The Museum of Armored Vehicles, Saumur, France, was created in 1977 by Colonel Aubry. It has more than 200 vehicles in running condition presented to the public and a large reserve for a total number to 880 vehicles (armored or soft-skin). These French and foreign materials offer historical, technical and pedagogical interest.

All year long, 5 workers repair and restore gears whose 20% can move and thirty participates at Carrousel de Saumur. Since 1984, The Friends of the Museum of Armored Vehicles, recognized public utility, receives grants from the Ministry of Defense and Local Governments.
In 2008, 45,000 people visited the museum.

Pictures presented here are almost uniquely from soft-skin vehicles. Royalty free, they were taken by J M Maclou at Museum of Armored Vehicles, Saumur, June 15, 2014.

 1 issoise tractor 1  

Issoise tractor, 1939. Only this prototype built, it was not stable on slopes.

 2 kraka 4x2 type 640 1974  

Kraka 4x2 TYPE 640, or Lastkraftwagen,1974, Germany, was droppable and improved mobility of paratroopers.

 3 snow track vehicle 1  

Snow-track ST4 vehicle, made in Sweden from 1957 to 1981.

 4 goliath 1942 1

 Goliath, 1942, used to destroy ennemy positions was wire-guided untill 1500 m. Built by the Borgward German Company at 2650 units with electric motor. Later version was fitted by a petrol engine.

 5 terra jet m73 1

 Terra-Jet M73 from Canada modified for for military use about the 70.

 6 voiture de bled 1950 1

La Voiture du Bled (Car of Corn), 1950. The 2 prototypes were conceived by Emile Petit and built by Georges Irat at Casablanca, Morocco. 80 km/h, 40% slopes, 60 cm fording depth, 30 cm ground clearance with a flat bottom. Although this car had a reducer axle, it was nevertheless only 4x2, without success. A third completely new  proto will be built in 1953.

 7 voiture du bled amphibious of georges irat 1

 La Voiture du Bled (Car of Corn), Type B, 1953. This third completely new prototype, 4x4 with lockable differentials, amphibious, with Panhard engine of 750 cm3, was built by Georges Irat, Morocco.

 8 kubelwagen ford gpa trippelwagen amphibians  

Schwimmwagen, Ford GPA, Trippelwagen amphibians.

 7 schwimmwagen amphibious vehicle 2

 Schwimmwagen Amphibious type 166 vehicle built by Wolkswagen at 14.625 units.

 9 trippelwagen 1935  

Trippelwagen, 1935 proto. Conceived by Hans Trippel engineer is always 4x4. Speed 10 km/h in water with a propeller and wheels. Engine 6 cyl 2,5 l of Opel Kapitan.

 10 ford gpa 1942  

Ford GPA, 1942, built at 12.278 units. It is the amphibious version of the Jeep, propelled by a declutchable propeller in calm water.

 8 laffly v 15 t 1938 1  

Laffly V 15 T, 1938.

 9 rm 70t armored truck 1972  

RM 70T armored truck, 1972, Czechoslovakia, derived from Tatra 813. Inflatable tire pressure.

 15 kraz 255b 6x6 truck 1968 1

 Kraz 255B 6x6 Truck, produced at 160.732 units from 1967 to 1994, 8 t payload.

 16 cascavel mk ii 1972 1

 Cascavel Mk II, 1972. Hispano Suiza turret, Mercedes-Benz engine, Brasilian chassis. Rear beam suspension.


17 proto of 8x8 panhard 1

Proto of 8x8 Panhard which looks like ERC 90 Sagaie.

14 kettenkrad semi tracked vehicle 2 1

Kettenkrad semi-tracked vehicle.

18 somua mcg5 semi tracked vehicle 1

Somua MCG5 semi-tracked vehicle, 1936.

19 maultier semi tracked vehicle 1

Maultier semi-tracked vehicle isuued from series Opel Blitz, 1944.

21 weasel m29 1

Weasel M29 produced from 1943 to 1945 by Studebaker in Indiana at about 15.000 units. Very off-raod, tracks were nevertheleess to weak on hard terrain. 75 hp, 58 km/h, 6 on water, payload 550 kg, total mass 1.7 to 2.2 t, ground pressure 0.109 to 0.176 kg/cm², depending on version. In the reserve, the author saw a Tucker Snocat 542 ACF presented to French Army about the 60s to replace the Weasel : see 'Album Photo', 'Four Tracks Rigid Vehicles, Medium' of this site.

 20 vp 90 of victor bouffort 1  

VP 90 of Victor Bouffort in the 50s.

 22 lvt4 alligator 1942 1

 LVT4 Alligator, 1942. USA. Tracks equipped with buckets allowed 12 km/h speed in water.

 23 st chamond tank 1916 1  

St Chamond Tank, 1916. 

 24 s tank 1967 1

 S Tank, 1967, Sweden. 300 units built. Hydraulic suspension allowed pointing the gun. The silhouette was very low.

 25 conqueror heavy tank 1954 1  

Conqueror Heavy tank, 1954, from GB. After WWII, several countries built very heavy tanks : M103, AMX50, Conqueror. Too large and heavy, it couldn't be railroad transported. Range only 175 km, 810 hp too weak engine, its mobility was limited. Top left picture is a Centurion besides. Many other amored vehicles are on display.