8x8 of Alexey. It represents 2 years of work. He projects to build another but he does not know how to industrialize and market his 8x8.   http://youtu.be/c_bvGZNjf24.



SBH-5 8x8 Arcoudi, Irbit, Russia :  www.snegobolotohod.narod.ru



Wanderer articulated 8x8 rover, from Limited Liability Company "Nord - Auto", Yaroslavl Region, Russia, 2006, Wheels are driven by friction. http://vezdehod-strannik.ru/



8x8 from Vostryakov in Tomsk district, Russia. Payload 500kg, 1000 kg on trailer, consumption 10l/100 km. 30 km/h, about mid-2000s. From www.carplaza.ru


Wanderer 8x8. 

http://www.autoreview.ru/archive/2006/02/Vezdehod/  http://vezdehod-strannik.ru/



Wanderer 8x8       http://strannik.flyboard.ru/topic1296.html



Mexa-Clark double articulated 8x8 was one of the three versions of Mexa or Vexa vehicles (one 8x8 with double articulation, one articulated 10x10 and an articulated tracked) witch were tested to compare from 1967 to 1972 in soft soils. Mass 7 T for the 3 models. WES, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, where these vehicles stay now in open air, was the supervisor of the project, intended to compare means of locomotion and verify calculations. http://www.jedsite.info/tractors-mike/mike/mexaclark_series/8x8/8x8.html


Mexa-Clark (or Vexa) Mobility Test Rig double articulated 8x8. Pict of 'Journal of Terramechanics', 1970, Vol 7, N°1, Pergamon Press, later Elsevier.



MEXA or Vexa 8x8 double Jointed. The joint has positive pitch control and inching system. Pict of 'Journal of Terramechanics', 1970, Vol 7, N°1, Pergamon Press, later Elsevier.



Mexa-Clark (or Vexa) articulated 10 x10. The 3 versions were fitted with an inching system, which curiously revealed useless in very soft soils, while they performed well. However, mass of 7 tons to carry 3 tons only was considered as poor. Pict of SAE Paper, Society of Automotive Engineers, N° 730037 on MEXA, Jan 1973.



MARV of GM Defense, 5 units, in 1963, with engine, automatic transmission and a suspension in each unit. Steering was actuated by remote control valve and cylinders. Pict of 'Journal of Terramechanics', 1970, Vol 7, N°1, Pergamon Press, later Elsevier.

Articulated, Wheeled Off-the-road Vehicles



Five units articulated vehicle by Bekker of G M Defense Research Laboratory, Santa Barbara, in the 60s. Each unit powered by individual power plant was connected by universal joints and stabilized by helical springs. From 'J. of Terramechanics', Pergamon Press 1966, Elsevier.


Radio controlled Ebeaver 8x8 whose proto was presented at Elmia Wood in 2009. 2100 kg, engine 21,7 kW. From   :   http://www.ebeaver.se/



Pavesi Model 26 Tractor. Advertising from Pavesi. Pict from the book of Claudio Pergher : 'La macchine de Pavesi', Gruppo Modellistico Trentino, 2002.



Armstrong Siddeley Pavesi, 8x8, 1932.




Armstrong Pavesi articulated 8x8, 1932. Pict from the site www.trucksplanet.com



Armstrong-Siddeley prototype, 2-tons payload, Pavesi-Wilson steering, in 1932 was an articulated 8x8 without suspension and not power-assisted steering. www.trucksplanet.com



Pavesi 8x8. Conversion of 4x4 into 8x8 by Pavesi using walking beam to follow rugged terrain. This prototype was sent in England and is known as 8x8 Armstrong-Siddeley Pavesi Wilson. A tracked version was also tested. Upper : Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Army vehicles Directory to 1940’, Warne, 1974. Lower : Pict from the book of Claudio Pergher :’Le Macchine di Pavesi’, Gruppo Modellistico Trentino di studio e ricerda storica, Trento, Sept 2002.



Armstrong Siddeley articulated, 8x8, 1929. Development of Pavesi 4x4 design. Pict from the book of Bart H. Vanderveen ‘The Observers Army Vehicles Directory to 1940’, Warne, 1974.


Homemade 8x8 forwarder of the 70s at Abondance, France. J M M Archives.



Mexa-ClarkTruck staying at Waterways Experiment Station, Vickburg, Mississipi, in 2012.                                  http://www.com-central.net/index.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=15161



Alstor 8x8 forwarder. Pict J M M at Forexpo, Mimizan 2012 06,


Alstor 8x8 for utility and forestry. AB Alstor, created in 1997 by Lars Jansson at Dingle, Sweden, produced over 300 machines. His son Kristian Laurell took over the company in 2010. Speed 25 km/h, tracks can be added on wheels. Stability is good despite a high ground clearance thank to the width and length.      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xis5rM5HS5Y&feature=player_embedded#!



Alstor 8x8. http://www.alstor.se/default.asp?Language=en


Log Lander 8x8 forwarder from Entracon Forshaga AB, Forshaga, Sweden. 51 kw engine, hydrostatic transmission, mass 5,4 t, capacity 4,5 t, 18 km/h. http://www.loglander.se/



US001305228-001 Articulated wheeled vehicle patent of Maxwell, 1919.



US001305228-003 Articulated wheeled vehicle patent of Maxwell, 1919.