Snowmobile Ersh

Snowmobile Ersh moving only on snow or ice. http://strannik-v.ru/topic666.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH13jrX5MTs

Myski late 60s and 1972

Myski 10, one of the first, late 60s model. Pentti Karhi, at Oulu, produced this first Myski 10 (on left). He discussed with Vela in 1975 to build 16 units. This articulated (in yaw) snowmobile without skis could travel on grounds all year round.. Engine was at the front. http://www.teolehtimaki.fi/files/Lynx%201975.pdf http://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/galleriat/lumivempaimia-ja-moottorikelkkoja-vanhossa-kuvissa/7618/807490/, http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/museums/museum-of-lusto-in-finland-forest-machinery.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6r9ZKxpZdY

Dinah II Floater 0.5 T

Dinah II Floater, 0.5 T. From Wilson, Nuttall, Raimond Engineers, Inc., Chestertown. Engine Panhard 42 hp, Mass 1500 kg. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/more-documentation/articulated-tracked-vehicles-light.html

Wilson, Nuttall, Raimond engineers, Inc.Wilson, Nuttall, Raimond Engineers, Inc. (1.62 Mo). Note the air transportable Musk-Ox. This interesting brochure of the 60s comes from Killian McInerney. Thank you !

Myski Snowmobile

Myski snowmobile, 200 copies were built between 1970 and 1992. It was used even without snow. http://www.unusuallocomotion.com/pages/museums/museum-of-lusto-in-finland-forest-machinery.html

MTT Tracked Vehicle

MTT 136/154, My Track Technologies, tracked vehicle, articulated, electric powered, 2019. With a trailer or a sleigh or two powered modules, manned or unmanned. By Yvon Martel, Canada. http://www.mtt136yvonmartel.com/en/home.html#en, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJFQMAA0cdY