1997.



Deuce and Half with oversized tires,   http://vb4.steelsoldiers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=190703&d=1278647283


Seaver of ZVM issued from the research of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. http://www.zvm-nn.ru/info/siverfoto/



4x4 homemade off-road vehicle being also a house, 3,5 t. Engine of GAZ-53 and Axles of GAZ-66.  http://trom08.flybb.ru/topic26.html



Northern Lights (or Harp R) 4x4 based on GAZ-3308. Ground clearance 765 mm, mass 5,6 t for only 1,5 t payload. Speed 40 km/h on hard surfaces with 20l/100 diesel and 35 l/100 off road, 5 km/h in water. From :  www.offroadclub.ru



Huntsman II 4x4 trucks.          http://trucks.autoreview.ru/archive/2009/03/ural_bigfoot/pic/IMG_8538_750.jpg



Pegaso-3046, 4x4, 1981. Pict on site : http://slovari.yandex.ru/~книги/Брокгауз и Ефрон/


Stahly on Navistar Chassis. Stahly, Bloomington, Illinois, changes different chassis into agricultural vehicles since 1976. www.stahly.com


Truck in mud, 4x4, 5 t in 2010 at Penns Creek on Youtube.



Terra Variant Holmer Spreader from Holmer Mashnenbau GmbH, Schierling, Germany in the 2000s. 490 or 612 hp Mercedes Benz engine, power shift transmission Funk DF 500, 40 km/h, length 10,25 m, with 3 m with 1050/50 R32 tires. http://www.standen.co.uk/HolmerTerraVariant600/?PCMS=cblgczqz


Holmer Terra Variant from the 2000s. Pict J M M collection.



Holmer Terra-Variant 500. Pict J M M at SIMA on 2007 03.



Vredo 4x4, from The Netherlands. http://www.vredo.com/nl/gallery.php


 Vredo-VT1806 sprayer, from The Netherlands. http://www.vredo.com/nl/gallery.php


Dutra D4K Tractor built at Budapest, Hungary. This company lasted from 1961 to 1973 and is now RABA.



Barreiros Diesel Abuelo was the first Prototype of Eduardo Barreiros in early 1957, fitted with Lysoïd tyres. http://www.camionesclasi



Barreiros El Abuelo (grandfather) manufactured by Barreiros Diesel from second half of 1957 at Valdemorillo near Madrid. This is a replica built in 1999 for Eduardo Barreiros Museum created by Mariluz Barreiros at the same place. TT-21 (for Portuguese Army) and TT-22 were issued from 'Abuelo' prototype. Engine EB-6 90 hp, Lypsoïd tires came from the English engineer, Hungurian born, Nicolas Straussler.



Barreiros Diesel Abuelo First Prototype



Tramliner sprayer SP of 1982, based on Ford 7600 tractor, on Goodyear Terra-Tires giving a ground pressure of 0,30 kg/cm² with full tank. Pict from 'Power Farming', 1983.




Rhino of Elie P Aghnides from 1955 (see Chapter : The Wheel reinvented). This strange amphibious vehicle performed well in swamps and sand. It is seen here at the old Rusville, Indiana, about 2006. The owner, Eugene Pock Jr of Lebanon, IN, restore it. Pict  www.smokstak.com


Rhino of Elie P Aghnides from 1955 (see Chapter : The Wheel reinvented). Pict  www.smokstak.com



EKW, Eisenwerke Kaiserlausten Gmbh, Kaiserlaustern, Germany, M3 Amphibious Ferry Vehicle. Speed on water 14 km/h, on land 80 km/h, Total mass 18 t, length 12,882 m, 360 hp Deutz Diesel engine and aluminum hull. Pict  Francis Pierre, Moerdjik, The Netherlands in 2000.


LARC V Amphibious Vehicle. Pict  Francis Pierre, Moerdjik, The Netherlands, 1999.


LARC V Amphibious Vehicle, Lighter, Amphibious, Re-Supply, Cargo, 5-Ton, 275 hp built since1963. Pict  Francis Pierre, Moerdjik, The Netherlands, 1999.




LARC V, XV, LX were amphibious vehicles. 950 LARC V were built from 1963 (1959 first proto) by Consolidated Diesel Electric Corp., about 100 LARC XV from 1967, by Frauhauf Corp. and 968 LARC LX from 1952 (1967 first service) by Treadwell Construction Co., Midland, PA. This BARC, lower pict, was shot in 2007 at Liberty Park, Overloon, The Netherlands (J M M).






LVH-X1 Landing Vehicle, Hydrofoil of Lycoming had retractable hydrofoils and wheels. Two proto were built whose at least one is now displayed at Camp Pendelton Museum, CA. Air Cushioned LCAC (75 t payload) had been chosen for Navy.

LVH Lycoming

LVH Lycoming 2



LVW-X1, Landing Vehicle, Wheeled of Borg Warner's Ingersol Kalamazoo Division, Kalamazoo, MI, for US Marine Corp in 1963 could carry 5 t in landing site from barges to inlands. Lycoming gas turbine of 1500 hp permitted speed 56 km/h on land and water thanks to its retractable wheels. J M M archives from Borg Warner.

LVW Borg Warner




LVW-X1 of Borg Warner. Borg Warner and Lycoming were bought by Chrysler in the 60s.



LVW-X1 and Airoll 1 on the same picture. LVW had retractable wheels to travel at 56 km/h both on land and water. The Airoll 1, right, is slower but can travel in very deep swamps, snow and sand. Pict from Popular Science, Feb 1963.



LVW-X1, Landing Vehicle of Borg Warner's Ingersol Kalamazoo Division, 1963. From www.shusharmor.livejournal.com



Snow-Cruiser on road towards Boston. From : http://www.joeld.net/snowcruiser/snowpics.html


Snow Cruiser, 1939. Doc J M M.

 snow-cruiser-le-pelerin-1939.pdf Snow-Cruiser-Le-Pelerin-1939.pdf



Snow-Cruiser, designed by Thomas Poulter for Admiral Byrd's Antarctic Expedition II from 1937 to 1939 was built in 1939 at the Pullman Company, Gary, Indiana (near Chicago). After traveling till Boston, it arrived at Little America in January 1940. The snow-cruiser sunk immediately in snow of near 0.90 m due to too high pressure of tires and lack a very low gear. Nevertheless, it travelled 148 km, driven in reverse. It was left here and sunk in deep snow after two sightings in fall of 1940 and in 1958.  http://www.hiron-scenariste.com/index.php?id=169




Quality Marsh International, Thibodaux, Louisiana, Marsh Buggy built for Chevron and sent in Africa. It served as helipad to transport engineers and geologists and also to move base camp set of pontoon sleds towed by the buggy. Mass 37 t, diameter of wheels 7.6 m. Wilco Manufacturing, Lafayette, Louisiana, bought Quality Marsh about 2000. Doc Francis Pierre.



Straussler Lypsoïd tires. These pictures of the 50's show a prototype truck studied around Lysoïd Tires. Nicolas Straussler was a very prolific invertor in many areas. Doc J M M from Straussler.

Straussler Lypsoïd Tyres




Straussler Lypsoïd Tyres. Straussler is driving. Doc J M M.


Straussler Lypsoïd Tyres. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991





Lypsoïd tyred 4x4 truck with Ford twin engine. These tyres were patented in June 1951 by Nicolas Straussler(1891-1966), Hungarian born English engineer known for the DD Amphibious tank of WWII. Their wilderness enables very low ground pressure. They had been used later on FN AS24 and Faun Kraka, Diana, Ferves. Workshops were in Hounslow, Middelsex. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991


Proto G3 4x4 of Nicolas Straussler fitted with twin Ford engines. It was built by Manfred Weiss, Budapest in 1937. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991


Proto G3 4x4. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991


Latil TR with Lypsoïd tires. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991


Unimog of Mercedes with Lysoïd tires. First Unimog in 1946 was an agricultural tractor. Many versions followed and much was copied. Pict from 'Wheels and Tracks' N° 37, 1991




VEPR-1 project of Caiman Design Bureau in St Petersburg in 2003. May be used by civilian applications for working in forests still dangerous due to minefields of WW II.



MAZ 532 forestry and engineer tractor from 1957 based on MAZ-528 now MZKT Volat, Minsk, Belarus. With engine 121 kW, speed 45 km/h, max mass 36 t, it could tow 20 m3 logs. http://en.valka.cz/viewtopic.php/t/63753


MAZ 532 forestry tractor. http://www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/MAZ/MAZ%20txt.html


MAZ 532 forestry tractor



MAZ 532, 1957. Pict from the book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'MAZ,  Usine Automobile de Minsk et SKB MAZ’  N° 76  Tome VI'. 2008.



ZIL135SH front wheels. Pict http://denisovets.narod.ru/zil/zilpages/zil135sh.html


ZIL-135SH, 1967, created by SBK for testing idea of transportation of big loads. The vehicle had 2 engines, one for rear wheels and the second, in off-road conditions only, for front wheels by electric transmission. Speed 60 km/h on road. This vehicle could turn in place. See the interesting site : http://denisovets.narod.ru/zil/zilpages/zil135sh.html



Ship of the Desert might be built by Germany in 1928. Length 40 m, 12 m wheels, diesel engine 450 ch, 150 passengers or 200 t payload, Range 10000 km, equipment like a boat. Picture from the book ‘Les Véhicules hors-série’ by Jacques Borgé and Nicolas Viasnoff, Balland, 1976.



Macdonald Model A 7,5 t, 1922, from Macdonald Trucks & Mfg Co, San Francisco, Ca. Designed for dockside, warehouse work and low loading height, this was made possible by front wheel drive axle which seems more complicated than those of earlier FWD or Latil, these being off-road. Pict by J M M at the Heidrick Museum, Woodland, CA, 2001 06.



Secoma Jumbo Universel 326, now Sandvik Tamrock Secoma. Pict. of J M Maclou at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08.


Secoma drilling machine 322.  Pict of J M M at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08.


Joy with unloading by rolling bottom. Pict of J M M at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08


Joy 14 BU (JK) Loader 368.   Pict of J M M at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08


Haveuse Universelle Joy 15 RU 380. These 5 awesome mining vehicles were not 'off-road' but unusual.  Pict of J M M at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08