Hägglunds in action from site http://www.extreme



Farmi-Track 975 SK of Normet Corporation, Finland.

farmi-trac-5000-h.pdf Farmi-trac-5000-h.pdf





Farmi-Trac 5000, 1989 from http://www.mascus.com/




Tracked forwarder from   www.fonateam.ch




Kässborher Flexmobil with tracked trailer at Val d'Isère on 1989 08 14. This is a tractor and a removable trailer, not a true articulated vehicle : steering mechanism is in the tractor. Pict J M M.


Kässborher Flexmobil with tracked (powered or not) trailer at Val d'Isère on 1989 08 14. Pict J M M.



Terri 2000 was imported by Technamm, Lambesc, picture J M M, August 1993.




Terri 2000 was imported by Technamm, Lambesc, picture J M M, August 1993.









Terri 34 forwarder, mass 4340 kg, payload 4000 kg, Perkins engine 60 hp. Terri 1000, 1020 (with Nordtrac Oy) , 2020 (in the 80s) were manufactured in Tärnjö, Sweden. See chapter 'Changes around the tracks I'. www.terri.se from

Terri 2020 D of Nordtrac


Terri 34 forwarder, 2007.       http://www.lesni-technika.cz/EN/Assets/Foto/TERRI/index.html?detectflash=false&




Terri ATD 3020 from Alfing i Älmhult AB, Älmhult, Sweden. 21.5 kW, hydrostatic transmission, Mass 1970 kg. The first proto was built by Valmet at Helsinki, Finland in 1971. After many locations and models, Terri became Swedish in 1995 and built at Heby.


Terri 34 from 2009.



Wagner Four tracks C55 of Wagner Mining Scoop Company, Portland, Oregon of the Four Wheel Drive Auto Cy, Clintonville, Wisconsin in 1962. Capacity 16 t, 185 hp, 25 km/h.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.



Terrapin, Dynamometer Musk Ox, 1961, by WNRE for Aberding Proving Grounds, Maryland. This articulated vehicle, rather new at that time, was used to test vehicles in marginal terrains. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Michigan, XM-549 articulated 8x8 Quad Track Cargo Truck (5 T), prototype of Detroit Arsenal in 1961-62, built to test mobility of a vehicle running on wheels or on removable tracks. The North King (1952) of Bruce Nodwell, Calgary, had the same features.

Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.


Michigan XM549, 8x8, 1963. Michigan Equipment Company fitted with light tracks and tension idler. This articulated vehicle with walking beams was highly mobile. Nevertheless, tracks lowered speed and required maintenance, increased noise level, the time to mount and disassemble tracks was too long and the payload lowered due to the mass of tracks. Picture from book of Fred Crismon ‘US Military Tracked Vehicles’, Motorbook International Publishers & Wholesalers, 1992.



Volvo BV 202 built at Avrika, Sweden, from 1964 to 1981.

This vehicle has been the first articulated tracked vehicle series produced. Picture from J M M at Duxford Museum near Cambridge, August 2002.


Volvo BV 202. Picture from J M M at Duxford Museum, August 2002.


BV 202, Bandvagn 202, of Volvo BM, Subsidiary of Volvo. Pict J M M, Beltring, GB, 2004 07 23.



BV202 fully amphibious Bandvagn from Vovo BM of Avrika, Sweden. It replaced Snow Trac ST4 before it was itself replaced by BV 206 Hagglünds. BV 202 represents the first mass produced articulated tracked vehicle. It is here converted into forestry work.


BV 202 Volvo in the 60s.   http://mvcgfrance.org/techtalk8.html



STVAB TL6 tracked vehicle, for Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB, Skellefteå, Sweden, part of Norrlandsindustrier AB. The Company started in 2010 but since 1986 Berco Produktion AB had produced superstructures for terrain vehicles in collaboration with BAE Systems Hägglunds AB. The TL6 has 250 hp Cummins engine, Volvo cab, Allison transmission, hydrostatic steering articulated. Total mass 11 t, 40 km/h on road. They can see on the picture that this vehicle is equipped with positive pitch control. http://stvab.se/index.php?id=470&L=1



Hägglunds BV 206 imported by Technamm, Lambesc, France. Picture J M M on August 1993.


Hägglunds BV 206 imported by Technamm, Lambesc, picture J M M on August 1993. J M M archives.

hagglunds-bv-206-hh.pdf Hägglunds-bv-206-hh.pdf

hagglunds-bv-206-h-1.pdf Hägglunds-bv-206-h-1.pdf

hagglunds-bv-206-carrier-h.pdf Hägglunds-bv-206-carrier-h.pdf

hagglunds-bv-206-h.pdf Hägglunds-bv-206-h.pdf








Hagglünds BV 206    







Berco TL6 articulated vehicle, 2006, of Berco Production AB, Skellefteä, Sweden. It is issued from the BAE Systems Hägglünds tracked vehicle.

berco-nu.pdf Berco-nu.pdf


Snow Track, 2007, Pict of Patrice in the site    http://www.lone-rover.com/cpg1412/displayimage.php?album=98&pos=24



Hägglunds Bandvagn BV 206, articulated tracked vehicle from the mid-80s. Ford engine 99 kW, Mass 4500 kg whose 2240 kg payload, It is probably the most widespread articulated vehicle in occidental world. Pict from the review 'Autoverte', Feb. 1985.


Hägglunds Prototype of the 80s made from BV 206 to evaluate concept of active pitch control. More, the link between fore and aft sections had been extended. It was built to test the articulation for Udes XX20. Pict from 'Defense & Arms' N°2, Nov 1981.



Hägglunds test bed for large obstacles crossing. Pict D & A N° 2, Nov 1981.





Hägglunds Prototype. Pict D & A N° 2, Nov 1981.





Hägglunds BV 206 in 2004 here equipped with positive pitch control, which enable it to take V or A position for better crossing obstacles. Pict from 'Military Machine International', Sept 2004.



Toyzilla articulated tracked vehicle, homemade in mid-2000 in Oregon.



Articulated GAZ 3344, 2011.





GAZ Uker  http://krpb.ru/viewtopic.php?t=992




SUM-8 BARS, 1996.      http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6259&start=0






SHM-8 VEGA, 1992     http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6259&start=0


SKhM-3, Snow and Swamp vehicle, 1992, from VAZ plant Russia. Payload 500 kg, 63 hp, rubber coated tracks with a ground pressure of 0,07 kg/cm². Intended to use by people in remote areas.  Pict from book of Alain Dupouy, Auto-éditeur : 'Les véhicules tout-terrain N° 13 Tome III'. Grenoble, 1995.



'Unzha' of ZVM Off-Road Vehicles conceived for fret and passengers, until 5 persons + 300 kg load in the first section and 1200 kg in the second. Engine is in the front section, speed 40 km/h. Tracks are equipped with soft rubber wideners.



ZVM Unzha articulated vehicle ZVM, created in 2004, is issued from Nijni-Novgorod University.       http://www.zvm-nn.ru/info/history/                http://www.zvm-nn.ru/info/going_vehicle/


T 150x2  HTZ  Proto   http://fermer.ru/forum/obshchie-voprosy-po-selskokhozyaistvennoi-tekhnike/130694?page=1    http://www.techstory.ru/foto18/11/t150x2_arx.jpg





Meili Tracked Snow-Flex designed in 1966-67 by Ernst Meili Jr, for Celerina resort, Switzerland. The principle of the famous Wheeled Flextrac of Meili in 1958 was applied again to this tracked version. The tracks ramming became more and more planed and non-articulated groomers, less expensive, did the same work. Unfortunately, it was discontinued.

 Pictures from the book of Gerold Röthlin ‘From Autotractor to modern special vehicles’ from Verlag Gerold Röthlin, Kriens, 2004.





Pontus SK, articulated tracked forwarder manufactured by Pellopaja Oy Finland from 1996. 16 kw 3 cylinders diesel Kubota engine, hydrostatic transmission, 1,9 t, length 5,8 m. http://www.bengts.com/machinepontus.html



Lokomo 929 fitted with 4 tracks, 1976, Tampere, Finland, subsidiary of Rauma-Repola Oy. They were sold in France and Benelux by Brimont. J M M archives.


 Lokomo 2



Iller D200F SK, 1988. http://www.bengts.com/machineiller.html



Nami 0106, 1965, articulated pneumatic tracked prototype. Tests in snow, swamp, jungle were good. Variable pressure in the tracks allowed increasing the lateral stiffness of the tracks leading to lateral instability. http://www.os1.ru/article/history/



Nami SZMU, 'Honeycomb' track increased traction but lacked reliability. At the end of the 60s, it appeared that 'scientific work was very interesting but practical application of those structures was not very clear'. 40 year later, ecology (permafrost on the tundra) could help to remind pneumatic tracks. See Chap' Pneumatic Tracks'.







Prinoth TR at 'Chalet des Pierres' at Courchevel, France. Prinoth AG, Sterzing, Italy, subsidiary of Leitner AG. http://www.damage-dameuses.com/t353-quelle-marque

prinoth-tr-h.pdf Prinoth-tr-h.pdf






Prinoth TR. J M M archives.




Formatic 4 All Terrain Carrier of Formedia, Replot, Finland. Low ground pressure of 71 g/cm², speed 32 km/h, GM-Isuzu 67 HP, hydrostatic transmission, empty mass : 3500 kg, payload : 2300 kg. The Formatic Finland Oy AB brand belongs to Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG since 2008 and snow-groomers are still manufactured in Replot. http://www.safetyoneinc.com/specsheets/pdf/FormaticAll


formatic-all-terrain-carrier-in-www-safetyoneinc-com.pdf Formatic-all-terrain-carrier-in-www-safetyoneinc-com.pdf



Formatic P6-300T, from 1982, 300 Hp engine, hydrostatic drive, 50 km/h, 7 T payload is still manufactured today on request. Kaj Carlson created Norcar in 1969 and built grooming machines since 1984 under the name Formatic and Hydrolink Oy Ab that now belongs to Kassbohrer Gelandefarhrzeug AG . http://www.safetyoneinc.com/specsheets/pdf/FormaticP6-300T.pdf



Natech P6 500M at Villepinte in 1998 06. Pict J M M.

natec-p6-h.pdf Natec-p6-h.pdf



Formatic P6       http://agritrader.eu/vehicles-transportation/custom-construction/used/other/hcc-formatic-p_a130368?cookies_allow=


Drilling vehicle of Richard Drilling Ltd.    http://www.grichard




Canadair Dynatrac CL 91 studied and built at only 66 copies between 1968 and 1976 by Canadair Flextrac at Calgary. Payload 900 kg. See Chapter : Nodwell, Canadair Flextrac and Foremost. Pict J M M archives, from Bombardier involved with Canadair in the 80s.


Canadair Dynatrac in snow. Documentation J M M from Bombardier.

Canadair Dynatrac

Articulated tracked vehicles


Canadair Dynatrac swimming. Documentation J M M from Bombardier.


Canadair Dynatrac on slope. Documentation J M M from Bombardier.


Canadair Dynatrac. Documentation J M M from Bombardier.


Canadair Dynatrac with 3 units. Documentation J M M from Bombardier.



Farmi Trac 833 of Normet Oy, Peltosalmi and now Iisalmi, Finland, manufactured from mid-80s to the beginning of the century. Engine 30 kW, speed 20 km/h, mass 2400 kg, hydrostatic transmission. Nowadays, Normet Oy built mining and tunneling equipment but also trailers for forestry.


Normet Farmi Trac 5000 forest articulated vehicle from 1989. www.emn.fordaq.com

Farmi Trac of Normet Oy

Farmi-Trac Oy Normet



Patruuna Of Pellonpaja Oy, Finland which manufactured too the Pontus Miniskotare 4x4 SK. Now, it builds trailers. Picture from SIMA, Paris, February 1997.


Raidtrac 1800 with trailer for Forestry. http://www.vintage





Logbear FH 4000 forwarder, Perkins engine 81 hp, hydrostatic transmission, 3 differentials locks, 16 km/h, hydraulic oil tank capacity 175 l, very low ground pressure : 0,46 kg/cm². Logbear Oy is at Rovaniemi, Finland. http://www.logbear.fi/index.php?sivu=tuote.php&tuote=korjuukone&kieli=en






P15 Groomer of Prinoth. See chap 'Changes around the track I'.     




Prinoth P15 snow groomer articulated on the width. From Ernst Prinoth in the 60s. See Chapter : 'Changes around the tracks I'.


Prinoth P15



P15 of Prinoth marketed by Rolba in 1965. This groomer was articulated on width instead of length. Pict at Grand Bornand.     http://img366.imageshack.us/img366/7972/tempse3.jpg           http://www.haute-tarentaise.net/t230p25-ekles-dameuses-de-l-espace-killy.



Shantui DLY 100 tracked articulated snow vehicle with Cumming 97 hp engine, grade ability 70%, 30 km/h, Mass 7800 hg, Shantui Construction machinery Ltd, China, builds construction equipment too. http://www.samosval.kz/catalog/specztexnika/specztexnika1/spectehnika-raznaya/DLY100




Sisu NA-140, now Patria Vehicles, subsidiary of Patria of Hämeenlinna, Finland, is fully amphibious. 500 were built. Payload 1950 kg and trailer 2500 kg. Total mass 5250 kg, GM engine of 152 hp, 6 km/h in water and 65 km/h on land. Aris tracked vehicles are issued from Sisu. J M M archives.

Sisu NA-140

aris-brt-87d.pdf Aris-brt-87d.pdf





Bandit homemade Snow Track articulated vehicle. Picture is from 2005 and no more is known. http://www.forumsforums.com/3_9/showthread.php?t=21742


Bandit Snow Track.



Telakarhu 2000 Multiworker, forwarder of the 80s, built at Kurrikka, Finland. http://suomenmuse





Telakarhu 2000 Multiworker



Iguana of David Hansen. See Chap 'Changes around the track II. About 1997.     http://iguanatracked




David Hansen, graduated of Utah University, 25 years of sales engineer with degrees in aeronautical technology and industrial engineering worked since 1988 to an improved marginal tracked vehicle mainly for civilian use. Iguana Technology was created. First proto was a quad bike with tracks and the second (1991) a little John Deere tractor equipped with the new tracks. The third, on left picture, was the result of Iguana Tech and TSG Technical Solution Group since 2000. Pict from the review 'Military Machine International', July 2004. See Chap 'Changes around the track II. Mid 90s.      http://iguanatracked




Third prototype for M22-Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft program had not been chosen because too heavy. A fourth and last proto, on left, was presented in 2004 and regroup all David Hansen's patents. Pict from  www.atavinc.com


Front of track of Iguana shows the centrally pivoting walking beam, as agricultural tractors. The patented rubber cone track provides maximum traction and no damage the ground. Ground pressure is less than 0,07 kg/cm² and speed on land or water about 60 km/h. On water, the front of the vehicle is raised thanks to cylinders of pitch control and the vehicle is propelled very fast by means of its tracks only. Pict from 'Military Machine International', Sept 2004.


Iguana Vehicle has numerous patents. In addition of centrally pivoting bar, the suspension is provided by the combination of track tension (patented), pneumatic tires and idler wheels, while rear section, with the engine, is patent pending pneumatic sprung and very simple. Pict from 'Military Machine International', Sept 2004.


Iguana Vehicle of David Hansen is equipped with positive pitch control whose cylinder is seen here and allows to cross vertical walls of 1,22 m. Transmission is mechanical and engine 200 hp.

Pict from 'Military Machine International, Sept 2004.


Iguana, now ATAV (Advanced Technology All-Terrain Amphibious) should be series produced in Indiana mid-2011, with a hydrostatic transmission, but project was cancelled.



Mexa-Clark articulated tracked vehicle, 1965, whose the third version (tracked) is pictured, like others versions, articulated wheeled 8x8 and 10x10, here in the open air 'museum' of Waterways Experiment Station (WES) at Vicksburg, Mississippi where they were tested in 1971. It was found that 3 t payload was not sufficient for the mass of the vehicle (9 T). http://www.jedsite.info/tractors-mike/mike/mexaclark_series/tracked/tracked.html


Second body of Mexa-Clark articulated tracked vehicle is shown here with joint and inching system. http://www.jedsite.info/tractors-mike/mike/mexaclark_series/tracked/tracked.html



The joint between the two bodies of Mexa-Clark articulated tracked vehicle. http://www.jedsite.info/tractors-mike/mike/mexaclark_series/tracked/tracked.html




Consolidated Industries built Sno-Terrain in the 60s made of two enclosed Weasel, which led to Artic Personnel Carrier of WNRE. http://www.m29cweasel.com/articles/art_consolidated.html


Artic Personnel Carrier by Wilson, Nuttal, Raimond Engineers (WRNE), Md, was based on the Weasel and their Polecat of the late 50s. http://www.m29cweasel.com/articles/art_consolidated.html



Big Trax 10 dumper of Barford, Grantham, Lincolnshire, GB, 10 t capacity, Iveco engine 94 kW. Tracks are unusual design. It seems this company is shut since 2011.




Barford Big Trax. See Chap 'Change Around the Track II'. www.roadtransport.com






Antonio Carraro SRX Allblack, 2008.    http://www.powerboost.info/actualites/chrome-et-chenilles-pour-le-srx-allblack-0047.html


Loglander LL84 B, 72 hp, 18 km/h, tracked forwarder       http://www.directindustry.com/prod/entracon-trade-sro/forestry-forwarders-57002-371400.html http://www.loglander.se/

Alstor 8x8 with tracks, from Sweden. http://www.alstor.se/

Alstor 8x8 with tracks, from Sweden. http://www.alstor.se/




PATV1 climbing a wall. Pict from 'Journal of Terramechanics', vol 28, 1991.




Articulated Tracked Vehicle PATV1 of Forest Products Research Institute, Japan about 80s. It could climb vertical wall of 90 cm being equipped of positive pitch, yaw and roll controls seen on drawing. 62 hp, mass 6300 kg, ground pressure 0,385 kgf/cm². http://www.ffpri.affrc.go.jp/labs/zoki/atv/atv-2.html


Articulated Tracked Vehicle PATV2, second prototype with all positive controls in a different joint with 5 degrees of freedom. Isuzu engine 110 hp, mass 8200 kg, ground pressure 0,471 kg/cm². www.ffpri.affrc.go.jp




Bronco Singapore Technologies Kinetics, articulated tracked vehicle built in early 2000 by ST Kinetics, Singapore. http://www.jedsite.info/fulltrack-bravo/bravo/bronco_series/bronco/bronco-intro.html

bronco-cav.pdf Bronco-cav.pdf





DT-2 of Machine Building Company, about 2009.





SV-2P articulated Transporter from SARL 'Bashterratehnika' appeared at a demonstration in 2004. It was the younger brother of 'Vityaz'.  http://voenavto.almanacwhf.ru


Gastroymashina DTM-081 from the site www.krpb.ru http://skbgsm.ru/vezdehod_dtm-081



Oxen 4 tracks, from Sweden.


Tandem Oxen Myreback        http://www.myreback.com/tandem-oxen.html



ALH prototype manufactured in Montana in 1973-74, designed by a man who worked for GM. Pict in 2007 by Grye, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ALH_sno-cat_1.JPG


Tidue Tracked agricultural vehicle. Tidue s r l, Remedello, Brecia district, Italia, manufactures rubber tracks.   http://www.tidue.com/


Skogis 1000

Skogis 2000

Skogis forestry forwarder, designed by Helge Larsson at Hedge Technology, Krokom, Sweden in 2000. Three models were built : 1000 (1,5 m3 of wood) , 2000 (20 hp, capacity  2 m3 of wood)  and 3000 (30 hp, 3 m3 of wood). Ideal for sneaking through the trees in the forest and climb the rocks with its variable length. The front module had only one track on the belly of the body. http://skogis.blogg.se/

skogis-2000.pdf Skogis-2000.pdf

Terri, tracked, and wheeled trailer

US004253536-002 Articulated vehicle, 1981.

Sisu NA-140 amphibious around 1990. Oy Sisu-Auto Ab, Hämeenlinna, Finland. J M M archives.

sisu-na-120-carrier-h-1.pdf Sisu-na-120-carrier-h-1.pdf

Polecat of WNRE in the 60s. http://vadimvswar.narod.ru/ALL_OUT/TiVOut0204/DzvVh/DzvVh006.htm http://www.amphibians.spb.ru/2003_08_31.phtml