Lycksele, 13,000 inhabitants, is located in Swedish Lapland 700 km North of Stockholm, but also about 500 km South  the Arctic Circle. Surrounded by a sea of trees, this region lives of wood. Wolmar Söderholm, encouraged by municipality, created in 1983 a Forestry Museum whose modern area opened in 1993. It is located in the historic district of Gammplatsen, former downtown location and place of preservation of old buildings. This place became also a very green open-air recreation area.



 Old town of Lycksele, Gammplatsen.


 The old life.


Transport of timbers before the 50s.


  View of the Museum of Modern Area.

 5 Oliver OC 3 Tractor

 Oliver OC-3 Tractor. Mass 2075 kg, 8,4 km/h, 25 hp. From Cleveland, Ohio, it was manufactured from 1951 to 1957 and imported in Sweden for forestry work.


 Oliver OC-3 Tractor.


 BM Bamse 230 made at Avrika by Bolinder-Munktell associated with O.S.A. (Östbergs Smidesfabrik Alfta) at 732 units between 1957 and 1964. It was the first Swedish forestry machine and became very popular. The museum incorporated it in its collections in1993. Mass  4375 kg, 30 hp,


 BM Bamse 230.


 Oliver Cletrac HG-42, built from 1939 to 1951 at Cleveland, Ohio. Mass 1600 kg, 27 hp, 8 km/h. Imported in Sweden by Söderberg & Haak, Stockholm.


 Oliver Cletrac HG-42, 1950,  with snow blade was a farming US tractor for transport and forestry. The machine was not equipped with a plough when it was used in forestry work.



Half-track MAN Tractor from 1952.This type of tracks on agricultural tractor was invented by Bombardier, Québec, and increased considerably traction for forestry work and in snow, but tractors could suffer too high strain which often led to breakdown.


SMV Myran (The Ant)


SMV Myran (the Ant) of Sandbergs Mekaniska Verkstad at Stensele, Sweden, built from 1958 to 1964. Axle and gear box were from Oliver Cletrac OC3, WV 30 hp engine.  Tracks were from Skega at Skelleftea and made of 5 parts for ease to repair, but SMV was the prime contractor. Donation to the museum in 1993.


Garrett Tree Farmer whose first units were home made by inventor Dwight Garrett at Enumclaw, Washington state, USA. It's at the Forest Congress in Seattle in September 1960 that it was revealed to public. The Garrett Enumclaw Co is always open for business. It was the first skidder : the felled trees were dragged behind the skidder to the area where they were limbed, cut and sorted with the help of a delimbing machine. Production of the machine in large numbers was contracted to the Canada Car Company located in Fort William, Ontario,  and distributed by W.H. Marr Ltd. At the end of the 60s, they were produced under license by Kokums Mekaniska Verkstad AB at Malmö, Sweden, and called CL820, sold  in 1966 at the price of 75 000 SEK.


SMV-Drivax Forwarder, with skis and inching system. Rear wheels were driven by rollers. Sandbergs Mekaniska Verstad built 250 units from 1964 to 1968. Mass 7.11 T, 60 hp, 30 km/h.


 Kockum 875-78 boom processor from Kockum Söderhamm AB, built in the 70s : all phases from the felling to put in assorted piles were automatically made. The feller-buncher and the processor were the predominant forestry machines in the 70s.


 Rottne Blondin 750-Snoken 780 two-grip harvester, sold at 20120 units from 1975 to 1986. Mass 14,160 t, 72 kW, Feller-buncher, processor, and the delimber bucker were fitted on one machine. Rear wheels were driven by a sprocket pressing the tires.


 Kockum 880 Feller Buncher, 1973, produced by Kockum Insdustries AB at 300 units. It was time of all mechanized feller operation : felled the trees and bunched them. Mass 15,49 t, 156 hp, 30 km/h.


 Valmet 901 single-grip harvester from early 80s. It is a crane end unit, which fells, limbs, bucks and sorts the timber. Mass 11 t, 113 hp,


 ÖSA 250 forwarder with Cranab crane. 812 built between 1980 and 1991. Mass 15 t, 99,5 kW,


 Snöped Snowmobile built Karl Lindgren and Brothers Sundström, precursors of the snowmobile, at Lycksele in 1965. The driver must have skis and steering was made by bending the machine. It coast 2.500 SEK in 1965. 10 hp. This model was not exhitited in the museum but interesting. Pictures from : 












Pictures (royalty free) were taken by J M Maclou, unless otherwise.