MM PARK MUSEUM, LA WANTZENAU, ALSACE, FRANCE

This new museum on World War II recently opened, 12 km North of Strasbourg, on March 1 2017, presents a collection of approximately 120 vehicles of the WWII, armored or not, over 7000 m², from France, Germany, America, England, Italy, Canada and Russia. About 400 uniforms for men and women, numerous and impressive, of all the belligerents are showed here. Many weapons and even a boat headliner of the Kriegsmarine, its fortified base built specially in conformity with the original. On request, visitors can discover, behind the scenes, the restoration workshop, where expert hands have restored a life to these colossi. The museum has the ambition to attract a large public, family and amateur of history, mechanics and military vehicles. To attract families are also planned a shooting simulator, a shooting range and even a D-DAY course indoors. A bar-space-game is also provided. One can rent a room for receptions.
The museum also contains a very complete collection of objects and documents from the Sussex Plan, an operation designed by General Eisenhower's staff, the purpose of which was to parachute in 1944 men (American, English, French), 120 in total including 2 women, before D Day, plus 65 for the Proust Plan after D-Day, in the regions North of the Loire to spy Nazi troops before and after the landing. This unique collection was gathered over the years by Dominique Soulier, collector and son of a British intelligence agent.
Owner and founder of the museum, Eric Kauffmann created the largest private collection in Europe. Passionate since the age of 14 by mechanics and history, the restoration of a tank, 3000 to 4000 hours, is for him only a game. "We always make sure to put ourselves back in the context of the time, to find documents, to study technical papers. If ever we do not find a missing piece, we reproduce it identically", he says. This requires knowledge and patience. This museum is a duty to remember. The memory of some past dramatic facts must help to prevent them from recurring.
To bring together all these vehicles, Eric Kauffmann and his collaborators went around the world. Some gears come from Germany, others from Eastern European countries, or from the United States. Two years ago, he bought a dozen vehicles at a museum in Texas that his officials had searched for in Belgium (in Arlon).
The project's budget is integrated to ESI France :, created in 1985, a company specializing in IT distribution for professionals (approximately 170 people) and the real estate business that Eric Kauffmann, President, manages in the private sector. 30 ESI branches are located throughout France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium.
Website of the museum :
A.S.P.H.M : The Association for the Safeguarding of Historic Military Heritage:  restores the vehicles.

These pictures, royalty free, were taken by J M Maclou at La Wantzenau on March 3 2017.

1 MM Park museum

Building of  MM Park Museum



2 Auto Union SdKfz 11, 3 t leichter zugkraftwagen

Auto-Union SdKfz 11 3 t Leichter Zugkraftwagen was the prime mover for a number of German artillery pieces and also provided the chassis for the SdKfz 251 armored personnel carrier. There was also a transportation version SdKfz 11 3t Leichter Zugkraftwagen with a cab (picture). SdKfz11 was produced by many companies, including Hanomag, Hansa-Lloyd, Adler, Borgward, Horch and Skoda.  Engine was a Maybach HL42 6 cylinder engine 100hp, Mass 7.2 t, payload 1.8 t, 52 km/h.

3 Overview

Overview : From L to R : Phänomen radio, Peugeot DMA, Opel Blitz 1 t trucks

4 Phanomen radio, Peugeot DMA, Opel Blitz 1 t trucks

From L to R : Phänomen radio, Peugeot DMA, Opel Blitz 1 t trucks

5 Borgward SdKfz 11, 3 t light traction vehicle

Borgward SdKfz 11, 3 t Light traction vehicle, 9000 built during WWII. Mass 7.2 t, 100 hp, 53 km/h.

6 Overview


7 CMP F60S truck

CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) F60S Truck designed in1936-1940 by Great Britain to be produced between 1940 and 1945 to more than 500.000 units by Ford Limited of Canada and Chrysler Canada. These two brands worked very closely, which was unusual, but allowed to increase their production quickly. Used extensively during WWII by many countries and also after the war in many armies and in civilian use as : forestry, firefighting, snow ploughs, construction sites.

8 SdKfz 3B ford V3000 Maultier

SdKfz 3B Ford V3000 Maultier (D), 1942-1945. The Maultier (Mule) was a conversion for civil trucks (Opel, Ford, Magirus, Mercedes) for use in mud (raspoutitsa) in Russia. Ford was built in Köln and Berlin. Mass 3.9 t, 38 km/h, 68 hp, consumption off-road : 100 l / 100 km.

9 Raupenschlepper Ost Caterpillar tractor East

Raupenschlepper Ost, Caterpillar Tractor  East (D) built by Steyr, Klöckner, Auto Union, Gräf & Stif to about 23.000 units between 1941 and 1945 for use in Russia due to Rasputitsa. Very simple and reliable, RSO 1 had a curved cab until RSO 3 had plates cab. RSO 3 was an anti-aircraft vehicle. 66/85 hp, 30 km/h.

10 Gaz 67B 4x4

Gaz 67B 4x4 was the USSR Jeep. 92.843 built from 1943 to 1953, mass 1320 kg, 54 hp, 90 km/h. An armored version of GAZ67B existed.

11 Snow Blower DER

Snow blower (Schneefräse) Dieselelektrische Raupenfräse DER invented in Switzerland by Peter Rocco and built after par German manufacturers. This one, built from 1940 to 1944, was fitted with tracks of French Tank R40 and a Diesel electric transmission. It was used on airports of Luftwaffe of Eastern Front and in ports of Kriegsmarine. Mass 13 t, 20 km/h.

12 GMC DUKW 353 amphibious truck

GMC DUKW 353 amphibious truck. Designed by Spakman and Stephens Inc. in 1941 on the base of GMC AFKWX 353 6x6. 21247 units produced from 1942 to 1945. They were used for landings in many countries and served until the 90s. They served for tourism. Mass 6.6 t, capacity 2368 kg, 104 hp, 70 km/h, 10 km/h in water, on the left is a M4 High Speed Tractor

13 Citroen Kegresse p17 artillery tractor

Citroën Kegresse P17 light artillery tractor. 1442 built until 1939. Mass 1850 kg, 31.5 hp.

14 Aircraft Fueller TB P505 MK V

Aircraft Fueller TB P505 Mk V (GB). Built by 'Thompson Brothers (Bilston) Ltd for the RAF from 1935 to 1945 and more.

15 M4 High Speed Tractor

M4 High Speed Tractor built from 1943 to 1945 by Allis Chalmers of Milwaukie to 5.552 units. Mass 14.2 t, 210 hp, 56 km/h. Tracks and suspensions were the one of the M3 Stuart tank. It was intended to pull the Howitzer M2 of 105 mm and even the Long Tom of 155 mm.

16 M4 High Speed Tractor

M4 High Speed Tractor


17 Overview


18 M6 high Speed Tractor

M6 High-Speed Tractor (USA). Produced by Allis Chalmers from February 1944 to 1945 to 1235 units, Mass 34.5 t,190 hp, 34 km/h.

19 M6 High Speed Tractor

M6 High Speed Tractor pulling a 155 mm gun M1 'Long Tom'.

20 M6 high Speed Tractor pulling a 155 mm gun m1 Long Tom

M6 High Speed Tractor pulling a 155 mm gun M1 'Long Tom'.

21 Overview M19 tank transporter

Overview, M19 tank Transporter

22 M19 tank transporter

M19 Tank Transporter compound of the tractor Diamond T981 M20 and the trailer Rogers of 45 Ton M9.5900 units built. On the trailer an International Harvester TD14 tracked tractor.

23 International Harvester TD14 tractor

International Harvester TD14 tractor, produced from 1939 to 1949 in Melrose Park, Illinois, to 26.141 units.

24 Overview

Overview. On left is the LVT4 Amphibious tractor. M19

25 Overview

Overview : R to L : BMW R12 Sidecar, Zündapp KS600 Sidecar, Ersatzfeldwagen 40 horse Chariot. Produced from 1940 to 1944 to 15.000 units for 2 or 4 horses. Capacity : 1 t, 85% of German Army during WWII used horses, mostly in Infantry. There were 3 soldiers for 1 horse.

26 Laffly V15 4x4

Laffly V15 4x4. About 300 units built from 1938 to 1940 by Laffly and Licorne. Empty mass 2600 kg, 55 hp, 58 km/h. Independent suspensions had long travel.

27 Laffly W 15 T 6x6 reconnaissance car

Laffly W 15 T 6x6 reconnaissance car or artillery tractor. About 600 produced from 1938 to 1940, also by Hotchkiss and Citroën. 82 hp, Payload 800 kg, 72 km/h, Suspensions and transmission, Hollos patented, were very sophisticated to allow long travel for good off-road performance. Nevertheless, this mechanic was not always very reliable.

28 Unic TU1 infantry tractor

Unic TU1 Infantry tractor. Produced at about 236 units in 1939-40, 49 hp, 46 km/h.

29 Citroen Traction 11BL

Citroën Traction 11BL (F), about 1939, requisitioned by the Army. Produced to 759.111 units from 1934 to 1957. The innovations were the front wheels which were driven, independent suspensions, hydraulic brakes, excellent road holding. For these reasons, it became the car of Gestapo and Resistance, during WWII, of Ministers and Gangsters after.  On later models : Mass 1380 kg, 77 hp, 135 km/h.

30 Tempo A400

Tempo A400 (D) three wheels vehicle manufactured during the 40s by Vidal & Sohn, Tempo-Werke GmbH, Hamburg. Mass 400 kg, 12.5 hp,

31 Dodge Model T 214 WC57 Command Car

Dodge Model T-214 WC57 Command Car (US), with winch. Empty mass 2571 kg, Loaded 3255 kg, 87 km/h, 27.000 units produced in 3 versions from April 1942 to 1944.


32 4x4 Stoewer Type 40

4x4 Stoewer type 40 (D), built to 4700 units from 1940 and 1943. Mass 1.75 t, 80 km/h

33 Weasel M29C amphibious

Weasel M29C, amphibious. built by Studebaker at South Bend, Indiana to 4476 M29 and 10647 M29c from 1943 to 1945. The M29C was the completely amphibious floating version. After the war, French Army, from 1947 to 1962 used them first in Indochina, under the name 'Crabe' and then in Algeria. Some were used in Polar Expeditions. Total Mass : 2740 kg, 75 hp, 58 km/h, 6 km/h on water.

34 Overview


35 Overview

Overview : L to R : Zündapp KS750 Sidecar, VW Kübelwagen Type 82, Kettenkraftrad SdKfz 2

36 Austin K2 Fireman NFS

Austin K2 Fireman NFS

37 SPA CL39 Carro Leggero Light Truck

SPA CL39 Carro Leggero light truck (I). 5642 units built between 1939 and 1944. 25 hp, mass 1630 kg, capacity 1000 kg, 38 km/h.

38 Overview

Overview : from R to L : Mercedes Benz L1500 A "Mannschaftswagen", SdKfz 8 schwerer Zugkraftwagen 12t

39 Mercedes Benz L1500 A mannschaftswagen

Mercedes Benz L1500 A "Mannschaftswagen" 4900 pulling a Flak 38. Built from 1941 to 1943.

40 Fiat 626 NM militare medium truck SPA autoblinda AB 41, Pavesi, Latil

1 - Fiat 626 NM Militare (I) medium truck 4x2 used in North Africa and Russia. Mass empty 3160, total 7.6 t, kg, 65 hp, 63 km/h. Built about 35.000 units from 1939 to 1948. 2 - SPA Autoblinda AB 41, FWD and FWS from Fiat, 714 built during WWII, mass 7518 kg, 80 hp, 78 km/h. 3 - Pavesi 4x4 articulated, 4 - Latil, 5 - artillery tractor M3G TL6,  6 - Citroën, 7 - Peugeot

40 Fiat 626 NM militare medium truck SPA autoblinda AB 41, Pavesi, Latil

Fiat 626 NM Militare medium truck, SPA Autoblinda AB 41, Pavesi, Latil

42 Pavesi TL31 articulated 4x4

Pavesi TL31, articulated 4x4. Ugo Pavesi of Motomeccanica designed in 1925 an articulated artillery tractor P4. This TL 31 was lightened and 150 were built from 1931 until 1933. In 1938 about 133 were sent in Spain and at the end of the war, le last were given to Spanih Army where they served until early 50s. It was considered not comfortable at the beginning, rather large, no winch and lack of adhesion. It's a climax for an articulated vehicle, but wheels were narrow.  The Pavesi P4 served in Italien Army untill 1945. Empty mass 2950 kg, Payload 500 kg, 33 hp, 35 km/h.

43 Latil Artillery Tractor M3G TL6

Latil M3G TL6, Citroën Type U23, Peugeot DK 5 J

44 Latil M3G TL6 citroen type U23 Peugeot DK 5 J

Latil M3G TL6, Citroën Type U23, Peugeot DK 5 J

45 Overview


46 SdKfz 8 12 t heavy tractor

Sd.Kfz 8, 12 T Heavy Tractor and the towed searchlight.

47 SdKpz 8 12 t heavy tractor

Sd.Kfz 8, 12 T Heavy Tractor

48 Sd.Kfz 8, 12 T Heavy Tractor

Sd.Kfz 8, 12 T Heavy Tractor produced to 4000 units from 1937 to 1945? by Daimler-Benz, Krupp, Krauss-Maffei, Skoda. Mass 14 ,7 t, Payload 2,550 kg, towing capacity 12 t, Maybach 12 cyl, 185 hp, 51 km/h on road, 21 off-road.                                         

Note : the SdKfz 9 18 T FAMO (Fahrzeug-und-Motorwerke GmbH, Breslau) produced to 1083 units had 18 t  mass, towing capacity 28 t, 270 hp, consumption 100 l / 100 km on road.

49 SdKfz 8 12 t heavy tractor

Sd.Kfz 8, 12 T Heavy Tractor with searchlight Flakscheinwerfer (Flak-SW 34, diameter 150cm) on Sd.Ah.104 trailer.

50 Overview

Overview : R to L : Half-track Sd.Kfz 8 12 t, Searchlight Flak-SW 34 and Generator



1 Overview


2 Daimler Fox and C15TA armored cars

Daimler (GB), Fox (CDN) and C15TA (CND) armored cars.

3 Daimler and Fox armoured car

Daimler Armored Car Mk II (GB) and Fox Armored Car Mk I (CND)

4 SdKfz 304 Springer demolition vehicle

Sd.Kfz 304 Springer demolition vehicle built by NSU from October 1944. Radio-guided on targets, it runs at 42 km/h with 37 hp, 2.4 t + 330 kg explosives. Only 2 survive whose that of MM Park. Behind is an Auto-Union SdKfz 11 3 t Leichter Zugkraftwagen

5 5 SdKfpz 251 Ausf. C armored personnel carrier

SdKfz 251 Ausf. C armored personnel carrier. 7.8 t, 52 km/h, 100 hp. Built by Hanomag, Adlerwerke, Horch, Škoda, Borgward from 1940 to 1945 with at least 15252 units all variants combined. Crew 2 + 10 men.

6 Unic Kegresse P 107 artillery tractor or Leichter Zugkraftwagen U 304 F 1

UNIC-Kegresse P.107 Artillery Tractor or Leichter Zugkraftwagen U 304(f). This semi-tracked vehicle was used by German Army as armored anti-aircraft Flak 38, after conversion. This Citroën/Unic P 107 was produced from 1937 to 1940 to 3276 units

7 C15TA Humber MK IV and GM Otter MK 1

L to R : C15TA (CND), Humber Mk IV (GB) and GM Otter Mk I (CND).

8 GM Otter Morris MKII, M8 Greyhound

L to R : GM Otter MkI (CND), Morris Car MkII (GB), M8 Greyhound (US) Armored Cars

9 M8 Greyhound, M16 half track, M3A1 Scout Car, M3 half track

L to R : M8 Greyhound armored Car, M16 half-Track, M3A1 Scout Car, M3 Half-Track, L to R.

10 M3A1 Scout Car, M16 half track, CMP F60S truck

L to R : M3A1 Scout Car, M16 Half-Track, CMP F60S Truck

11 Overview


12 Overview

Overview. On the foreground is the Jagdpanzer (Tank Destroyer) Hetzer, 38 t.

13 ISU 152 self propelled gun

ISU 152 self-propelled gun (USSR)

14 Valentine V, Churchill and Comet tanks

L to R : Valentine V, Churchill and Comet tanks all from GB.



15 Overview

Overview, on left : M5A1 Stuart tank

16 T26 tank Model 1939

T26 tank, model 1939, took part to the battle of Stalingrad. It was discovered in the Neva in 1998.

17 Chaffe M24,  M7 Priest, Sherman M4A2, Pershing M26

L to R : Chaffee M24, M7 Priest, Sherman M4A2, Pershing M26, all from USA.

18 Comet and Churchill tanks

R to L : Comet and Churchill tanks (GB).

19 M24 Chaffee tank

M 24 Chaffee tank (USA), produced to 4.731 units in 1944-1945, 18.37 t, 300 hp, 56 km/h. They were first used during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944, but mostly during the Korean War. On left, a Comet tank

20 SU 100 tank destroyer

SU 100 tank destroyer, 2335 units built from 1944 to 1957 at UZTM plant, Ekaterinburg, USSR. Christie suspension, 31.6 t, 500 hp, 50 km/h.

21 M26 Pershing, Sherman M4A2, M7 Priest

From R to L : M26 Pershing, Sherman M4A2 tanks, M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage.

22 M19 multiple gun motor carriage MGMC, Sexton  M7 self propelled gun, tank destroyer M10

L to R : M 19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (MGMC) : US Army self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon, Sexton M7 self-propelled gun (CA), Tank Destroyer M10 (USA), LVT 4

23 Overview


24 Overview

Overview, Kiosk of submarine U-Boot at right.

25 Overview


26 LVT4 Alligator amphibious tank

LVT4 Landing Vehicle Tracked Amphibious Tank (USA) built by FMC Corporation at 18621 during the war in many version whose some armored called Amtrak. Invented by Donald Roebling in 1935, they were built in Florida and California. He refused to accept direct royalties or commissions from the government, seeing it as his personal duty in support of the war effort. Payload 2 t, mass 18.1 t, 250 hp, 40 km/h in water 11 km/h.

27 Bren Carrier WASP

Bren Carrier Wasp. Flame thrower version. Mass 4250 kg, 85 hp, 51 km/h. About 86.000 units were built in United Kingdom and numerous other countries during WWII.

28 Overview

Overview : R to L : Chenillette Renault UE built from 1932 to 1940. Mass 2.64 t, 38 hp, It pulled the trailer Renault UK. Mass 775 kg, capacity 600 kg, Behind, Auto chenille Citroën Kegresse P17 pulling a anti-tank 47 mm APX gun.

29 Goliath demolotion vehicle

Goliath demolition vehicle (D) : SdKfz 302

30 Overview

Overview : L to R : Hotchkiss 39H Light Tank (F). Between 1942 and 1943, 48 tanks 39H were converted into anti-tank guns. Mass 12.5 t. Besides a Hetzer tank destroyer of 38 t.



1 Messerschmitt BF 108 Taifun personal transport plane

Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun (D) Personal transport plane built from 1934 to 1945 to 529 (in Germany) + 170 (in France) units.

2 Uniforms of WWII

Uniforms of WWII, here from France. There are about 400 uniforms of all countries. See

3 U Boot kiosk

U-Boot Kiosk (D), reproduction.

4 Boat Headliner

Flugbetriebsboot Seeteufel IV : Boat headliner in her underground shelter (D), shelter constructed identically . From 1944, built at Bootswerft Warnemünde, mass 18 t,