Fire Fighting ALM 4x4. Pict J M M at 'Locomotion en Fête', La Ferté Alais, 2008 06.




ALM 4x4 for fire-fighting. Pict J M M at 'Locomotion en Fête', La Ferté Alais, 2011 05.



ALM 4x4 at La Ferté Alais, 2008 06.






ALM 4x4. Pict J M M at la Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2010 06.


Fire fighting vehicle found on site : www.strangevehicles.com


ALM 4x4. Pict J M M at Loco en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2009 06 13.



Voisin Amphibious car prototype, 1952.



Voisin Amphibious car prototype, 1952, for military usage. 2 cyl, 850 cm², 50 hp, It was one of the last prototypes of Voisin Plant. Created in 1906 by Voisin brothers at Billancourt, France, for manufacturing planes and since 1919, luxurious cars. Picture J M M at Rétromobile, Paris on 2005 02.



Beijing Qijian BJ-5021-HZHE, 4x4, amphibious. Beijing Auto Works, BAW, was created in 1958. Main plant is near Beijing and in 2015, capacity of plants will be 60000 vehicles per year.




Stalo C 4x4, Perkins 6 cyl.  http://www.maskinisten.net/viewtopic.php?p=





Amphibious 4x4 based GAZ.



Ermak Rover    http://skarn.tiu.ru/p3285732-vezdehod-ermak.html


Eugene 4x4 of 700 kg, 2007,     http://strannik-v.ru/topic13.html


Home made snowmobiles in Russia.     www.snowmobile.ru                www.strannik.flyboard.ru


Lake Rover Onego 1 from www.z-project.ru in 2008.


Rover Woodam, Forester, mass 1055 kg, payload 500 kg, http://skarn.tiu.ru/p3285712-vezdehod-lesnik.html


 Unkor based on UAZ of OOO Transmash, Nizhny-Novgorod.     http://www.transmashnn.ru/unkor.html


 Ural 4x4





 Kerzhak or Kerzhakov 4x4, 2005, from Transmash, Nizhny-Novgorod, 98 hp, empty mass 2650/3650, ground pressure 0,12 kg/cm², speed 50 km/h, 5 km/h in water, length 5850 mm. Front portal axle comes from Belarus tractor, suspension all around.    





Harp-R ZVM, new prototype of ZVM in 2010.




Lopasnya of Arktiktrans on base of UAZ, on tires Arktiktrans. Others brand of low ground pressure thin-walled tyres in Russia are Trecol and Avtoros.



NAMI 044, 1958, on arches tires Straussler Lysoïd like, tested for agriculture. Empty mass 4,1 t, Payload 2 t, 135 hp diesel engine. Tested at Karkiv, results were good and economic but tracked vehicles was said to have better traction. Meanwhile, articulated wheeled K-700 Kirovets had been series built in 1969 at Kirov Plant at Leningrad with success.

 Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 11 Tome I'. 1995.




GAZ-44 with roll tires at rear. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy 'Les Véhicules tout terrain' N°11 Tome I, Généralités, Dupouy Editor, 1995.


NAMI 044 tractor prototype, 1957, with hoops tires. These tires were elaborated by Gorki (Nizhny Novgorod) Automobile Plant and Moscow Institute of Pneumatics. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 11 Tome I'. 1995.



IPV 4T95, 4x4, of the 70s, from 'IVP Insvestigacion y Protection de vehiculos Especiales', Pontenova, Lugo, Espagna. www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/SPA/SPA txt.html



Barreiros Commando TMA265, 2 1/2 t, with Lysoïd Straussler tires in option, commercially available. From Espagna, in the 50s. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Military vehicles Directory from 1945’, Warne, 1972.




Buggy in Florida Everglades at Fakahatchee Strand for guides swamp trips.




Latil Type TL, 1924 at

Marius Berliet Foundation, Le Montellier, France, 2005 05. Pict J M M.



Fiat SPA TL 37 Trattore. Pict J M M at Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2007 06.



Fiat SPA TL 37 Trattore at Sourdun Forest, France, September 1993. Pict J M M.


Fiat SPA TL 37 Trattore seen at Locomotion en fête, La Ferté Alais, France on June 5 1993. This rare vehicle is the same as above but not at the same spot. Pict J M M.



SPA TL 37 and TM40, 1937 and 1941 produced by SPA, Societa Piemontese Automobil, Torino, until 1948, no long after it was bought by Fiat and became 2 years later Iveco for production of trucks in Italy. www.offroadvehicle.ru/AZBUCAR/SPA/SPA txt.html



Alfa Romeo TM40 tractor prototype, 4x4, 1938-39. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Army vehicles Directory to 1940’, Warne, 1974.



Spa TL37 tractor, 4x4, from 1936, from Italy. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Army vehicles Directory to 1940’, Warne, 1974.




Amphibious Trippel SG 6 Vehicle, 1/4-ton, Model 1942. Inventor, Hans Trippel built this amphibious for military and civilian use. Independent suspensions and flat bottom for enhanced off-road and water capabilities. Picture taken by J M M at an exhibition at la Defense, near Paris, on May 1988. Model came from Saumur Museum.



Trippelwagen, 1935, of the

Saumur museum pictured here at Rétromobile, Paris. Designed by the engineer Trippel, it was a 4x4, and on water speed reached 10 km/h combining driven wheels and a propeller. Pict J M M, 2010 01.



Trippel SG638, 1941, built from 1937 at 1000 units. Equipped with our independent wheels, 6 cylinders engine and retractable propeller, 16 men could be transported. Four units still exist today. Pict J M M at Rétromobile, Paris, 2012 02 03.



Renault Prairie 4x4. Pict J M M at la Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2010 06.



Renault Prairie 4x4. Pict J M M at La Ferté Alais, 2008 06.



Renault Prairie 4x4, 1950. Documentation J M M from Renault brochure.

renault-prairie-4x4.pdf Renault-prairie-4x4.pdf



Renault Prairie 4x4. 4x2 and 4x4 models were produced in France at 43000 units between 1950 and 1957. Pict J M M at La Ferté Alais on 2005 06.



Bucher-Tractomobil TM 1000 L, from Switzerland.

bucher-tractomobil-tm-1000.pdf Bucher-tractomobil-tm-1000.pdf



Reform Muli, from Austria. http://www.reform.at/fr/telechargement/catalogue-en-ligne.html

 reform-muli.pdf Reform-muli.pdf



Aebi mountain tractor from Aebi & Co AG Maschinenfabrik, Hochdorf, Swizerland.  Pict J M M , Euroforest, St Bonnet de Joux, 2010 06



Transporter Aebi VI450, 4x4, from Switzerland. Many brands of little agricultural trucks are built to be used in mountainous countries like Switzerland or Austria. http://www.aebi-schmidt.com/en/products/287/244


Transporter Aebi TP48, from Switzerland. http://www.aebi-schmidt.com/en/products/287/244


Reform Muli T10-X-LW of Reform Werke, Austria, is an off-road 4x4 truck for

mountain agriculture. They have many models with four equal wheels and rather low for slopes. http://www.reform.at/fr/telechargement/catalogue-en-ligne.html

reform-muli-4x4.pdf Reform-muli-4x4.pdf



GAZ-61, 4x4, 1939. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 12 Tome II'. 1995.



Rolligons fitted to a Jeep, 1953. See Chap 'Rolligons and Terra Tires'.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.



Jeep FC Forward Control produced by Willys, Kaiser Jeep and then American Motors from 1956 to 1965 is equipped here with oversized tires. http://blog.cardomain.com/2009/10/02/the-baddest-jeep-forward-control-truck-in-the-world-on-ebay/


Jeep FC-170, 1957. http://www.motorstown.com/48343-willys-jeep-fc-170.html



Jeep CJ5 of Larry Minor for hill climbing in 1964. Note triple tires at rear.    http://www.jpmagazine.com/





Hummer H1 from Youtube : H1_on_Mattracks_in_the_snow



Hummer in 2004. J M M at Ballainvillers near Paris.


Hummer. J M M at Ballainvilliers in 2005.



Home built 4x4 from Hungary.      http://www.agroinform.com/aprohirdetes/635315/Egyedi-gyartasu-nadarato-gep.html


Büssing MB-3 Amphibian. 98 km/h on land, 11 on water.  Pict from the book of Karl Anweiler 'Prototypen und Sonderfahrzeuge der Bundeswher seit 1956', Motorbuch Verlag, 2004.



Büssing MB-3 Amphibian. J M M at Koblenz Museum, Germany, 2000 10.




Marmon-Bocquet MB 800, amphibious prototype, about the early 70s. 150 hp, coil spring suspension. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Military vehicles Directory' from 1945’, Warne, 1972.



SUMB Simca Unic Marmon Bocquet, 4x4 built at more than 7000 copies between 1964 and 1973 for French Army. Payload 1500 kg or 12 men, speed 80 km/h. Replaced by Saviem TP3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mariuszkoscinski/4429472053/

Marmon-Herrington SAF



Marmon Herrington Jumbo 5 t truck, Indianapolis, Indiana. Picture from the booklet RAVE I (Remote Area Vehicle Evaluation I at Pontiac, Michigan), US ATAC Research and Engineering Directorate, 29 Oct 1962.



Marmon Bocquet-MN-600BS, 4x4, 1963



Latil forestry tractor TL73, from 1974 to1980 by Brimont, Latil division, at Rilly la Montagne, France. Pictured by J M M at Leimbach, Haut-Rhin, 2012 08 17



Brutt Brimont 4x4, Peugeot engine 95 hp, 105 km/h, manufactured from the 80s to 1992 with 3 lockable differentials, empty mass : 2 t, payload : 1,5 t, helicoid spring suspension front, leaf spring at rear.

Brutt 4x4 Brimont

Brutt Brimont



Jeep M 715. Pict J M M, La Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2010 06.



Proto staff car 1916 from site www.militaryphotos.net the wheels are coil spring suspended without tires.


Mud Cog on Land Rover. With this widener of wheels, 4x4 performed better in mud. They were made by Snell Engineering, Teovil, Somerset, England. Pict from Popular Science, Feb 1987.


Rock Crawling from www.krpb.ru



Proto for trial 4x4 of the 'Les Deroches Club' at Morzine, France, during Toyota Land Cruizer concentration. Toyota engine, Unimog axles and actuators which allow each "leg" up individually about a meter tall!ttp://www.4x4rdv.com/reportage/sorties/74/2e-concentration-du-club-toyota.html?page=3



My Bronco with active suspension from site youtube : 3wheeldrive  //mybronco2.com.avi





HiLux Custom 4x4 with active suspension.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drrrtkmg0Hw&list=PLEDFB3E8089B817CF&index=5&feature=plpp_video  : 4WD Action 112 DVD - HiLux Custom



Seiga 4x4 from Hungary. These one are towards Le Havre, France, to clean the Seine estuary. Pict from 'Revue des Engins' of Aipethoac of F. Pierre, June 2005.



 Vehicle for tour in swamps of Florida found on ebay on 2007.



Crossing axles on Internet in the 2000s.


 WhiteKnight, Alberta, Canada, off-roading in 2008.


 Rock crawling on Truckworld Site


 Rock Crawling on Internet : www.off-road.com



Altrak TK-4, 1965 from farmphoto by Walter Ruda. http://www.farmphoto.com/thread.aspx?mid=241591


Calzolari Tractor from www.farmphoto.com



Citroën 4x4, 1946. This prototype was built and used at La Ferté Vidame Center, France. From La Vie de l'Auto, 27 feb 1997.


Dune Buggy at Port Heiden, Alaska. http://www.lswilson.ca/dunebuggy.jpg



Latil, 1959, 65 hp. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.


Latil FWD. Latil was the first (1898) to build a front wheel drive and steering axle. 2000 4x4 gun tractors were produced during WWI.  Picture from book of Nick Baldwin 'The Illustrated History of Off-Road Vehicles' Haynes Publishing, 1987.


Martinet Tractor, 1920, on the base of Citroën B2. Pict J M Maclou, Rétromobile, Paris, 2012 02 03.



Latil TL. Pict J M M at Loco en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2009 06 13.




Mobility device on MAN tractor. J M M at La Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2005 05 12.




M A N Ackerdiesel. Attachment on rear wheels were used to increase traction. Latil had a similar system. Pict J M M at Loco en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2009 06 13.


Case Tractor in the 20s. Pict J M M at Rétromachines, Cordelles, France, 2009 08.



4x4 from www.offroadvehicle.ru. It looks like a County.



Laffly W 15 T of Saumur Museum seen at Villepinte in 2008 06. Pict J M M.


Laffly V-15R 4x4 reconnaissance vehicle during WWII in 1940. Composition specially painted for the review : 'L'automobiliste' by Alain Chevrier for an interesting issue N° 54 of Jan-Mar 1980 dealing with Laffly from 1934 to 1945 and written by Christian-H. Tavard.

laffly-1934-45-l-automobiliste.pdf Laffly-1934-45-l-automobiliste.pdf



Hotchkiss 4x4, 1937.http://slovari.yandex.ru/~книги/Военные автомобили/ГОЧКИСС/



Laffly 4x4 at Saumur Museum on Feb 2002. Pict J M M.




Laffly 4x4 R15R, 1936-37. Caster crossing are typical of Laffly vehicles. Pict. from Charge Utile, 1992





4x4 trailer whose wheels can be driven from PTO of the tractor. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Bordeaux, 2008 06.


Canadian patent N°2141239 Track device having wheel widening effect used for Hutdins Track-wheel. See Chapter 'One, 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles'. http://patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/patent/2141239/summary.html



SCM, Stéphanoise de Construction Mécanique,  St Etienne, France, 4x4 Tractor. Doc J M M.

 scm-articulated-4x4-h.pdf Scm-4x4-h.pdf



Jungle Jeep Amphibious ATV, 1988, built in aluminum and with hydrostatic drive. Speed 24 km/h, 50 hp Renault R14 Industrial, Manufacturer was in Buffalo, MN. This ATV was to sell on ebay in 2005.



Swamp Buggy Ford Coleman, 1951, from Internet.

 swamp-buggy-ford-coleman-1951-h.pdf Swamp-buggy-ford-coleman-1951-h.pdf





Amphibious vehicle seen on the site www.englishrussia.com; nice but not off-road.



CAT Loader with Michelin Tweel tires type X-Crane AT, 2006. Wheel compound of a tread connected to the rim by flexible spokes. Pict J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 2006 06.


Tomark Custom Rubber Tracks on wheels, about 2000. Doc J M M.


Intrac 4x4 tractor with Terra tires. Intrac, new concept launched by Deutz- Fahr in 1972 together with MB-Trac of Mercedes. From www.farmphoto.com



VAZ 1922, 4x4, about mid-2000s. http://www.auta5p.eu/katalog/bronto/vaz_1922_01.php



4x4 from Russia Unimog like    www.zvm-nn.ru


TPOM 4x4 from Youtube : ТРОМ роликовый на гусеницах. Снегоболотоход



Krepich-fortress of GAZ 66 fitted with hoops tires, Lypsoïd like. http://krepish.ucoz.ru/index/0-2


Grillo PK 1000 of Profpark from youtube : PK 1000 RPY

Multrac forestry vehicle in the 70s. From Alpages et Forêts, Veyrier du Lac, France. Doc J M M.

multrac.pdf Multrac.pdf



Unimog 401 is the first Unimog for agriculture, whose 700 were manufactured at Göppingen from 1949 to 1951. After being bought by Daimler-Benz, Unimog was produced at Gaggenau. Power was 25 hp at the beginning, then 30, fitted with portal axles and long travel helicoidally spring suspensions. A true all terrain !! Pict J M M at La Loco en Fête, La Ferté-Alais, May 2000.


Unimog 401. Pict J M M at La Loco en Fête, La Ferté-Alais, May 2000.


Unimog 401 still built in mid 50s became U411 manufactured until 1963.


Mercedes Unimog S from 1955 was a little truck with longer wheelbase and smaller wheels for civilian and military use. Doc J M M from Mercèdes.

Mercedes Unimog S



Unimog 406 unveiled in 1963. Engine from 65 hp to 110 hp in 1988. In 2000, U300, U400, U500 were new and produced at Wörth am Rhein from 2002. 320.000 copies had been produced at Gaggenau.



Unimog. Pict from J M Maclou, Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2012 06.



Tracteur Collard Overtrak or OVT 100 prototype of Collard Company-CMV unveiled in 1983. This new hydrostatic transmission tractor was fitted with Deutz engine 90 hp, hydraulic engines, brakes in each wheel, 4 wheels steering and crab, suspension by hydro-pneumatic actuator with 20 cm of travel, variable ground clearance from 65 to 85 cm. It was automatic self-leveling. Doc J M M.

 overtrak-of-collard-company-1983-h.pdf Overtrak-of-collard-company-1983-h.pdf



Tempo G 1200, 4x4, 1938, from Vidal & Sohn Tempo-Werk GmbH, Harburf-Withelmsburg, near Hambourg, Germany. With 2 engines 2x19hp, 2 swinging half-axles, steering front and rear, independent suspensions : 6 helicoidally springs, tubular frame, 1253 were produced, mainly during 1936-39, for Finland, Romania, Sweden, and Denmark. Equipped with spare wheels on sides, supposed to help to move better, it was suitable for army, off-roading, hunting, forestry, building sites, survey work. Speed 68 km/h. Pict from Wheels and Tracks N° 35, 1991.




Tempo Vidal G 1200 of Vidal & Sohn. Pict J M M at Strängnäs, Sweden, 2010 04



VB 100 Bison 4x4 Amphibious : studied by Victor Bouffort, first proto VB 120 was built in 1955 by Batignolles-Chatillon subsidiary of Creuzot-Loire and tested between 1956 and 1960. 5 copies of VB 100, bigger, were built in 1968 and the project abandoned in 1975. Empty mass 1300 kg, payload 2 t, speed 120 km/h, Chabay engine 90 hp. This picture by J M M represents a fire-fighting VB 100 at Saumur Tank Museum in 2006.

VB 100 Bison



Raba Tractor with hoops tires.  from www.forums.index.hu



Econ spreader for agriculture in the 70s. Now, the Econ Engineering Ltd, Otley, North Yorkshire, born in 1959, manufactures salt spreaders for roads. J M M Doc.



Low-Pressure Tire, 1928, from J.A. Musselman at Chicago could be the ancestor of Rolligon and Terra-Tires. Pict from Modern Mechanics, 1928.



Carmix concrete mixer from Italia. Pict J M M at Villepinte, June 2012.      http://www.carmix.com/en/products4x4-mixer-and-drumpers


Fiat 211R 4x4. Pict from the review 'Tracteurs Passion et Collection' Jan-fev 2012.


FWD Blue Ox, used from 1956 to 1960, was one of the first skidder built by Wagner Brothers. Its limitations were its rigid chassis.  http://www.fao.org/docrep/52298f/52298f0b.htm


GAZ-69C, 1960-61 with oversized tires.       http://avtocn.org.ua/2011/03/17/gaz-69-obrazec-dlya-odnogo-iz-variantov-prototipa-gaz-62/


Modified GAZ-69         http://avtocn.org.ua/2011/03/17/gaz-69-obrazec-dlya-odnogo-iz-variantov-prototipa-gaz-62/


MTVOu-2 of Nami in the 50s. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 11 Tome I'. 1995.


Russian Prototype MVTu-2, 1958, proto issued of GAZ-69 to test roll tires 'Rolligon like' by Gorky Automotive Institute, Bauman Institute of Moscow and Nami Institute. See Chap 'Rolligons and Terratires'  http://avtocn.org.ua/2011/03/17/gaz-69-obrazec-dlya-odnogo-iz-variantov-prototipa-gaz-62/



ZIL 132S, 1964, conceived by SBK Grachev had Hydraulic motors moving rear rolls. Vehicles as Airoll like PCU-1 were better when ZIL 132S  bogged down with too high rolling resistance. Hoops tires had lower torque and rolls wore out quickly on roads. http://strangernn.livejournal.com/546661.html


Vehicle to move on ice on the base of GAZ-69, developed by designers s of Oulianovsk Automobile Plant. http://avtocn.org.ua/2011/03/17/gaz-69-obrazec-dlya-odnogo-iz-variantov-prototipa-gaz-62/


Sisu 4x4 A-45/KB-45, 1965, from Finland. The flexible frame helps moving on uneven terrains. A hydraulically powered trailer could be added. Picture from book of Nick Baldwin 'The Illustrated History of Off-Road Vehicles' Haynes Publishing, 1987.


TGW, 4x4, 5 t modified truck   http://www.tgwforums.com/post?id=5320567&trail=25




Meili off-road crane from Viktor Meili in the 80s. Speed 45 hm/h. Picture from book of Gerold Röthlin ‘From Autotractor to modern special vehicles’ from Verlag Gerold Röthlin, Kriens, 2004.



Ford GPA, Amphibious, 1942. 12800 units were produced until 1943 whose 3250 for Russian Army. This one was modified in the 60s. Pict J M M at Rétromobile, Paris, 2012 02 03.



Hobbycar, 1995, built by François Wardavoir and Serge Desmarais was very sophisticated. Peugeot engine 1900 cc, 2 hydro-jets, hydraulic suspensions, composite material body, 140 km/h on land, 16 km/h on water, it was the first amphibian made in France for civilian market. Pict J M M at Rétromobile, Paris, on 2012 02 03.




Reform Mounty 100V Gyrocrusher. Pict J M M at  Forexpo, Mimizan, France on 2012 06.



Staub Lunic, 1961, wheeled and tracked tractor, built in Hérault. Marketed following to agreement between Blank, Blanc and Staub. Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.

Lunic tractor conceived by Karl Blank for Unirag. Joseph Blanc at Lunel imported the Lunic in France. Equipped for skid steering and FWD,  this tractor could have wheels and tracks : when wheels sank, track added traction. See the good site for vineyard tractors made in Hérault (Montpellier, Bézier).    www.tracteurdevigne.jimdo.com



Valor Motriss 4 Prestige with FWD and FWS, hydrostatic steering in the 60s. Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.



Valor Escalator straddle tractor,

1969. Picture from the book of Christian Descombes : ‘Encyclopédie des tracteurs fabriqués en France des origines à nos jours’, ETAI, Boulogne-Billancourt, 2001.



Axiss of GRV straddle tractor, Péronne, France, used for vineyard. FWD and hydrostatic transmission.       http://www.grv-production.com/ovtract/axiss-8521-14.html  and youtube : Axiss par Grosjean René Viticole      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7vkomo5DsQ&feature=related      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1VMYcc4bUg


Personnel transport TP13 of France Loader, 4x2. Pict of J M Maclou at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France 2012 08.


Personnel  transport vehicle. Pict of J M Maclou at Rodolphe Pit, MDPA : Mines Domaniales  de Potasses d’Alsace, Ecomusée d’Alsace and Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin, France, 2012 08.


Volvo Sugga TP21 RAPTGB 915 produced at Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1953 to 1958 at 725 units, mainly used as radio command car. Its very good off-road performances made it use in Swedish Army for three decades. Pict J M M at Rétromobile, Paris, 2007 02.



Volvo 4x4 Carrier L3304. J M M at La Locomotion en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2004 05 12



Dodge 4x4, 1935, dual front tires. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Wheeled Vehicles’, Crestline Publishing (Motorbook), 1983.




Dodge W 500 Power Wagon with Goodyear Terra-Tires prototype of McKenzie, Houston, Texas in 1959. Doc J M M from Dodge.

Dodge W 500 Power Wagon with Terra-tires


Dodge Power Wagon on Terra-Tires, 1964, in tropical jungle of Panama with tank trailer for water or fuel. Pict from 'Argus' 27 Feb 1964.




Dodge with oversized tires in Australia.    http://www.oldcmp.net/hcvs_2.html




Dodge 4x4.  Pict J M M at Loco en Fête, La Ferté Alais, 2009 06 13.



Proto Bear 4x4 issued from UAZ 452.



Homemade 4x4, very light vehicle, from Russia,  from youtube : Биг-Фут




Krepich-fortress of GAZ 66 fitted with hoops tires , Lypsoïd like. http://krepish.ucoz.ru/index/0-2



ATP Fortress on GAZ-66-11, 2008, 40 km/h, with hoops tires, VTT SaTras, Tver region.          http://strannik.flyboard.ru/topic319.html  and  http://krepish.ucoz.ru/photo     and   http://satras.ru/



Seaver ZVM issued of GAZ-3308, the ZVM-3966 Seaver was conceived at the end of 2008. The classic idea is to fit big wheels on portal axles with reduction in the hub which lowers ground pressure and increases ground clearance. http://girtek.ru/tekhnika/siver.php               http://extreme-nk.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1131&p=17321


UAZ 452 modified, 2005            



Fordson with Straussler tyres, 1949. The low ground pressure 'Lypsoïd' tires were made by Nicholas Straussler Company, London. Pict. from 'Ford Tractor conversions' by Stuart Gibbard, Press Book, 1995.



Straussler tires on tractors, upper twin-Ford-engine 4x4 truck and below a St-Chamond tractor in the 50s. Pict from review Wheels & Tracks N° 36, 1991.


Floating wheels of Straussler mounted on Nuffield/Wolseley FV 1800 Mudlark vehicle. They were also tested on Jeep and Austin Champ. Pict from review Wheels & Tracks N° 36, 1991.



GAZ63 truck fitted with hoops tires.           http://tehno.claw.ru/shared/auto/information/2-107.htm




ZIS150, 1957, fitted with hoops tires, looking like Lypsoïd tires of Straussler. http://tehno.claw.ru/shared/auto/information/2-107.htm



ZIL 130 fitted with hoops tires at rear. Pict from book of Alain Dupouy 'Les Véhicules tout terrain' N°11 Tome I, Généralités, Dupouy Editor, 1995.



Articulated 4x4 from Surgut region, 2008. www.strannik.flyboard.ru


Lopasnya, 2008-2010, modified UAZ 452, low pressure tires are mounted on original axles.



Barca (or Leopard) of Uzhur of Krasnoïark, Russia.


Avtogalosha, 2008, prototyp of Metelisa tested by people of Dubna, Russia. A that time, proto was not directional, it went straight.




Avtogalosha Drive Tests to enhance friction. www.strannik-v.ru



Ford Thames Trader mounted on Terra-Tires for use in sand in 1961. Below, a Bedford truck and Dyson trailer on marshy ground. J M M collection.



County 4x4 in the 50s. Pict from site www.farmphoto.com



County Aicraft tug, 1967.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.


County Four Drive.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.



County Four Drive introduced in 1954. Based on the crawler unit, the front wheels were chain driven from the rear axle. It was skid steered and could tow 60 T. From site www.farmphoto.com


County Muli 50, FWD, 46 hp, was an Austrian built tractor-transporter imported in England by County in the 80s.  Pict Power Farming, March 1983.



County Muli, built and marketed by Reform Company in Austria from 1981 and imported by County. For high ground clearance of 0.8 m, vehicle was fitted with drop axle boxes and large diameter wheels.  Picture from book ‘County’ of Stuart Gibbard, Farming Press, 1997.



Laverda 4x4 prototype from Laverda, Brefenza, Italia, in 1984 looks like a Pinzgauer Steyr Puch but the rigid chassis is associated with classic axles and suspensions. Pict from 'Autoverte', Sept 1983.



Brimont Latil Industrial and TP tractor TL 80, 110hp. Latil Company was created in 1898 after Georges Latil, the first, patented in 1897 a driven and steered front axle. After numerous alliances and names, Marcel Brimont acquired Société Latil Batignolles in 1974 but Brimont was bought by Bergerat-Monnoyeur (Caterpillar Importer) in 1987. Pict J M M collection, Brimont Brochure.

Brimont-Latil TL 80



Agrip Type ARD Forestry tractor, 60-85 hp. Agrip builds skidders and power line pullers since 1950 at Lignières, Cher, France. From mechanics works of 1930 to forestry tractors in the 70s, Maurice Duprat left his mark. In 1982, The company was sold to Cemet Company, subsidiary of Renault Agriculture. Cemet-Agrip was sold in 1986 to Rauma-Repola of Finland but in 1989, Jacques Personnat became head of Agrip and today, the company maintains and manufacture parts of 4000 machines of more 20 years, renovates, refurbishes, and manufactures new tractors on demand. Pict J M M collection, Agip Brochure.




Agrip ARD 15, early 50s, 20 hp, mass 1450 kg, for agricultural, forestry and construction work built by Maurice Duprat of Agrip Tractor, Lignères, Cher, France. Picture J M M from Locomotion en fête, La Ferté Alais, 2004 06.



Labourier CL5 Forestry Tractor, early 60s, fitted with three points suspension. In 1923, Labourier manufactured textiles, electric equipment, bicycles and parts for buses and tractors. It became in 1946 the official importer of FWD trucks witch it built later. Till 1985, all production was built by the Society, particularly 500 trucks and 15000 tractors. Pict J M M collection, Labourier Brochure.

 Labourier CL5 Tractor




Labourier LDF 4x4 of the 50s. This one had dual wheels to run in sand. Labourier, Mouchard, Jura, France. Pict J M M collection, Labourier Brochure.

labourier-ldf-4x4.pdf Labourier-ldf-4x4.pdf



Seiga 4x4 from Tayreed

Company, Errol, Perthshire equipped with low ground pressure Rolligons. Seiga vehicles are built today in Hungary.


seiga-turtoise.pdf Seiga-Tortoise.pdf



Seiga 4x4 http://hy.bestpicturesof.com/n%C3%A1darat%C3%B3/1#Picasa



Bayerische Traktoren, Universal traktor, München, 1960. Pict from 'Argus' March 1960, J M M collection.

Bayerische Traktoren, Universal traktor, 1960


Bayerische Traktoren, Universal traktor, 1960.

Bayerische Traktoren, Universal traktor, 1960



MOL 4x4 Buggy. J M M at Balainvilliers, 1989 06.



4x4 from Alexey Garagashyan    http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7253                         http://garagashyan.ru/




VTT from Lunohodov.net   http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=281512      



Russian 4x4    




Climbing trees                http://vk.com/photo-28966895_291798552      http://vk.com/album-28966895_164743907


Bear-2.        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUUlYcXnxZk


 Balloon tires car on ice  http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/ptaha1983/view/



 4x4 from Alexey Garagashyan   http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7253                      http://garagashyan.ru/