Foremost Commander C

Foremost Commander C 2. www.foremost.ca

Foremost Commander C2

Foremost Commander C 2. www.foremost.ca

Foremost Commander C2

Foremost Commander C 2. www.foremost.ca

Foremost Delta 3

Foremost Delta 3 C. www.foremost.ca

Foremost Delta 3 C

Foremost Delta 3 C. www.foremost.ca

Foremost Marauder II Bed Truck

Foremost Marauder II Bed Truck, 1985. https://www.supplypost.com/equipment/makes/foremost?p=1&ps=1

Mobile Track Conversion kit for ADT

Mobile Track Conversion Kit for ADT from Mobile Track Solutions. Engineers are working on the ADT, perhaps to fit tracks on the 6 wheels and make an articulated 6 tracks vehicle. http://www.mobiletracksolutions.com/products/scrapers/adt-scraper-conversion-kit, https://manager.e-monsite.com/cms/pages/update/page/59dc98a915800000000261df

Caterpillar 745c adt

Caterpillar 745C ADT. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-courses-training/witbank/dump-truck-excavator-front-end-loader-training-0826263310/1002233443350910859206809

DJB dumpers

DJB dumpers. From left to right and from top to bottom : D25, 1974, D 330, 1978, D 400, 1983, D500, 1978-1986. DJB was created in 1973 by David John Brown with Caterpillar parts. In 1986, the later bought this firm. From 'Charge Utile' of Francis Pierre, Feb 2012.

Volvo A60H dumper

Volvo A60H dumper.  Picture J M M at Intermat, Villepinte, 26 Apr 2018. https://www.volvoce.com/france/fr-fr/products/articulated-haulers/a60h/

Titan Articulated Prototypes 6x6 and 8x8

Titan articulated Prototypes 6x6 and 8x8, 1984-86. These prototypes were built in association with Panien (6x6) and Werklust (8x8). From 'Charge Utile' magazine' Avril 2010. Titan Special VehiclesTitan Special Vehicles (776.29 Ko)

Self Propelled Compactor Intercontinental

Self-propelled compactor Intercontinental issued from a TS24 Euclid scraper. Ballast box is probably a Bros. 50 T. Picture from 'Revue des Engins' of Francis Pierre, Dec 2017.

Kress Vehicle

Kress vehicle used in the Antarctic to ferry people around McMurdo Station since 2012. It is based on Caterpillar 700 series. http://bigblueglobe.blogspot.com/2012/10/riding-in-kress.html, http://www.kresscarrier.com/products.html, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/articulated-tracked-vehicles-heavy.htmlhttp://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/articulated-tracked-vehicles-heavy.html

Gemco 6x6

Gemco 6x6. In 1984, Gemco produced a 4x4 tractor for working in swampy terrain, the GT 350. It dug drainage ditches thanks to a hydrostatic rotating milling cutter. After, Gemco equipped its vehicle of a perforators and also vibrators for geophysical research. Above is a later version 6x6. From 'Revue des Engins' of F. Pierre, June 2017. Today, Gemco manufactures parts for industry. http://www.gemcomfg.com/

Camox 6x6

Camox 6x6. Picture from J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Joux, 2018 06 21. https://www.camox.fr/

Hydrema 6x6

Hydrema 6x6 articulated. Picture J M M at Eurosatory, Villepinte, 2018 06 13. https://www.hydrema.com/machines/dump-trucks

Matrot M355TD Beet Harvester 1990

Matrot M355 TD beet harvester, 1990. 6x6 articulated chassis, hydrostatic transmission and front portal axle. It seems Matrot is now definitely shut since 2017. http://www.matrot-france.fr/fichiers/1/Compte_rendu_TracteursPassionEtCollection

_Sept09.pdf?PHPSESSID=0f9d40c759808dcbc7e55a90eab14962, http://www.matrot-france.fr/users/mbougain/10_Archives%20diverses/D%E9bardeuse%20M355%20TD.pdf, Matrot M355TD Beet HarvesterMatrot M355TD Beet Harvester (1.03 Mo)

Kamaz Arctic 6x6 Articulated Truck

Kamaz Arctic 6x6 articulated truck. https://www.kolesa.ru/news/kamaz-zavershaet-ispytaniya-vezdehoda-sozdannogo-dlya-osvoeniya-arktiki, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQq4SzW-ph0

Ardco 6x6 With Trailer

Ardco 6x6 with trailer. http://www.ardcomfg.com/downloads/Ardco%20AMT%20Brochure.pdf, https://www.ardcomfg.com/

Letourneau Series W 12 Model A6 Water Wagen

LeTourneau Series W-12 Model A6 Water Wagon with 6 electric-motor-powered wheels diesel electric-drive.  635 hp. Picture taken in October 1965. On the right, in a Copper mine in Utah, it was fitted with additional high flotation tires for a total of 14 tires. Only one into service, Apr 1966. Picture from Letourneau Heavy Equipment A photographic History from 1921 to Today's Giant Marvels, Eric C. Orlemann, Enthusiast Books, Hudson, Wisconsin, 2014