The city of Burgdorf, Canton of Bern, is located 30 km North-East of Bern in Switzerland, at the entrance to the Emmental Valley, the birthplace of the famous cheese.

Five years here is a collection of vehicles, off-road for the most, used over the years by the Swiss Army and very well preserved. There are, in several large warehouses, hundreds of logistics and armored vehicles, but it is not a museum. You can visit it only by appointment. Vehicles can be lent for exhibitions.


 Steyr 680 Truck 4x4, 8,6 t, 125 hp upper left, and Allis Chalmers track loader.


 Komatsu Bulldozer


 Caterpillar D8 from Normandy Landings.


 Saurer D330, 11,5 t, 1980, 330 hp.


 A rare Jeep and Forklifts


 Chevrolet and Dodge cars. Chevrolet Bel Air, 1955, of GM Switzerland was built at Bienne.


 Unimog 401 1 T 4x4, 1953, of Daimler-Benz AG, Werk Gaggenau. 1900 kg, 25 hp.


 Dodge WC 4x4 and 6x6. From L to R and U to D : WC4, WC 56 Command Car, Two WC63 6x6 1944.


 Mowag 4x4 ambulance, 1952.


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Jeep MB 1942, Jeep CJ.3B 1953, Land Rover 88 1967, Puch 230 GE 1989.


 Pavesi articulated 4x4 in the 20s.


 Pavesi articulated 4x4


 Dodge fire truck


 Cletrac Tractor built under license by Rob.Aebi & A.G., Zürich


 Vevey tractor


 Vevey, Hürlimann D 200, Bürher Typ BD4 1953, tractors


 Steyr Puch Pinzgauer 4x4 and 6x6



Steyr Puch Pinzgauer ambulance 6x6                 


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 Steyr Puch Haflinger, 1970.


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 Autocaretta OM truck, 1934-35.


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 Ski-Doo Bombardier 1971 snowmobile, side-cars A750 Condor 1949 and Universal A1000 1944.


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 Berna L1 1 T 1936, Berna Typ T4 1920, Saurer 4x2 3 CT1D 4,5 T 1942 used until 1976, 58 km/h, 100 hp.


 Saurer 8x8 8M, 1945, 3,5 T, 100 hp, 50 km/h.


 Saurer M6, 6x6, 1940, 2,5 T, 85 hp.


 Saurer 5 T F8W, 1953, 115 hp, 50 km/h, 4x4,  FBW 5t ,4x4, 1953 115 hp, 50 km/h and Saurer 4CM 4x4 5t 1954, 120 hp.


 Saurer M4 4x4, 1946, 1,5 T, 70 hp.


 Crane Trucks of WWII.



FBW and Saurer 2DM 1964 and Saurer D 330 4x6, dump truck, 1980, 11,5 t, 330 hp.


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Faun and Saurer crane truck. 1 - Faun 4x4 10T 1972 60 km/h 230 hp, 2 -Faun-MFL 6x6 15 T, 1971, 340 hp, 3 - Saurer Autokran 10DM,  20 T, 235 kW with Gottwald crane, 80 km/h, 1983.


Magirus-Deutz 250AE-L Uranus 6x6 Heavy Prime Mover, in service in Swiss Army  from 1956 to 1978, 20 T, 250 hp, 49km/h.


GMC CCKW 353 6x6, 1944, 105 hp, 4,8 T.


Half Track 1940, 1,5 T, 50 km/h and Ford Canada truck 1944, 92 hp, 2 T, 66 km/h, in Swiss Army from 1944 to 1967.


Snow Removal vehicles


Horse Drawn Carriages before 1940. Gun carriage at lower left of the picture is used for funeral of celebrities.


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 Patrol boat of the Swiss Army


 Fire truck


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 Weasel from WWII and trailer Renault UK built between 1932 and 1940. This trailer has belonged to Afrikakorps. Very numerous armored vehicles can be seen on the second picture, rather far behind the Weasel.


 Trainer built from a M109 self-propelled gun.


 Rostinoff Super-Atlantic Prime Mover GR7, 1958, 6x4, 36 T, Rool-Royce 333hp engine,

 Pictures (royalty free) were taken by J M Maclou on 2013 10 08.