Ural 375D Irtysh 8x8

Irtysh 8x8 based on Ural 375D built at Omsk by Techno Service Company. https://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=ru&u=http://fishki.net/auto/2269869-ural-irtysh---spartanskij-supervezdehod.html&prev=search, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmxac7cKKFE

8x8 from Lunohodov

8x8 from Lunohodov with this comment : 'Lesha, you give 8 wheels from Kirovets !' http://lunohodov.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=412934

Mercedes Zetros 8x8

Mercedes Zetros 8x8. Paul Nutzfahrzeuge in Bavaria, transforms any truck (mainly Mercedes) at the customer's request. https://www.franceroutes.fr/actualites/paul-le-choix-de-la-singularite/

Tata LPTA 5252 12x12 truck

Tata LPTA 5252 12x12 truck for Indian Army. Payload 33t, 525 hp, 12x8, 12x10 or 12x12. http://www.military-today.com/trucks/tata_lpta_5252.htm

Tata LPTA 5252 12x12 truck

Tata LPTA 5252 12x12 truck. http://www.military-today.com/trucks/tata_lpta_5252.htm

Tata 12x12 Trucks

Tata 12x12 Trucks for Indian Army. https://www.indiamart.com/sarawagi-automobiles-ltd-/12x12.html, http://defenceforumindia.com/forum/threads/indian-military-trucks.45945/page-18

Taian hHTF680 12x12 Truck

Taian HTF5680 12x12 truck from China. 35 t payload, 571 hp, tire inflation system. This chassis has some degree of cross-country mobility but is intended to run on hard surface roads. http://www.military-today.com/trucks/taian_htf5680.htm

8x8 Wheel Steering Mobility Demonstrator of Renault

8x8 Wheel Steering Mobility Demonstrator of Renault, before VBCI 8X8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Archive J M M, X8A of RenaultX8A of Renault (346.62 Ko)

AEC Road Train 8x8

AEC Road Train 8x8, 1934. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/9-8x8-and-more-wheeled-rigid-vehicles-heavy.html, AEC Road Train 8x8AEC Road Train 8x8 (166.31 Ko)

Buffel TR 60 650 Titan-4 8x8

Büffel Titan-4 TR 60-650 8x8. 650 hp Mercedes Benz engine. Built by Hermann Bauch from Holzen near Reinstorf. 4WD and 4WS, crab walking. https://www.agrarheute.com/land-leben/schlepper-bueffel-titan-4-tr-60-650-v8-540094, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkW9pzcCM10, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHRNI0KGXaY

ETF 180 Metric Tonnes, 8x8

ETF 180 metric tons 8x8, from Slovenia. A 10x10 version is almost finished. http://www.etftrucks.eu/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tA9lG8WW0k, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUPaj5hi8KU

ETT Panhard 1957

ETT Panhard, 1957. From newspaper : l'Argus, page 1, 20 October 1957.

ETT Panhard 1958

ETT (Engin de Transport de Troupes) ETT Panhard, 1958. Rear wheels were no more steering. Central wheels were retractable. Only 28 units built for Portugal. Archives J M M. https://www.chars-francais.net/2015/index.php/liste-chronologique/de-1945-a-1990?task=view&id=1210ET

Hipopotam 8x8 Amphibious Vehicle

Hipopotam 8x8 amphibious vehicle from Poland. http://survincity.com/2013/08/oh-its-not-an-easy-job-behemoth-drag-out-of-the/

M656 8x8 Truck

M656 8x8 US truck, built by Ford in 1968-69. From review 'Wild Mook' N° 27, 1975.

SPRAT or PTA of cnim

SPRAT, of CNIM, Quick Installation System for Working. https://cnim.com/activites/defense-securite-et-intelligence-numerique/pont-dassaut-modulaire-pta, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SPRAT,_le_14_juillet_2012_%C3%A0_Paris.JPG, Sprat of cnimSprat of cnim (159.12 Ko)

Willeme PRP T40A Tidelium Creusot-Loire Industrie

Tank Transporter 8x6 Willème PRP T40A Tidelium Creusot-Loire Industries prototype with an AMX32. Ampliroll system (Bennes Marrel) was used to pull up the tank. Payload 40 t. Initially designed by Willème, in bankruptcy at the end of the 70s, the rights were later sold to Creuzot-Loire. Pict J M M at Saumur Museum on July 1998.

Hendrickson Big Henry

Hendrickson B Series, 'Big Henry' prime mover, Buffalo, NY, 8x4, 1964, 500 HP, 15% grade. It pulls on the picture a 1958 TALBERT 150 Ton low bed semi-trailer, owned by Higgins Erectors & Haulers, of Buffalo, NY. The brand, created in 1900, produced 300 vehicles a year in the 70s (crane carriers, airport ground support equipment, prime movers, motor home chassis, & fire trucks). Hendrickson was sold in 1985 and became HME, Hendrickson Mobile Equipment, in Illinois, producing fire trucks and truck components. About 21.000 custom trucks were built by the Company. https://www.flickr.com/photos/carhaul/4378333671, http://rollerman1.tumblr.com/post/139739014919/tandem-steer-all-wheel-drive-hendrickson-prime

Latil M4TX 8x8

Latil M4TX 8x8, prototype, 1938. For the help of B Tank, we had to test : Laffly S45T, Somua MSCL6 and Latil M4TX. Picture from GBM (Guerre, Blindés & Materiel) N° 155, Jan-Feb-Mar 2016.Latil M4TX 8x8Latil M4TX 8x8