Hewco Quad-Major 4x4

Hewco Quad-Major 4x4 tractor, only 3 manufactured, issued from Fordson Major. The final drive and gearbox of a second tractor on the rear make it FWD. https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/570127634071544610/

ADR in Trial 4x4, 1983

ADR in trial 4x4 1983. This articulated 4x4 built by Alain Cournil and Daniel Roche was used in trial competitions. Pneumatic suspensions were added and one can see the vehicle almost horizontal thanks to the suspension on one of the pictures above. https://www.forum4x4.org/threads/32583-R%C3%A9trospective-trial-4x4/page9, http://barjots4x4.discutforum.com/t6949p60-envie-d-un-proto-trial, https://www.forum4x4.org/threads/32583-R%E9trospective-trial-4x4/page8, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/industrial/cournil-tractor.html

SBH 4x4 Arcoudi

SBH 4x4 Arcoudi, Irbit. http://www.snegobolotohod.narod.ru/, http://strannik-v.ru/topic1380. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/11-4x4-wheeled-articulated-vehicle-medium.html

Articulated 4x4

Articulated 4x4 from Alberta sent by Christopher Silveira. It was built by a company called Canterra ? Who knows more ?

Ironclad robot ugv

Ironclad Robot UGV, from Global Dynamics, 2018. 200 kg payload, 1100 kg GVW, Diesel-electric 12 kw, articulated, FWD, 20 km/h, range 130 km. http://www.thefifthcolumn.xyz/Forum/viewthread.php?tid=35&page=6