VAZ 2108 Cab on tracked vehicle

VAZ 2108 cab on a tracked vehicle, hand-made, V8 engine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgxJeApAv_M, http://carwheelblog.ru/blog/43792317101/VAZ-2108---Luchshiy-tyuning.-TANK---svoimi-rukami

Colorado snowcats

Colorado Snow cats, https://www.coloradosnowcat.com/gallery

Colorado snowcats 2

Colorado Snow cats

Colorado snowcats 3

Colorado Snow cats

Colorado snowcats 4

Colorado Snow cats

Colorado snowcats 5

Colorado Snow cats

Colorado snowcats

Colorado Snow cats

Mtv 2150 Vamoose

MTV 2150 VAMOOSE, http://www.cbtcorporation.com/4.html

Fecon EX 60 Tractor

Fecon EX-60 tractor for carrying mulching head, 2011. Company started in 1992 in Ohio. http://fecon.com/forestry/equipment/tracked-utility-vehicles/ex-60/

Gator Foot Amphibious Vehicle

Gator-Foot Amphibious vehicle by Gator Foot Track Systems. For pipelines, dredging, spraying, Search and rescue, firefighting. The company belongs to Wilson Marsh Equipment, LA. https://gatorfoot.com/2017/05/, http://www.wilsonmarshequipment.com/

Cuthbertson Albion Water Buffalo 1

Cuthbertson Albion Water Buffalo, 1949, before and after restoration. https://plus.google.com/+BrianEdwardsDino/posts/cun6ryUpKQy

CDO Innov Amphibious Vehicles

CDO Innov amphibious vehicles. Left is the 130 or 180 HP, right is the Ecoleader. CDO Innov, South Nantes, was created in 2010 and is a brand of Isalt Group since 2015. http://www.cdoinnov.fr/en/produits/vph-a-13-2/

Otter M76 Amphibious Vehicle 1950

Otter M76 amphibious vehicle, designed by the Pontiac Motor Division in aluminum, entered service with USMC in 1950. Many were sent in Vietnam and they are rare now. This one was at War and Peace, Beltring 2012, https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=otter+amphibious+vehicle, http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/US/amphibious-cargo-carrier-m76-otter/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FSW0e2loEE


VPH CDO Innov of Isalt Group with enclosed cab for firemen of Les Vosges. Payload 1.5 at 3 T, 106 kW, 30 km/h, 2 to 12 persons, http://www.cdoinnov.fr/en/produits/vehicule-chenille-specifique/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xwH1GVWDjw

T39 Light Tractor 1945

T39 light tractor, 1945, by Lima Locomotives Works. http://www.military-vehicle-photos.com/picture/number4619.asp

Muskeg Tractor Full Cab

Muskeg tractor full cab by Bombardier. Joseph Armand Bombardier stands in front of the Muskeg at plant L'Auto-Neige Bombardier Limitée. Valcourt. Muskeg tractor came on the market in 1953. https://archives.bombardier.org/tracteur-muskeg-full-cab

Muskeg Bombardier 1958

Muskeg Bombardier, 1958, picture of Muir, Bluford W., https://foresthistory.org/envira/snow-vehicles/

Gehl Loader Tracked

Gehl loader, tracked. http://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/files/tires/407550d1421717134-over-tire-tracks-april-snow-graderblade-004-jpg

Awassos MD35

Awassos MD35. http://www.awassos.com/md35.php?lang=fr

Jeep Willys with tank tracks

Jeep Willys with Tank Tracks. The Tracks were manufactured by "A. F. Wagner Industries Inc." of Concord, California. They were made during the mid-60s to 6 sets and called "Wagner-Trac". These tracks were made specifically for a jeep with a wheelbase of 81 inches. From https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSHWhjM5z10

Chevrolet Snocat Snowmobile

Chevrolet Vintage Snocat Snowmobile Prototype Tucker Snow Cat Track Tracked, 1937.  
Here we have a one of a kind Chevrolet Snow cat made by Helmut Fritz for the DNR in the 40's. It has steering clutches similar to that of a newer crawler using dual Master Cylinders. Steel chain type tracks supposedly of a Ford Model T with wheels and track tension screws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LcPCch9j4E, https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-






Scale Model of L de Mole

Scale model of L. de Mole. A tracked machine normally steers by skid steering, but the speed is reduced in the turns and a lot of energy is dissipated by the shifting of the tracks and the brakes of direction.
An Australian inventor L. de Mole at the British War Office in 1912 made a model of a curved tracked vehicle : the front and rear of the tracks, articulated also in the transverse direction, could move to the right or to the left . The intermediate bogies were mounted floating so as not to oppose to the curvature of the caterpillars. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/locomotion/changes-around-the-track-iii-continued.html, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/22-two-tracks-rigid-vehicles-heavy-1.html#page2, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/special-off-road-vehicles.html#page3

Patent of K. Iingoldby

Patent of K. Ingoldby. In 1924, an English engineer, Mr. K. Ingoldby filed a patent and built two prototypes. There were 8 wheels on each driving side, steerable and transversely movable to give each caterpillar a different curvature. The system was too complicated.

Dragon of Armstrong Siddeley

Dragon of Armstrong-Siddeley. Around the same time, the Armstrong-Siddeley Motors Corporation took Mole's ideas and built several 'Dragon' tractors.

Tetrarch Light Tank

Tetrarch light tank. In 1937, engineer L. F. Little of the Vickers-Armstrong Ltd company designed a four-wheeled vehicle on each side whose inclination around oblique axes by the steering wheel, returns and links allowed curving the lower part of the caterpillar but the upper part remained straight. The minimum turning radius was 26.5 m, considered sufficient. To turn shorter, the steering brakes were used.
Thus was built the prototype of the Tetrarch light tank in 1938, easy to drive but quite heavy steering. Mass 8 t, speed 64 km / h, power 165 hp, oleo pneumatic suspension. In 1940, 170 vehicles were built. A small number were used at the Battle of Madagascar. They participated in Operation Overlord in 1944, transported on site by Amilcar glider. They were also equipped with N. Straussler's Duplex Drive system, which was later used on the Sherman. 20 copies were delivered to the USSR. Harry Hopkins, improved version in 1941 and built to 102 copies, plus a 95 mm self-propelled gun built on the same base and named Alecto represent the bendable crawler vehicles, old idea of patents of the beginning of the 19th century. The Bren Carrier had also a simplified system. Finncat Flex-Trac of Finland in the 80s and the earlier Tetrach were the only vehicles of this kind to be series built. Text of last 4 pictures is issued from : review of 'Musée des Blindés' Dec 2012 N° 61.

Armstrong Siddeley Light Dragon 1924

Armstrong Siddeley Light Dragon, steered by horns, 1924. http://tankdevelopment.blogspot.com/2015/07/armstrong-siddeley-light-dragon-steers.html, https://strangernn.dreamwidth.org/512135.html

MTX Muddtrax Lite Trax

MTX Muddtrax Lite Trax. http://litetrax.com/photos/muddtrax/

MTX REC 1001

MTX-Rec-1000. http://litetrax.com/photos/muddtrax/

Flailbot of Bomford Brush Cutter

Flailbot of Bomford brush cutter, radio controlled. The track between wheels is adjustable, allowing dividing the load on each track, mechanically or hydraulically, side slope. Picture from J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Joux, 2018 06 21, https://www.bomford-turner.com/remote/_product/76/flailbot/

Green Climber Remote Controlled Mower

Green-Climber remote controlled slope mower, with variable track. Picture from J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Joux, 2018 06 21. https://www.greenclimberna.com/

Morooka MST220 VDR Carrier

Morooka MST220-VDR Carrier. Picture from J M M at Euroforest, St Bonnet-de-Joux, 2018 06 21. http://www.morookacarriers.com/mst-2200vdr.html

Light Tracked Vehicles

Light tracked vehicles prototypes after WWII in France : from left to right and from top to bottom : VCAC, 1951, VCAC Motap, Motap tracked vehicle CA 2 , armored, all amphibious, SEAM vehicle from Decauville Co.,1946, air-transportable, infantry Hotchkiss, 1950, Hotchkiss transport  tracked vehicle, 1952. Pictures from : 'Les véhicules blindés français', 1945-77 by Pierre Touzin, EPA 1978.

Ground Hog 1949 and Oliver Test Bed, 1953

Ground Hog, 1949 and Oliver Test Bed, 1953. The Ground Hog (below) was tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. The test bed (above) equipped also with a Space link track modified extensively from the Ground Hog was more complex and led to the T60. F Crismon Archives. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/21-two-tracks-rigid-vehicles-medium.html

Ground Hog, 1950

Ground Hog, 1949, https://drive.google.com/file/d/17ujCb6pMAOdbOcJ680ilVxgkDTKxk5g1/view

T60 Amphibious Cargo Carrier, 1956

T60 Amphibious Cargo Carrier, 1956, built by Oliver Corporation, Ohio. After checking theory by the good performances of the Ground Hog, US Army made adapt space link track on this vehicle : T60. All groomers nowadays are equipped with these tracks. Fred Crismon Archives.

Fv 432 m8 tractor renault ar 35 renault ft 17 renault ue

FV 432, M8 tractor, Renault AR 35, Renault FT 17, Renault UE, vehicles from 30-40s. Pictures J M M at Vincy-Manoeuvre, 22 9 2018.

Knijpstra Constructie Tractor

Knijpstra Constructie Tractor rubber tracked tractor, 1991, The Netherlands, https://www.farmshow.com/a_article.php?aid=10079

Femenia Mule

Femenia Mule, 1984. http://www.dolza.fr/engins_forestiers.html

Femenia Mule

Femenia Mule with AMX tracks, 1984. http://documents.irevues.inist.fr/bitstream/handle/2042/42658/FM_VI_2_171.pdf?sequence=1


Tracked vehicles Patents
Tracked Vehicles Patents
Tracked vehicles Patents
Tracked vehicles Patents
Tracked vehicles Patents
Tracked vehicles Patents

Contact-sheet of Tracked Vehicles Patents from USA. The number of the patent is under each picture. From Google patents.

Curved Tracks Tatents

Curved tracks patents. The number of the patent is under the drawing. From Google patents.

Canadian Patents

Canadian patents, except  2 US. http://www.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/search/number.html

Meili Patent

Meili patent, https:/patentscope.wipo.int/search/fr/result.jsf;

US Patent of a Curved Track

US patent of a curved track. From Google patent.

Tracked Vehicles from EPO

Tracked vehicles from EPO (European Patent Office). https://worldwide.espacenet.com/?locale=fr_ep

US Patents

US patents. From Google patents.