The first edition of Forexpo, The European Exhibition of Forestry and Logging, took place at Cère in September 1962. Fifty years later, the fiftieth anniversary exhibition Forexpo 2012, which was visited by 30,000 trade visitors, exhibited old material the 60s : plows, brush cutters, tractor carrier Kockum (first used), Sogedep harvesters, logging trucks. We can measure the progress made on modern equipment including high technology.
In Aquitaine, the Landes forest, largest forest in Europe, was destroyed in 2009 by a storm. The biggest construction plantation site in Europe was launched with financial support from the government (€ 470 million over 2009-2017) : 200,000 hectares will have been reforested in 2017.
This will highlight the forestry innovation illustrated in the demonstrations of the forestry equipment situation, conferences, round tables and business appointments. Forexpo represents 400 European exhibitors and over 500 international brands.
The forest lumbering equipment (harvester, skidder, forwarder) are off-road vehicles, often articulated, wheeled or tracked, rather sophisticated.

1 vintage firemen vehicles

Vintage firemen vehicles

2 dingo 18 49t4a forwarder 6x6

Dingo 18-49T4A forwarder 6x6 from Dingoma S.A., Spain.

3 dingo 24 55t4a forwarder 8x8

Dingo 24-55T4A forwarder 8x8 from  Dingoma S.A., Spain.

4 chaptrack 280 from eliatis

Chaptrack 280 loader from Eliatis, Moirans, France, associated to Ritter Maschinen, Bayern, Germany.

4a ponsse buffalo forwarder

Ponsse Buffalo forwarder,

4b ponsse king scorpion harvester 8x8

Ponsse King Scorpion Harvester 8x8, from Finland,

4e ponsee bear harvester 8x8

Ponsee Bear harvester 8x8, from Finland,  http://www.ponsse.comproductsharvestersbear

4c ecolog 590 harvester 6x6 3

Ecolog 590 harvester 6x6, from Sweden,

4c ecolog 590 harvester 6x6

Ecolog 590 harvester 6x6,

4f ecolog 590 harvester 6x6 2

Ecolog 590 harvester 6x6

4g ecolog steephunter 688

Ecolog Steep Hunter 688 harvester 8x8,

5 rottne f15 forwarder

Rottne F15 Forwarder, from Sweden,

5a rottne h21 harvester 8x8

Rottne H21 harvester 8x8,

5b rottne f13 forwarder 8x8

Rottne F13 forwarder 8x8,

6 rottne h8b harvester 4x4 1

Rottne H8B Harvester 4x4, self-leveling,


7 rottne h8b harvester 4x4 2

Rottne H8B Harvester 4x4, self-leveling,

8 rottne h8b harvester 4x4 3

Rottne H8B Harvester 4x4

8a rottne h8b harvester 4x4 0

Rottne H8B Harvester 4x4,

8b rottne h8 and h21 harvesters

Rottne H8 and H21 harvesters,

9 sifor 414e harvester

Sifor 414E harvester, France,

10 sogedep sh15 harvester

Sogedep  SH15 Harvester,

10a sogedep sf28 forwarder 8x8

Sogedep SF28 Forwarder 8x8, France,

11 agrip md 205 skidder

Agrip MD 205 skidder, from Lignières, France,

12 camox f 110 skidder

Camox F 110 skidder, from Pialleport S.A., France,

13 camox f 175 skidder

Camox F 175 skidder,

14 camox g275 skidder

Camox G275 skidder,

15 irum taf 2012 skidder

Irum TAF 2012 skidder, from Romania,

16 hsm 208f forwarder 8x8

HSM 208F Forwarder 8x8, from Germany,

17 john deere 859mh tracked harvester

John Deere 859MH tracked harvester, from USA,


18 john deere 1510e fowarder 8x8 oui prendre

John Deere 1510E forwarder 8x8,

19 john deere 648l skidder

John Deere 648L skidder,

20 john deere 1210e forwarder 8x8

John Deere 1210E forwarder 8x8,

21 john deere 1470e harvester 6x6

John Deere 1470E Harvester 6x6,

22 komatsu 860 4 forwarder 8x8

Komatsu 860-4 forwarder 8x8, from Japan but forest machines are built in Sweden,

23 komatsu 845 forwarder 8x8

Komatsu 845 forwarder 8x8

24 komatsu 931xc harvester 8x8

Komatsu 931XC harvester 8x8

25 komatsu 655 forwarder 8x8

Komatsu 655 forwarder 8x8

25 komatsu 855 harvester 8x8

Komatsu 855 harvester 8x8

26 komatsu 931 harvester 6x6

Komatsu 931 harvester 6x6

28 logset 4f forwarder

Logset 4F forwarder,

29 logset 5 fp forwarder 8x8

Logset 5 FP forwarder 8x8, from Finland,

30 logset 12 h harvester 8x8

Logset 12 H harvester 8x8,

31 nisula n5 harvester

Nisula N5 harvester, from Finland,

32 fae umm ex mulcher

FAE UMM!EX mulcher, from Italia,


33 jarraff tree trimmer

Jarraff tree trimmer, Minnesota,

34 jbc 4220 fastrac

JBC 4220 Fastrac,

35 jcb 4220 fastrac

JCB 4220 Fastrac, Rocester, GB,

36 jcb 437 wheel loader

JCB 437 wheel loader, Rocester, GB,

37 merlo mm350x tool carrier

Merlo MM350X tool carrier from Italia.,

38 ritter r 185 4 skidder

Ritter R 185-4 skidder, from Germany,

39 noe nf 210 forwarder 6x6

Noe NF 210 Forwarder 6x6, from Germany,!nf210-6r/k2j1n

40 novotny lvs 520 forwarder 8x8

Novotny LVS 520 forwarder 8x8, Czechoslovakia,

41 tigercat 610e skidder 2

Tigercat 610E skidder, Ontario,

42 tigercat 610e skidder

Tigercat 610E skidder,

43 timberpro tf 830 c forwarder 8x8

Timberpro TF 830 C forwarder 8x8, from Wisconsin USA,

44 eltec a226l tracked harvester

ELTEC A226L tracked harvester, Quebec,,

45 forst xr8 traxion tracked wood chipper

Forst XR8 Traxion tracked wood chipper, self-leveling,,

47 pneumatic tracked harvester

Tracked harvester

48 pezzolato pth 1400 820 allroad chipper

Pezzolato PTH 1400/820 Allroad chipper from Italia.

49 albach diamant 2000 wood chipper

Albach Diamant 2000 wood chipper of Albach Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany.

50 antonio carraro ttr 4400 hst

Antonio Carraro TTR 4400 HST, Italia,

51 articulated spider platform on tracks

Tracked Self Propelled Platform Spider 22.10 EVO, from Italy,

52 prinoth hansch ahwi raptor 300 tracked mulcher

Prinoth Hansch AHWI Raptor 300 tracked mulcher, from Prinoth,

53 terex fuchs mhl320 wheel excavator oui

Terex Fuchs MHL320 wheel excavator, built in Germany, Terex is in Connecticut.


54 welte w130 skidder

Welte W130 skidder, from Germany,

55 vimek 610 forwarder

Vimek 610 forwarder, from Sweden,

55a tracks on novotny forwarder

Tracks on Novotny forwarder

56 clark tracks

Clark tracks, from Scotland, UK

57 claas 4500 xerion tractor

Claas 4500 Xerion tractor, from Germany,

58 cmi twister ii c175 mulcher

CMI Twister II C175 mulcher, Quebec,

59 caterpillar challenger

Caterpillar Challenger, manufactured in USA by Agco under license,

60 deltrak mulcher from irus

Deltrak mulcher from Irus, Germany.

61 brushcutter energreen ilf s1500

Brush cutter Energreen ILF S1500, hydrostatic drive.

62 energreen robot green

Energreen Robot Green, Italia,

63 energreen robot power

Energreen Robot Power,

64 e energreen robot max

Energreen Robot Max

65 energreen robots

Energreen Robots,

66 ecoforst t winch 10 1

Ecoforst T Winch 10.1 : Winch for traction of vehicles, from Austria,

67 forest horse mk18

Forest Horse MK18, Czech Republic,


68 fae pt 300 primetech tracked carrier

FAE PT 300 PrimeTech tracked carrier for land clearing, Sarnonico, Italy,

69 fendt 900 vario tractor

Fendt 900 Vario tractor, Germany, from Agco Corp., Duluth, USA,

70 kinetic forwarder

Kinetic Forwarder from Kunda, Estonia.

71 lkt 150 skidder

LKT 150 skidder, of M C M Group, from Czech Republic,

72 lennartsfors iron horse

Lennartsfors Iron Horse, from Sweden,

73 multione sl 840 loader

Multione SL 840 loader, Vicenza, from Italy,

74 reform mounty 110 v with mulcher

Reform Mounty 110 V with mulcher, from Austria,

75 rayco rg 45 stomp cutter

Rayco RG 45 stomp cutter from Ohio.

77 variotrac 440 and galotrax 300 of plaisance equipements

Variotrac 440 and Galotrax 300 of Plaisance Equipements, from France,

78 timan rc 1000 mulcher

Timan RC-1000 mulcher RC from Denmak.

79 unac 160 c2 mulcher

Unac 160 C2  mulcher, from France,

80 vermeer sc 30 stump cutter

Vermeer SC 30 stump cutter, from Iowa, USA,

81 vermeer s800tx loader

Vermeer S800TX loader,

82 valtra tractor

Valtra tractor, Finland,