FESTIVAL OF OLD MECHANICS AT CAZALS MONTCLERAFESTIVAL OF OLD MECHANICS AT CAZALS MONTCLERAOn 26 and 27 July 2015 took place, as every 2 years, the 25th edition of Old Mechanical Festival in Cazals Montclera in the Lot, France. Organized by the Association of Old Mechanics of Quercy, many wheeled tractors, especially from the Marshall Plan, but also caterpillars, construction vehicles, old trucks, steam engines, even sidecars Ural 2WD were presented, and many other mechanics !!!


Pictures, royalty free, were taken by J. M. Maclou on July 26, 2015 in Cazals Montclera.


1 bristol 25 crawler

Bristol 25 crawler, mid 50s.

2 cletrac ag 6 crawler

Cletrac AG-6 crawler, 1944-1957, before it was an Oliver. https://classicdozers.wordpress.com/dozer-gallery/cletrac-oliver/

4 john deere crawler model m 1949

John Deere crawler Model M, 1949

4a field marshall fowler mark vf

Field Marshall Fowler Mark VF, 1948. http://tractors.wikia.com/wiki/Marshall

4b john deere 40c crawler

John Deere 40C crawler, 1953-1955, built at 11688 units at Dubuque, Iowa.

5 schneider n11 tractor 20s

Schneider N11 tractor, 20s. http://www.steel-wheels.net/schneider.html

6 steamrollers


7 unimog 416

Mercedes Unimog 416, about 1980. http://heavycherry.com/vehwp/unimog/page_3.html

8 albaret steamroller type do 14 3

Albaret Steamroller Type DO14 from the 50s, Rantigny. Beaudoin engine.

9 albaret steamroller type do 14 210 albaret steamroller type do 14

Albaret Steamroller Type DO 14

11 allis chalmer tractor

Allis Chalmers tractor

12 allis chalmers tool carrier

Allis Chalmers tool carrier

13 austin tractor

 Austin tractor

14 bautz tractor

Bautz tractor

15 case field marshall

Case, Field Marshall


16 centaur tractor

Centaur tractor

17 fordson tractor

Fordson tractor

18 hanomag tractor

Hanomag tractor

20 keable tractor

Keable tractor

21 lanz bulldog

Lanz Bulldog

22 munktells tractor

Muntkells tractor

23 scemia tractor24 scemia tractor suspended wheel

Scemia tractor suspended wheels

25 sfv tractor

SFV tractor

26 silver king tractor

Silver King tractor

27 mf 50 backhoe loader

MF 50 backhoes loader, 1970. http://vieilles-soupapes.grafbb.com/t27569-a-seconde

28 muir hill winget 22 cwt dumper

Muir-Hill Winget 22 CWT dumper of the 70s.

29 o k l5 wheeled loader 1982

O & K L5 Wheeled Loader, 1982. L5 is fully fonctional with Mulle and pallet fork ; http://heavycherry.com/machineinfo/o__k/-l5__forks_mulle-1982-construction_machine-wheeled_loader.html

30 fiat 55l 1953

Fiat 55L, 1951-1956, 3540 built. http://tractors.wikia.com/wiki/Fiat_Tractor_Company; http://www.masereto.it/i_trattori_d'epoca_di_giuliano.htm

30 renault wheeled loader

Renault wheeled loader, probably.

31 berliet truck

Berliet truck

32 la buire truck

La Buire truck

33 overview 4


35 overview


37 overview


34 overview



38 overview 8


39 overview 9


40 overview 10


41 overview 12


42 overview 13


43 ural side car

Ural side car, from the 2000. Built at Irbit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMZ-Ural