The Conservatory of Agricultural Machinery of Pont-du-Casse, 4 km from Agen, South West of France, was created in 1987 by Gilbert Fongaro, farm machinery dealership and then mayor of Pont-du-Casse. Financially supported by the General Council of Lot et Garonne, the purpose of the Friends of the Museum Association is to preserve the museum and the rich agricultural heritage of this region.

The collection includes about a hundred tractors, mostly restored, approximately 60 models ranging from 1940 to 1960. Many come from other countries : USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and even Eastern countries. Many of them are issued from the Marshall Plan (1947-1951). There are seven crawler tractors.

This conservatory Agricultural Machinery will visit no more than on appointment. Should be large investments to make it known and displayed for normal visit, but it would be unlikely to become profitable. The General Council has decided to put it on sale soon.

Photos of the museum, royalty-free, were taken by J. M. Maclou on July 22, 2015 in Pont-du-Casse.


1 warehouses


2 bates steel mule 1918

Bates Steel Mule, 1918. In 1919, two companies merged to form Bates Machine & Tractor Co., based in Joliet, Illinois. This company produced tractors until the late 1930s. Bates built this conversion kit for Fordson tractor.

3 dsc 0053a overview


4 dsc 0054a overview


5 dsc 0056a citroen tractor 1920

Citroën tractor, 1920, built at 500 units.

6 dsc 0135a citroen tractor in the 50s

Citroën Tractor in the 50s

7 dsc 0077a lanz tractor

Lanz tractor Type HE D 2416 of 1958.

8 dsc 0078a field marshall 1947

Field Marshall, Series III, 1947. Very reliable and economical, it was also used for forestry work.

9 dsc 0158a mc cormik farmall cub 1947 64

Mc Cormik Farmall Cub, 1947-64, imported in quantities by Marshall Plan.

10 dsc 0127a ih mc cormick farmall wd 9

IH Mc Cormick Farmall WD 9, 1953-56, 10 938 units produced.


11 dsc 0095a mc cormick deering 10 20 tractor 1927

Mc Cormick Deering 10-20 tractor, 1927.

12 dsc 0092a hscs hscs le robuste 40 tractor 1935

HSCS Le Robuste 40 tractor, 1935, imported from Hungary. Tire wheels dates from the 50s.

13 dsc 0240a hscs kl40 376

HSCS KL40-376 from Hungary. This brand will become Dutra.

14 dsc 0254a hscs kl40 376

HSCS KL40-376

15 dsc 0117a john deere model d

John Deere Model D, 1923-1953 from USA.

16 dsc 0119a champion comet tractor

Champion Comet tractor with 24 hp Ceres engine.

17 dsc 0120a fordson model f

Fordson Model F built at Dearborn, USA between 1917 and 1928 at about 650,000.

18 dsc 0235a fordson f

Fordson F

19 dsc 0069a fordson super major e1a tractor 1964

Fordson Super Major E1A Tractor from 1961 to 1964 from Ford, Dagenham, England.

20 dsc 0122a babiole tractor 1923

Babiole tractor, 1950-57, France.


21 dsc 0139a r eddington traction engine

Eddington Traction-engine, 1926

22 dsc 0155a traction engine of brouhot compagnie

Traction-engine of Brouhot & Compagnie, Vierzon. SFV bought this company in 1914.

23 dsc 0088a st chamond tlv 357 tractor from the end of 40s

St-Chamond TLV 357 tractor from the end of 40s, built at St Etienne by Compagnie des ateliers et Forges de la Loire and used in vineyards.

24 dsc 0107a cletrac k20 1925

Cletrac 20 K, 1925,  http://

25 dsc 0116a overview r to l cletrac international and fowler crawlers

Overview : from R to L : Cletrac, International and Fowler crawlers.

26 dsc 0112a international td 6 crawler

International TD 6 crawler built from 1940 to 1956 at 38,450 (includes T-6 and TD-6) units.

27 fowler mark vf crawler

Fowler Mark VF crawler from England. Fowlers were Field Marshall with crawlers motorized by Fowler VF and VFA had a single-cylinder two-stroke.

28 renault type hi 1920

Renault type HI, 1920.

29 ransomes mg5 tractor 1948 1953

Ransomes MG5 tractor, 1948-1953, 5152 built.

30 dsc 0141a ferguson te 20 tractor

Ferguson TE 20 tractor, 1948-56, 517,651 produced at Coventry.

31 dsc 0145a massey ferguson 821

Massey Ferguson 821

32 dsc 0156a lanz bulldog tractor

Lanz Bulldog HR5 hot bulb tractor. This one dates from 1929

33 dsc 0173a fahr d 90

Fahr D-90 tractor built from 1953 to 1956 at 4260 units.

34 dsc 0169a l to r renault landini and farmall cub

L to R  Renault, Landini and Farmall Cub

35 dsc 0165a overview

From L to R : Fordson F, Deering, tractor with Douge engine, behind from R to L : Belarus T40 tractor of the 60s, Mc Cormick, Deering 'Sauterelle'.


36 dsc 0183a overview second warehouse

Overview second warehouse

38 dsc 0186a overview 3 second warehouse

Overview 2 second warehouse

39 dsc 0189a overview 4 second warehouse

Overview 4 second warehouse

40 allis chalmers model g tool carrier 1948

Allis Chalmers Model G Tool Carrier 1948

41 dsc 0190a ih farmall tractor

IH Farmall tractor

42 dsc 0191a deutz tractor 1950

1950 Deutz Model FIL 514/50 single cylinder tractor.

43 dsc 0223a deutz

Deutz Elfer F1M 414 tractor 1936-1942 .

44 dsc 0226a deutz d40 s

Deutz D40 S, 1958-59

45 dsc 0281a deutz

1950 Deutz Model FIL 514/50 single cylinder tractor.

46 dsc 0259a deutz cologne

Deutz Cologne

47 dsc 0193a vendeuvre sbb 31 tractor

Vendeuvre SBB 31 tractor

48 dsc 0197a vendeuvre bl tractor

Vendeuvre BL tractor

49 dsc 0277a sfv and vendeuvre

SFV and Vendeuvre

51 dsc 0194a zetor tractor

Zetor tractor.

52 dsc 0199a fendt dieselross

Fendt Dieselross

53 dsc 0202a volvo

Volvo tractor

54 dsc 0211a man

MAN tractor

55 dsc 0224a man

MAN tractor

56 dsc 0198a sfv

SFV tractor

57 dsc 0215a guldner

Guldner Tractor

58 dsc 0267a sfv

SFV tractor

59 dsc 0225a sfv

 SFV tractor



60 dsc 0262a sfv

SFV tractor

61 sfv super 202

SFV Super 202

62 dsc 0072a sfv tractor

SFV Super 202

63 dsc 0258a johnston harvester

Johnston Harvester

64 dsc 0236a map

MAP DR 3 built by Manufacture d'Armes de Paris from 1946 at Nanterre and in 1952, Simca and Fiat took over MAP which became Someca. It is now part Fiat CNH Global since 1993.

65 dsc 0239a ih titan tractor 1915 21

IH Titan tractor, 1915-21 produced at 78 363 units in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

66 agrip ard 40

Agrip ARD 40. html

67 massey harris gp 4x4 tractor

Massey-Harris GP 4x4 tractor built at 2998 units from 1930 to 1936. It was a precursor of articulated tractors. This one is articulated in roll. 1930 Massey Harris GP 4x4.

68 massey harris gp 4x4 tractor 2

Massey-Harris GP 4x4 tractor

69 dsc 0125a massey harris gp 4x4 tractor

Massey-Harris GP 4x4 tractor : the front axle.

70 dsc 0229a hanomag r24

Hanomag R24

71 dsc 0230a sift

Sift tractor with engine and gearbox at the rear.

72 dsc 0242a hart parr 16 30 1924 26

Hart Parr 16-30, 1924-26.

73 dsc 0243a amadou

Amadou tractor of St Gratien.

74 dsc 0222a farmall 235

Farmall 235


75 dsc 0228a farmall cub

Farmall CUB imported by Marshall Plan (1947-51)

76 dsc 0246a mc cormick and sfv

R to L : Mc Cormick and SFV

77 ih farmall cub

IH Farmall CUB

78 dsc 0249a overview


79 dsc 0253a overview


80 dsc 0272a overview


81 dsc 0261a austin

Austin tractor.

82 dsc 0256a hand made tractor

Hand-made tractor

83 dsc 0265a renault tractor of 1942

Renault tractor of1942

84 renault 3042 tractor 1949 1956Renault 3042 tractor, 1949-1956.

85 pe renault tractor 1926

PE Renault tractor, 1926-1939, built at about 1800 t units


86 multitrac 2 of clm compagnie lilloise de moteurs cm2

Multitrac 2 of CLM Compagnie Lilloise de Moteurs CM2 home made at 10 units in Lot-et-Garonne by M. Cluzet, designer and used by M Hartman during 7 years. It was made of GMC parts, Citroën brakes, Articulated chassis, rear axle extensible, FWD and FWS + skid steering, 18 hp.

87 dsc 0274a willeme t1 1939

Willeme T1, 1939, prototype.

88 dsc 0284a case cf 350

Case CF 350.

89 international junior 8 16

International Junior 8-16 built by International Harvester, Illinois, at 33 138 units between 1918 and 1922. Kerosene moved it.

90 dsc 0279a field marsharll

Field Marsharll Series IIIA, built from 1952 to 1956 and produced 2125.

91 landini tractor super landini

Landini tractor, Super Landini, hot bulb, 1928, Italia.

92 landini velite

Landini Velite, 1935, hot bulb, Italia.

93 lanz bulldog and farmer tools in front of warehouses

Lanz Bulldog and farmer tools in front of warehouses.